End of the Photo Backup Testing for Beta v2

Posted by sumeethevans on November 1 2007, 6:46 PM. Posted in OneCare.

Dear Windows Live OneCare Beta Tester, Thank you again for being a part of the Windows Live OneCare Beta (v2.0). We greatly appreciate all of the testing you have done with the Online Photo Backup feature. On Thursday, November 5, 2007 (10 PM PDT – 6 AM GMT) we will be removing the Photo Backup servers from the beta environment. Please note that your photo backup CANNOT be accessed after this date and online Photo backup feature will be disabled automatically after this date.

To make sure that you have a copy of the photographs you backed up on the Photo Servers, please follow the steps below to restore your photos on each computer in your subscription that has Photo Backup enabled: 1. Click on the ‘Restore files’ link. 2. In the wizard, click on the ‘Restore photos from online photo backup’. 3. Enter the password for the Live ID you have used for the Photo Backup and click ‘Sign In.’ 4. Select ‘Express restore’ 5. Note that you will see one of two pages. If you see the ‘Start Express restore’ page with the details about the Photos to be restored, click on ‘Restore Photos’. If you see the ‘No photos to restore’ page, exit by clicking on ‘Finish’ You should also try ‘Custom Restore’ to make sure that you restore the data of the PC which are no longer backing up their photos online.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What if I can’t remove my photos before the servers are taken down? A: All data will be thoroughly wiped before the servers are used again. There will be no back up taken of the existing data.

Q: What if I like the service and would like to use it in the commercial product? A: The Online Photo Backup feature will be available for purchase on a separate subscription basis. Thank you for being a part of the Windows Live OneCare Beta!

Windows Live OneCare Beta Team

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