Microsoft Message Analyzer Beta

Posted by bink on September 21 2012, 3:36 PM.

Message Analyzer Icon 48Message Analyzer is the successor of Network Monitor but does much more than a network sniffer or packet tracing tool.

Key capabilities include:

  • Integrated "live" event and message capture at various system levels and endpoints
  • Parsing and validation of protocol messages and sequences
  • Automatic parsing of event messages described by ETW manifests
  • Summarized grid display – top level is “operations”, (requests matched with responses)
  • User controlled "on the fly" grouping by message attributes
  • Ability to browse for logs of different types (.cap, .etl, .txt) and import them together
  • Automatic re-assembly and ability to render payloads
  • Ability to import text logs, parsing them into key element/value pairs
  • Support for “Trace Scenarios” (one or more message providers, filters, and views)


Microsoft has released a beta and is working to a drive towards a mid-2013 RTM.

There is also a new blog here:

(To capture at the NDIS and Firewall layers without running as admin, you must log off and back on after installation to pick up the necessary credentials. )

Sign up for the beta: