Consumers Can Make Sense of Their Dollars With Microsoft Money Essentials

Posted by bink on July 20 2006, 7:06 PM. Posted in Money.

New download helps consumers effortlessly keep an eye on spending and stay a step ahead of monthly bills.

It’s no surprise that most people would rather spend time enjoying their money than managing it. Millions of Americans have made the switch to online banking because of the convenience it offers but find they still have to visit multiple Web sites to get a clear view of their day-to-day finances. Not to mention the fact that they are still left wondering where the money goes at the end of every month.

Today Microsoft Corp. announced the launch of Microsoft® Money Essentials, a new offering designed specifically for consumers who want an easy way to get financially fit. With the ability to see all their financial accounts from one location and straightforward tools to monitor a budget, Money Essentials is the perfect companion to online banking.

“Microsoft Money Essentials was designed to give consumers all the benefits of using personal financial software with none of the work,” said Anne Quaranta, senior product manager for Microsoft Money. “With tools that help consumers understand where their money goes without having to invest a lot of time, Money Essentials makes getting in financial shape as easy as shopping online or sending an e-mail.”

Money Essentials is available for download today for $19.99.