Back from Vacation, getting ready to go to TechED 2006 in Boston, USA

Posted by bink on June 12 2006, 3:15 AM. Posted in Personal Note.

Hi People,I just got back from my 2 weeks vacation in Montenegro, we had a great time, though the weather wasn't that good at all times. Few days ago I proposed to my girlfriend Barbara and she said yes! [:D] We won't get married soon cause we first want our second child to see the light, due end of September. Anyway nice things to look forward too.Tonight (Sunday) TechED 2006 starts in Boston with the keynote, I won't be there [:(]cause I leave Amstedam tomorow, arriving in Boston monday afternoon. I will cover the conference the rest of the week. Hope you'll check daily for the latest IT pro stuff from the event.Bink