Data Protection Manager 2007 Storage Calculator

Posted by sumeethevans on November 1 2007, 4:02 AM. Posted in System Center DPM 2006.

In order to assist customers in designing their storage layout for Data Protection Manager 2007, we have put together a calculator that focuses on outlining the storage capacity requirements based on a set of input factors.

For the first release, the calculator focuses on Exchange 2007 backup scenarios only.  Future releases may include other technologies.

The calculator uses all the recommendations outlined in

·         Protecting Exchange Server with DPM 2007 White Paper -

·         Exchange 2007 Planning Storage Configurations -

·         Exchange 2007 Mailbox Storage Calculator -

·         DPM Blog -

The calculator does not make any recommendations toward storage design (RAID parity, number of disks, etc) as the storage design is largely dependent on the type of storage array being utilized.

The calculator is broken out into the following sections (worksheets):

·         Input

·         DPM ExBackup Requirements

Important: The data points provided in the calculator are an example configuration.  As such any data points entered into the Input worksheet are specific to that particular configuration and do not apply for other configurations.  Please ensure you are using the correct data points for your design.

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