Bloggers over react on PC give away

Posted by bink on January 3 2007, 3:41 AM. Posted in Opinion.

Last week Microsoft in collaboration with AMD sent out laptops and media center PC's pre-configured with Vista to "influential" bloggers. Microsoft said, play with it, review it if you like. When done keep it, give it away or send it back, no strings attached.I received a Media Center PC and at the moment I'm playing with and will do a review when I'm done.Bloggers all over the internet reacted that this is a bribe or a "pay per post". I don't agree, I can choose to review, I can choose to give it back and I can choose to keep it. What's the problem with Microsoft and AMD sending hardware to review, what is the problem of Microsoft rewarding websites owners of the hard work they do.I will write an honest review, so far my experience is not that good I must say, The computer came in as a DOA, as did others who received the Media Center machine. Apparently DHL had some problems shipping the machines. The internal hard disk cage was loose in side the computer case, once I fixed and plugged back some loose cables it booted again. DHL offered to take the machine back, but I choose not to, cause I fixed it myself.the MCE box came with Windows Vista Ultimate x64 edition installed and I still have problems getting the ATI driver to work correctly for my plasma screen. To get the optimal screen I need to "underscan" the HDTV resolution, but this feature simply does not work with the current driver. I'm thinking to create a dual boot scenario with Windows XP so I can compare.Anyway there will be a longer review soon.