About Bink.nu

Bink.nu is the leading source for Microsoft news and downloads; we watch Microsoft like a hawk.  All of our content is delivered to millions of visitors every month using the latest Microsoft technologies, and we are extremely proud of that.  Today, Bink.nu runs on Windows Server 2008 R2, with Internet Information Server 7.5, ASP.NET 4, and SQL Server 2008 - all 100% 64-bit. We don't just report about Microsoft, we use them too!

Bink.nu was started in 1999 by Steven Bink, an IT Professional from Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Starting with just a static HTML site, Bink.nu has grown to a fully featured interactive web community.

Microsoft Featured Community

Bink.nu is part of the Microsoft Featured Community program, recognizing it as a valuable source for Microsoft information, and is featured on the Windows Vista Community website Microsoft.com.  Bink.nu is regularly invited to Microsoft's Redmond Headquarters, as well as to other Microsoft events to get informed and give feedback on upcoming Microsoft products.

Microsoft's Most Valuable Professional (MVP) Award

In 2004 and in 2005, Microsoft awarded Steven Bink with the MVP Award in the area of Windows Server Technologies.   MVPs are exceptional technical community leaders from around the world who are awarded for voluntarily sharing their high quality, real world expertise in offline and online technical communities. Microsoft MVPs are a highly select group of experts that represents the technical community's best and brightest, and they share a deep commitment to community and a willingness to help others.

Windows Vista Award

In January 2007 as a Windows Featured Community, Bink.nu along with other Featured Communities received the Windows Vista Award out of the hands of Jim Allchin (at the time Group Vice President, Windows Client Division) "for the valuable contribution to the testing and quality of Windows Vista".

The Team

  • Steven Bink, Founder, Owner
  • Blake Niemyjski, Lead Developer
  • Sumeeth Evans, News Poster
  • Camron Mackay (Spy), News Poster
  • Erik Bosman, Occasional News Poster
  • Raymond Comvalius, Occasional News Poster
  • Xmorpheusx, Forum Moderator


Originally, Steven Bink wanted to experiment with Microsoft Exchange 5.5, so in 1999, he registered Bink.nu as the domain his server would run at.  A week later he was hosting email for his entire family! At the time, the bink.com domain was taken, so he explored other popular alternatives, like .cc, .tk and .nu. Steven decided on .nu, as it sounds like ".new" and in Dutch it means "now". The .nu domain is the Internet country code top-level domain (ccTLD) assigned to the island state of NiueSee.  (More information on the .nu TLD can be found on Wikipedia)

Shortly after setting up the mail, Steven setup the first Bink.nu website. The site was simple, with not a lot of news, and had links to Steven's FTP Server, Outlook Web Access, VPN, Telnet, Terminal Services and Printer (his printer was accessible from the Internet!). This old site is still preserved in the state that it was last left at! You can check out the original bink.nu site at, http://veryold.bink.nu.

In 2000, Steven posted an article about how to create a bootable Windows 2000 CD with Service Pack 1 integrated. He posted a link to it a few newsgroups and forums, and soon enough that page became very popular! Even today, that page remains online, and receives many visits.  It can be accessed at, http://old.bink.nu/bootcd.


On the day that Microsoft announced that the client edition of Windows Whistler would be named Windows XP, Steven registered WindowsXP.nu.  This would become the site that he would post all the information he knew on Windows XP.

Steven started posting news about the new OS and soon, more and more Windows XP enthusiasts visited the site.  Seeing the success of WindowsXP.nu, other Windows XP focused websites also launched, but WindowsXP.nu distanced itself from the competition, as it was the original and had frequent exclusive news and downloads.   You can browse WindowsXP.nu today at, http://old.bink.nu.

In December 2002, Steven received a letter from lawyers in Holland working for Microsoft, informing him that he had to give the WindowsXP.nu domain name to Microsoft, because it contains "Windows", a registered trademark.  The letter also said they liked what Steven was doing but they thought users might confused the WindowsXP.nu domain as being an official Microsoft website. Steven posted this news on WindowsXP.nu and the story was picked up by many news publications worldwide. Steven quickly realized that EU law states that domain names containing registered trademarks can be claimed unconditionally by the owner and didn't want to have issues with Microsoft, as he earns his living with their technologies. You can still find news reports about this domain issue with a simple search on google.

In January 2003, Steven entered talks with Microsoft Holland and agreed to give Microsoft the WindowsXP.nu domain name, and in return he secured benefits to improve the site.  WindowsXP.nu was then moved to winxp.bink.nu, until the launching of Bink.nu 2.0 where it was moved to http://bink.nu.

Bink.nu 2.0

In May 2003, Ryan Hoffman, a developer from New York, joined the Bink.nu team.  Soon, a completely overhauled database driven site was launched. The site ran on Windows Server 2003, Internet Information Services 6, ASP.NET 1.1, and SQL Server 2000. The new site made it very easy to post news, and since then many news articles are posted per day.  The site was designed to look similar to how MSN Hotmail looked at the time.  In 2005, Bink.nu 2.5 was launched, featuring the Media Center 2005 look and feel.

Bink.nu 3.0

In September 2007, Bink.nu 3.0 was launched, introduced a completely new design influenced by Windows Vista AERO.  Bink.nu 3.0 runs on Windows Server 2008, Internet Information Services 7, ASP.NET 3.5, and SQL Server 2005.  With this major release, Bink.nu gains many "Web 2.0" inspired features, such as tagging.

Bink.nu 4.0

In July 2012, Bink.nu 4.0 was launched, introduced a completely new design influenced by Windows 8 Metro.  Bink.nu 4.0 runs on Windows Azure.  With this major release, Bink.nu gains many improvements like html 5 support for tomorrows technologies.