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  • Singapore lifts ban on Microsoft video game: paper

    Posted by bink on November 18 2007, 3:55 AM. Posted in Windows Games.

    Singapore has lifted a ban on a Microsoft Corp. (MSFT.O) video game that contains a scene showing a human woman and an alien woman kissing and caressing, a local newspaper reported on Saturday.

    The Strait Times said Mass Effect would instead be sold with an M18 label, meaning it can't be bought by anybody under the age of 18.

    Mass Effect is the first video game to be given a rating in the country, and follows a public outcry over the ban. It effectively fast tracks a new ratings system that was due to come into effect in January, the paper said.

    A similar move was made for the movie Lust, Caution, which was released uncut with a R21 age restriction after first being shown in a censored form.

  • Top 100 Home-Based Businesses in the Nation Revealed

    Posted by bink on November 6 2007, 12:14 AM. Posted in Windows Games.

    The StartupNation Home-Based 100, sponsored by Microsoft Office Live Small Business, ranks top performers among the nation’s often-unrecognized 16.5 million home-based businesses.

    StartupNation, a leading business advice and social networking site for entrepreneurs (, and Microsoft Office Live Small Business, a Web service that helps small businesses take, promote and manage their businesses online (, today announced the winners of the first annual StartupNation Home-Based 100 ranking of the nation’s top home-based businesses. Organized into 10 categories such as Most Innovative, Greenest and Boomers Back in Business, the Home-Based 100 celebrates the innovative, nimble and resourceful home-based entrepreneurs who have gone largely unrecognized until now. The full results of the Home-Based 100 ranking are available on StartupNation’s Web site at

    “Although large companies often grab the headlines, home-based businesses today are thriving,” said Rich Sloan, entrepreneurial author, radio host and co-founder of StartupNation. “Millions of people are following their passions through entrepreneurship by pursuing innovative, sound business ideas.”

    A recent study by research firm Access Markets International (AMI) Partners Inc. reported that there are 16.5 million home-based businesses in the United States — an all-time high. Sloan said this is due in part to a number of trends, from baby boomers retiring from their primary jobs and starting their own businesses to parents who want to work from home to spend more time with their families. In fact, the AMI data reveals the top two motives for forming a home-based business are the freedom of running one’s own business and the desire to have more control over personal/family time.*

    The StartupNation Home-Based 100, composed of 10 top-ten lists, presents a unique look at the nation’s top home-based businesses. Category winners span a wide range of revenue levels, sectors, ages and other characteristics. For example, the Best Financial Performer winner, Medical Solutions International, operates out of the Tempe, Ariz., home of CEO Robert Woltz. His business provides nurse staffing to medical facilities in North America, England and Ireland, bringing in $11.2 million in gross revenue for 2006.

    Many of the StartupNation Home-Based 100 submissions revealed that business owners are harnessing the power of technology for business success.

    Larry Murphy, of the Boomers Back in Business category, retired early as a technology executive before founding Murphy Outdoors, where he leads fishing expeditions for small groups in the Ozark region of central Missouri. Murphy turned to Office Live Small Business to create a Web site and help his business get noticed.

    In addition to Murphy, the winner of the Grungiest category, Doug Knippel of Camas, Wash., has also seen success in promoting his redworm-raising business through various online channels and his own Web site.

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  • Tattersalls has chosen to abandon Linux to build their gaming products on the Microsoft

    Posted by bink on September 4 2007, 3:33 PM. Posted in Windows Games, Open Source /Linux stuff.

    Gaming giant Tattersalls has chosen to abandon Linux as it moves ahead with a $43 million project to streamline its multi-state Maxgaming poker machine business.

    Linux will left behind when Tattersall's goes ahead with its $43 million multi-state system upgradeThe open source operating system has a strong presence across the 4,000 venues that comprise Tattersall's Maxgaming business throughout Queensland, NSW and the Northern Territory. However, chief information officer Stephen Lawrie said the company planned to consolidate its gaming products on a new platform built around Microsoft products.

    Mr Lawrie said recent mergers with interstate gaming operations had left Maxgaming with a complicated set of software licenses that made retaining any one of the four platforms it plans to replace impractical.

    "We didn't try to tackle that because of the different issues about where we were licensed to have what software. It was generally a bit of a mixed lot because of the heritage of the merger," Mr Lawrie said.

    The project was expected to be slow due to the number of venues involved in the hardware replacement of the plan, which was expected to cost around $30.7 million over six years.

    Mr Lawrie said the company expected modest savings on annual system maintenance between $1 and $2 million from the project, but that wasn't its main goal. Continue At Source

  • Gamers, Get Your Hands on This: Microsoft and Razer Launch Cutting-Edge Gaming Keyboard

    Posted by bink on January 9 2007, 9:30 PM. Posted in Windows Games.

    Microsoft Hardware and Razer alliance continues to elevate PC gameplay.

    Today at the 2007 International CES in Las Vegas, Microsoft Corp. and Razer USA Ltd. set a new standard in gaming innovation with the new Microsoft® Reclusa™ gaming keyboard. Reclusa will help set gamers apart from their competitors with advanced features and best-in-class design elements such as ambient backlighting, Hyperesponse™ Gaming Key Action for maximum response with minimal latency, and two built-in gold-plated USB ports. Gamers will be able to improve their efficiency with 12 custom-programmable buttons that include two 360 Degree Jog-Dials and two Bumper Buttons conveniently located on each side of the keyboard for faster control and optimized gameplay.

    With the launch of Reclusa, Microsoft and Razer are adding a keyboard to their gaming lineup, which includes the successful Habu™ mouse. Reclusa complements the gaming desktop with these features in technology and innovation:

    Blue LED backlit keys allow gaming in low-light or no-light conditions.

    Razer Hyperesponse Gaming Key Action reduces key latency for maximized response.

    Two 360 Degree Jog-Dials, one on each side of the keyboard, can be quickly accessed during gameplay.

    Four Bumper Buttons enable easy access to common keyboard commands.

    Six programmable gaming Hot Keys allow players to create and store different macros and keystrokes for each game profile so they can combine several moves with the touch of one key.

    On-the-fly profile management enables users to create and store key mapping and macros for each game profile; keyboard software also automatically assigns different game profiles for supported games.

    Detachable padded wrist restis ergonomically designed for exceptional comfort.

    Gold-plated USB portsprovide plug-in access with maximum conductivity for additional peripherals.

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  • Microsoft Confirms Stamper Brothers Departure From Rare

    Posted by bink on January 3 2007, 10:28 PM. Posted in Windows Games.

    Chris and Tim Stamper, the founders of famed UK developer Rare (Donkey Kong Country, GoldenEye, Viva Pinata) have left the company they started in 1982, according to a statement from current Rare owner Microsoft.Speaking to consumer website 1UP, an unnamed Microsoft spokesperson indicated that the duo have already left the company, adding: “"Chris and Tim have helped shape Rare into the world-renowned development studio that is it today and their impact on the videogame industry as a whole is well known. They are simply leaving to pursue other opportunities and we wish them luck in their future endeavors."Continue At Source
  • Microsoft Makes a Splash at the Georgia Aquarium With National Essay Contest

    Posted by bink on November 2 2006, 2:20 AM. Posted in Windows Games.

    The Microsoft “Zoo Tycoon” franchise and the Georgia Aquarium challenge kids to discuss marine conservation.

    Microsoft® Game Studios is teaming up with the Georgia Aquarium to introduce an educational initiative that will help excite and inform students about the complexity of and caring for marine life. Microsoft Corp., the Georgia Aquarium and AirTran Airways today announced a national essay contest on marine conservation and the importance of preserving aquatic life.

    In conjunction with the recent launch of “Zoo Tycoon 2®: Marine Mania®,” the newest addition to the award-winning “Zoo Tycoon” franchise, and the upcoming one-year anniversary of the Georgia Aquarium, the essay competition encourages students in grades six through eight to submit a 250- to 500-word essay focusing on why conservation of marine animals and the ocean is important.

    The grand prize winner receives a trip for four to Atlanta and a special behind-the-scenes tour of the Georgia Aquarium, where the winner and his or her family can observe whale sharks and African black-footed penguins in their natural habitats from exclusive views of the exhibits. They can also speak directly with staff biologists to learn more about how to take care of the marine animals. Runners-up receive copies of “Zoo Tycoon 2” and all franchise expansion packs, including “Zoo Tycoon 2: Marine Mania.” Additional contest details will be available at the Zoo Tycoon Web site at

    “Our research has shown that students choose aquariums as their top choice for field-trip destinations. They’re the best places to both engage with marine life up close and form an understanding of the world’s oceans,” said Craig Davison, director of global games marketing in the Entertainment and Devices Division at Microsoft. “We feel privileged to help the Georgia Aquarium with its mission of connecting people with aquatic animals and teaching today’s students about important issues like marine preservation and conservation.”

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