Blue&Me: Endless Infotainment Possibilities While on the Road

Posted by bink on March 1 2006, 1:28 AM. Posted in Windows Automotive.

Fiat Auto and Microsoft unveil automobiles with a new infotainment platform at Geneva Motor Show.

Fiat Auto Group and Microsoft Corp. will unveil their jointly developed infotainment system Blue&Me™ at the 2006 Geneva International Motor Show. Beginning in March, motorists can connect their personal mobile devices with the integrated solution in four brand-new models: the Fiat Grande Punto and the Alfa Romeo Brera, 159 and Spider models. Later in the year, Blue&Me will be also available in Lancia cars and the Fiat Light Commercial Vehicles. The new system comes at a very competitive price. The Windows Mobile® for Automotive-based infotainment package comes with Bluetooth® and USB connectivity, which allows drivers to listen to music from their personal integrated media player. It also features a hands-free phone kit that can be controlled completely by voice control. The system is the result of the partnership that Microsoft and Fiat Auto initiated two years ago — an extremely short time in which to bring such a device to market.

Integrating personal mobile devices into the car has just become much easier. Drivers and passengers can integrate their digital music players via the USB port and mobile phones using a Bluetooth connection in the car to place and receive calls and play digital music hands-free using voice commands. In addition, the integrated hands-free phone kit in the four cars connects to a large number of mobile phones as well as to digital USB mass storage devices.

“With the unveiling of the new Fiat Grande Punto and the Alfa Romeo models Brera, 159 and Spider with Blue&Me, we also launch the successful realization of the Fiat Auto-Microsoft project. We are more than happy that we will be able to offer our customers a system by which they are able to integrate their personal devices effortlessly into the car — a solution they cannot get anywhere else,” said Giuseppe Bonollo, vice president of Product Portfolio Management at Fiat Auto.

“Today, we advanced the partnership of automotive, software and entertainment represented by Fiat Auto and Microsoft. The result is the world’s most flexible, upgradeable infotainment solution for drivers and passengers. Consumers can now enjoy their personal mobile devices while on the road, giving them heretofore unknown freedom,” said Todd Warren, corporate vice president of the Mobile and Embedded Devices Product Group at Microsoft. “We value our collaboration with Fiat and the industry-changing offerings stemming from this partnership that enable consumers to use their mobile phones, PDAs and portable media devices in a safer and more integrated way in the car.”

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