Dell announces own WinXP Media Center edition

Posted by bink on September 27 2003, 10:07 PM. Posted in Windows XP Media Center.

Media playback on new Dell desktops will soon take place in an exclusive software application for home digital media management christened "The Dell Media Experience." Media Experience bears a strikingly similar look and feel to Microsoft's Media Center Edition of Windows XP. The software, which can run on Windows XP Home -- rather than be tied down to XP Professional like Microsoft's offering -- enables digital playback of music, DVDs and video clips. It also bundles a slideshow utility which can be synchronized with user defined audio tracks. "From one perspective, Dell would be able to offer a consistent digital media experience across all its PCs, even those without Media Center. On the other hand, Dell also would be able to put a Media Center-like interface on PCs running Windows XP, which is cheaper to license than XP Professional-based Media Center," Joe Wilcox, senior analyst for Jupiter Research, told BetaNews. "That could help Dell undercut some competitors as the company could deliver a similar experience for customers interested in music, photos and movies but not willing to pay for TV viewing or digital video recording, among other Media Center enhancements," said Wilcox. Betanews