Another Longhorn delay article

Posted by bink on September 23 2003, 4:05 AM. Posted in Windows Server 2008.

It seems some sites go for easy headlines, like always posting when a security patch is released no matter how low the risk is, claiming how insecure Microsoft software is. There are also security issues on Unix and Linux, but then you don;t hear them. Last week 3 major security issues were discovered in widely used *nix software.

Open-SSH, Sendmail and IBM DB2, I don't see those get as many headlines as they deserve.

Another easy headline is claiming the next Windows is delayed.

Vnunet posted an article today that longhorn is delayed to 2006.

“Earlier this month Microsoft said it could no longer give a target date for Longhorn, the delayed successor to Windows 2000 that was initially due to ship this year. It now seems unlikely to arrive before 2006.”

Since when is Longhorn the successor to Windows 2000 ?? Anyway there isn't even a Beta yet of longhorn so there is no real schedule yet.

There was a good article on Longhorn schedule, read it here: A Longhorn Delay? Not Quite 

Of course I'm exited about new OS stuff from MS, but those schedule articles seem useless at this stage.