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  • Microsoft Delays Philippine Windows

    Posted by bink on June 13 2007, 11:49 PM. Posted in Windows Starter Edition.

     Loyal users of Microsoft Windows in the country will have to wait a little longer for a localized version of Windows, after the software giant unveiled it will not be releasing the operating system this month as initially planned.

    Microsoft remains mum on key product features, disclosing only that the localized platform will be based on the Windows Starter Edition, the scaled-down version of the OS built for developing markets.

    Microsoft Philippines managing director T. J. Javier, last month had disclosed plans for a full-blown launch of the local version of the OS in June 2007, in time for the Philippines' Independence Day celebrations on Jun. 12.

    The launch date has now been shelved after the company told ZDNet Asia it needed more time to work on the new software release. Localized versions of the Windows platform are currently available in Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia, among others.

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  • Microsoft promotes Vista Starter edition

    Posted by bink on October 28 2006, 12:05 PM. Posted in Windows Starter Edition.

    Budget Windows targets emerging economies. Microsoft has starting promoting a stripped-down version of Windows Vista to emerging economies in a bid to reach a billion new customers.

    Windows Vista Starter edition will have an impact on education, communication, productivity and entertainment in regions such as South East Asia, said Nabil Chebbi, Microsoft's director for the Windows Client Business Group.

    The Vista Starter edition will have the same look as the other Windows Vista versions, and also offer the improved security of Vista, support for Intel and AMD processors, and will require only a minimum of 384MB RAM and standard SVGA graphics card.

    "Through the Starter edition, we are offering consumers in emerging markets the same Vista experience at a more affordable rate and in an easier manner," Chebbi said.

    The product will launch at the same time as other Vista versions for the consumer market in January 2007, but Microsoft has yet to announce pricing for the product.

    "Windows Vista Starter will be the most affordable version and it will run on entry-level hardware," Chebbi said during a recent briefing held in Singapore.

    "We wanted to see how we could offer the Vista experience to countries with low PC penetration."

    Chebbi added that there is a great opportunity to bridge the so-called digital divide because almost 90 percent of the worldwide population still has no internet access.

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  • One million Windows Starter PCs later, Microsoft reflects on successes and lessons from developing nations.

    Posted by bink on October 28 2006, 11:34 AM. Posted in Windows Starter Edition.

    Microsoft was founded with the idea of putting a PC in every home in America. Having achieved close to 75 percent penetration here and in other developed economies, Microsoft has now turned its eyes to other, less affluent regions. The company has launched a pair of initiatives in recent years that aim to develop a customer base in developing nations, with varying degrees of success. Microsoft recently celebrated the millionth sale of Windows Starter Edition (WSE), a very stripped-down version of Windows at an equally reduced price. Different versions of WSE have been produced for each region in which Microsoft sells the product, which certainly helps account for its success. The other initiative for emerging markets, introduced in the spring , is FlexGo, a pay-as-you-go solution patterned on the prepaid phone card model. Microsoft says uptake of this program is strong, but is not forthcoming with any figures, which leads one to suspect the results aren't as good as expected. But regardless of the success of either program, Microsoft is also learning a great deal about markets that may be worth a lot more in the coming years. And it is even getting immediate dividends in the form of design feedback that it can use today in more developed markets. The Redmond, Wash.-based software vendor launched Microsoft Windows Starter Edition three years ago, with the idea of offering consumers in developing countries less expensive versions of its products that were also tailored to their particular needs. The goal was to extend the "a PC in every home" premise to a global scale. "We needed a new product to make that dream more of a reality in other places around the world," noted Mike Wickstrand, senior director of market expansion for Microsoft. Continue At Source
  • Windows XP Starter Edition Milestone: Helping Millions Cross the Digital Divide

    Posted by bink on October 10 2006, 3:09 AM. Posted in Windows Starter Edition.

    More than 1 million families worldwide are now experiencing Windows-based PCs through Microsoft’s operating system for beginner PC users in emerging markets.

    Since the idea for Microsoft Windows XP Starter Edition was first hatched in June 2003, the Microsoft team responsible for it has visited families in emerging markets around the globe, met with prime ministers and information technology government officials, forged new connections with local and international PC manufacturers and overcome linguistic challenges. Along the way, the team has helped bring computer literacy to more than 1 million families who might not have otherwise had been able to purchase or use a PC.

    Will Poole, Senior Vice President, Microsoft Market Expansion Group
    Will Poole, Senior Vice President, Microsoft Market Expansion Group

    Will Poole has been there since the beginning. As senior vice president of Microsoft’s Market Expansion Group, Poole was part of the team that initially responded to the Thailand government’s request for help in delivering computers to underserved populations in the country. That request was the genesis of Windows XP Starter Edition, and since then Poole and his team have been inspired by the response of families around the world learning and growing with their first Windows PCs.

    PressPass talked with Poole to get the story of his team’s amazing journey.

    PressPass: Why did you create Windows Starter in the first place?

    Poole: In mid-2003, the Thai government announced a program to improve access to technology for underserved populations — middle- and low-income families who aspired to own their first PC but hadn’t yet been able to purchase one. Their goal was to put a PC in every one of the homes of these families, and they invited us to partner in this ambitious project. As we worked with the Thai government, we reconnected with Microsoft’s original vision of a PC on every desk and in every home. We felt that these efforts were bringing us back to the very foundation of the company.

    As a result of participating in that program, we conducted additional research in other emerging markets, and found that the potential was huge to enhance Windows and other technologies in ways that make them more relevant, accessible and affordable to people whom we haven’t traditionally been able to reach. So that was really the genesis of Windows Starter.

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  • Microsoft Launches Multilingual Windows XP Starter Edition for the Malaysian Market

    Posted by bink on June 30 2006, 12:24 PM. Posted in Windows Starter Edition.

    Microsoft (M) Sdn Bhd recently launched Windows XP Starter Edition for the Malaysian market, which the company claims is the only OS in the world that is available in four different languages - namely Bahasa Melayu, English, Mandarin and Tamil.

    According to its managing director Butt Wai Choon, with the launch of Windows XP Starter Edition, more Malaysians can tap into the world of computing and enhance their capabilities, as well as contribute to the growth of the economy.

    "Moreover, Windows XP Starter Edition is an excellent product for bridging the digital divide. This is because the OS is simplified and customised in four local languages. By interacting with the computer through languages they are familiar with, more people can become tech savvy," he said.

    Windows XP Starter Edition lists over 20 system improvements which include a Getting Starter Guide that consists of 13 chapters of video tutorials to help beginners get started. My Support Help, another feature, provides lesson plan and graphics-type assistance to users.

    As a security measure, the Internet Connection Firewall is always turned on.

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  • Microsoft India Launches Tamil Windows XP Starter Edition

    Posted by bink on June 19 2006, 7:49 PM. Posted in Windows Starter Edition.

    Another Indian language released for Windows XP Starter Edition.After the initial success of its launch in Punjabi, Microsoft India has launched the Windows XP Starter Edition for India, which includes a Tamil-English language interface, allowing users to switch to the language they want.

    Unveiling the new product, which is part of a project of Microsoft India to bring out PCs with customized support in nine Indian languages, Rishi Srivastava, Director, Windows Client Business Group, Microsoft India, said that the initiative was to break the hesitation among the diverse Indian people about using a computer. “We have come out with simple, easy-to-use and localized personal computer," he said.

    Those who know only Tamil and want to create a document or access the Internet can do so, as icons and commands are available in the language. A search facility is also available in the regional language.

    For the convenience of first-time users, instructional materials, both in the form of text and visual elements, are provided in English and Tamil. Besides, services such as an anti-virus programme and education content (meant for students of class VI to XII) are included in the package.

    “The idea for multilingual computers came when Union IT Minister Dayanidhi Maran requested the group chairman Bill Gates during his meeting at the Microsoft headquarters to find out ways to develop software in local languages,” he said adding that in the next couple of months, the product will be available in other languages.

    The Hindi version was launched a year ago.

  • Microsoft to Sell Windows XP Starter Edition in Africa

    Posted by bink on April 28 2006, 5:33 PM. Posted in Windows Starter Edition.

    Microsoft Corp. is targeting Africa with a lower-priced operating system, a Windows "Starter Edition" that will work on cheaper machines and have Africa-themed screensavers and background wallpaper among its features.

    Microsoft said Thursday its Windows XP Starter Edition for Africa is scheduled to hit African shelves in July, although it didn't say how many units will be shipped or what the price range will be.

    The Microsoft system "operates on lower-cost personal computing hardware" and "is designed for entry-level PC users in Africa -- with extended help and assistance functions for first-time users, and locally relevant screensavers and wallpapers," the Redmond, Washington-based company said in a statement released in Nigeria.

    Similar products are already available in 83 countries from Latin America to Asia, the company said.

    Few among Africa's 900 million people have the means to afford computers and many of the Africans who do compute use castoff machines shipped from richer countries.

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  • Microsoft To Launch Multilingual Windows XP Starter Edition In June in Malaysia

    Posted by bink on March 29 2006, 3:10 PM. Posted in Windows Starter Edition.

    Microsoft (Malaysia), a subsidiary of Microsoft Corporation will be introducing the multilingual Windows XP Starter Edition in June this year.Its director, public sector strategic engagement Abdul Rahman Abu Haniffa said the Windows XPSE will be available in four different languages, namely Bahasa Malaysia, English, Mandarin and Tamil. The Bahasa edition was introduced last year.In a media preview session here Wednesday, Abdul Rahman said that the new edition of Microsoft's most affordable operating system will feature over 20 system improvements, one of which is the upgrade from a single language interface to a multiple language interface. This would allow PC users to choose between using the four languages.Abdul Rahman said the company believed that the Windows XPSE's availability in the local languages will be a key driver in encouraging the Malaysian community to tap into the possibilities of technology, ultimately enhancing capabilities of individuals and contributing to the growth of the economy.The new Windows XPSE will also come with a "Getting Started Guide" that consists of 13 chapters of video tutorials to help beginners get started and a "My Support Help" files that provide lesson-plan and graphics type assistance for users.Meanwhile, for customers who purchase the Windows XP Starter Edition Bahasa Malaysia version will be given a free upgrade to the new version once it is released, Abdul Rahman added.Currently, Microsoft is working with a host of partners locally to release a special personal computer at a price of RM1,288 running Windows XPSE with a choice of Microsoft Encarta and Microsoft Works 8.0 two Disney Education Games.Customers can get a RM400 rebate upon filing their tax returns, Abdul Rahman said.
  • Microsoft launched Windows Starter Edition in Vietnam

    Posted by bink on March 12 2006, 3:14 AM. Posted in Windows Starter Edition.

    Microsoft Viet Nam said it had launched a Vietnamese version of the Microsoft Windows XP Starter Edition, enabling more convenient access for local users.

    While designed specifically for novice computer users, the new edition retains the most popular features of Windows XP, including basic applications, image-editing tools, entertainment applications and a Web browser.

    The new version also includes pre-configured settings, designed to simplify set-up options for entry-level users, the company said

  • Multilingual Windows XP Starter Edition launched in India

    Posted by bink on March 2 2006, 3:38 PM. Posted in Windows Starter Edition.

    Microsoft has launched in India a multilingual version of Windows XP Starter Edition, its low-cost, stripped-down version of the Windows XP operating system, the company said Wednesday.Users can switch between Tamil, Hindi or English interfaces, according to Meenu Handa, a spokeswoman for Microsoft India.Nine local languages will be supported on the operating system by the end of this year, Handa said.Microsoft also announced that HCL Infosystems, a PC vendor in Noida near Delhi, will be offering from April PCs based on the Starter Edition, on installments of about $9 per month for an entry level PC. The PC will include Microsoft's entry level productivity application called Works 8, anti-virus software, and educational content. Broadband connectivity will be offered at additional cost.

    Microsoft of Redmond, Washington, launched the Starter Edition in Hindi in India last year. Versions of the Starter Edition in other Indian languages may also be considered depending on user response, the company said then.A decision to include English as an option was taken after the company discovered a large base of users who preferred an English version, according to Handa. "We found out that while there was interest in local language computing, some parents wanted their children to use computers using the English language, so that they were better prepared for a global environment," she said.

  • Brazil: Windows Starter Edition closes 2005 with 300,000 copies sold

    Posted by bink on January 17 2006, 10:56 PM. Posted in Windows Starter Edition.

    The Starter Edition, simplified version of Microsoft's Windows operating system and Office's applications, closed 2005 with 300,000 copies sold. This is an estimate based on figures from May (when the software was launched) and November, when the licenses had surpassed 250,000 copies. According to Microsoft of Brazil, one of the factors that contributed to this result were the actions against piracy, which fell to 65% in 2005.