Blaster hacker

Posted by bink on September 3 2003, 7:54 PM. Posted in Security.

Blaster worm suspect Jeffrey Lee Parson, 18, is shown in this 2003 high school yearbook photo.

Jeffrey Lee Parson, the 18-year-old Minnesotan who was arrested Friday in connection with the Blaster worm, bragged of his exploits on his own Web site.

Parson, who was known online as "teekid," is suspected of creating and releasing a third version of the Blaster worm, a malicious program that spread itself around the Internet using a viral engine bearing his online moniker, "teekids.exe."

The Web site registered under his own name and Minnesota address -- -- is no longer up. But a cached version of his site on Google offers insight into the mind of a young hacker who was apparently proud of his work.

While nothing on his site specifically references Blaster, Parson bragged about several of his recent creations, including a worm called "p2p.teekid.c" that spread over file-sharing networks like Kazaa and iMesh. The site also offered links allowing people to download and potentially tweak his malicious programs.

"My little p2p worm spreads via Kazza and imesh, downloads a file from web. No biggie."

Parson also apparently broke into the Web site of the Minnesota Governor's office, leaving the message "site hacked by Teekid."

In an online forum, Teekid described himself as a "junior Trojaner." A Trojan horse is a malicious program that, when installed on a victim's computer, allows attackers to take complete control over the infected computer. One of the main alterations Parson allegedly made to the Blaster worm was the inclusion of a backdoor Trojan.