; Search Improvements, PDF, User Generated Templates

Posted by sumeethevans on October 19 2010, 9:38 PM. Posted in .NET, Office Labs.

In August, we released tagging and search to improve the basic discoverability of people, pages, and documents. Thank you everyone for your positive feedback and suggestions. I’m happy to announce that we’ve taken another step forward.

Full Text Search & Social Document Ranking

In August, we released the ability to search for People, Pages and Tags. Today, we’re releasing full text document search with social document ranking.

Searching for “Economics” will now reveal not only all documents tagged with the term, but all docs containing “economics” as well. This will return a much more comprehensive set of results and will help you find the documents you’re looking for.

Support for PDF files

We want to help you share rich and meaningful content with your friends.

Starting today, you may now upload PDF files directly to to share with your Facebook friends.

User-generated templates

Sometimes you don’t want your friends to edit your doc. You want them to copy it and create their own.

Bulk Silverlight document uploader

It’s now significantly easier to share several documents at once. Simply drag and drop them onto the new Silverlight uploader.

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