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  • Windows Embedded Compact 7 Evaluation Edition

    Posted by sumeethevans on March 3 2011, 6:49 AM. Posted in Windows Embedded.

    This Windows Embedded Compact 7 Evaluation Edition is a 180-day evaluation software development toolkit that provides you with with everything you need to build a broad range of small footprint devices that need a powerful, componentized, real-time operating system.Windows Embedded Compact 7 helps original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) get devices to market faster by providing developers with a complete catalog of tested, selectable OS components, integrated development and test tools, source code access and board support packages. Compact 7 is compatible with ARM, x86 and MIPS processor architectures. Windows Embedded Compact 7 delivers the latest technologies for building the next generation of specialized devices, including Internet Explorer with Flash 10.1 integrated, complete media player and DLNA support, symmetrical multi-processor (multi-core) support, Microsoft Office document viewers, PDF viewers, and a revolutionary new UI framework called Silverlight for Windows Embedded Compact 7 provides developers and UI designers with a powerful real-time OS and a full development tools suite, enabling an integrated, streamlined development experience that helps great speed devices to market

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  • Microsoft reveals Windows Embedded Compact 7 at Computex, hosts heaps of tablets

    Posted by sumeethevans on June 7 2010, 7:58 PM. Posted in Windows Embedded.

    During a keynote address tomorrow at COMPUTEX TAIPEI, Steve Guggenheimer, corporate vice president of the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Division at Microsoft Corp., will outline how the company continues to deliver expanded partner opportunities to support rich and connected experiences. Product demonstrations will showcase the diversity and breadth of devices supported across the Windows platform, including desktop PCs, smartphones, netbooks, laptops, tablets, slates, game consoles, set-top boxes and servers. He will also discuss the enthusiastic response from partners and the larger market to the latest version of the Windows operating system, Windows 7. Since its launch this past October, more than 100 million licenses have been sold, making it the fastest-selling operating system in history.As part of this effort to deliver richer customer experiences across a variety of scenarios, Microsoft will unveil the public community technology preview (CTP) for Windows Embedded Compact 7, the next generation of Microsoft's widely used Windows Embedded Compact platform for hardware manufacturers of specialized devices. With a $9.5 billion annual investment in research and development, Microsoft is committed to continued innovation and bringing new products to market that meet the needs of customers.

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  • Windows Embedded CE 6.0 R3

    Posted by bink on October 31 2009, 4:26 PM. Posted in Windows Embedded.

    This download is an incremental release to Windows Embedded CE 6.0 R2. If you do not have Windows Embedded CE 6.0 R2, you can also download an evaluation copy from the Microsoft Download Center. Windows Embedded CE 6.0 R3 provides innovative technologies that help device manufacturers create devices with rich user experiences and connections to Windows PCs, servers, and services.

    Windows Embedded CE 6.0 R3 delivers innovative new technologies to the proven and highly reliable componentized, hard real-time operating system for small footprint devices.

    With Windows Embedded CE 6.0 R3, device manufacturers can create consumer and enterprise devices that are differentiated by an immersive user interface, a rich browsing experience, and a unique connection to Windows PCs, servers, services, and devices.

    By building on the high performance and highly reliable Windows Embedded CE platform, device makers can bring their devices to market quickly and efficiently.

    Windows Embedded CE 6.0 R3 includes the following new features:Silverlight for Windows Embedded The power of Silverlight brought to Windows Embedded CE to create rich applications and user interfaces • Internet Explorer Embedded Internet Explorer with panning and zooming capabilities and a customizable interface to optimize the browsing experience on devices • Adobe Flash Lite Browser plug-in to render rich media Web sites • Touch and Gesture Plug-in engine to enable natural input capabilities and gesture animations • Connection Manager Infrastructure technology to manage multiple network interfaces on the device • Microsoft Office and PDF Viewers Applications to render Microsoft Office Word, PowerPoint, Excel and Adobe PDF content on the device • QQ Messenger Device-side client to connect to popular Instant Messaging service


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  • Microsoft Delivers Windows 7-Based Windows Embedded Standard 2011 Community Technology Preview

    Posted by sumeethevans on September 2 2009, 6:34 PM. Posted in Windows Embedded.

    Today, Microsoft released the Windows 7-based Windows Embedded Standard 2011 (formerly code-named “Quebec”) Community Technology Preview (CTP) to original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and developers of specialized devices worldwide through its immediate public availability at Windows Embedded Standard 2011 delivers the latest Windows 7 technologies to OEMs, enabling them to bring high-performing specialized devices to market faster, to differentiate those devices through innovative user experiences, and to delight their customers with devices that extend the Windows user experience to specialized devices from Windows-based PCs, servers and online services.

    “To meet the demand for improved user experiences and connectivity among today’s rapidly growing categories of specialized devices, Microsoft has strategically planned the release of Windows 7-based technologies to OEMs in the embedded marketplace,” said Kevin Dallas, general manager of the Windows Embedded Business at Microsoft. “The availability of the Windows Embedded Standard 2011 CTP empowers our worldwide ecosystem of OEMs, partners and developers to take advantage of the next-generation platform’s enhanced Windows 7-based features and provide feedback prior to its general release to manufacturing. We encourage the embedded community to take full advantage of the CTP’s availability and join in our excitement as we look ahead to the future availability of Windows Embedded platforms incorporating Windows 7 technologies.”

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  • Microsoft Announces the Next Version of Windows Embedded Standard to Be Built on Windows 7

    Posted by sumeethevans on October 29 2008, 3:13 AM. Posted in Windows Embedded.

    Today at the Embedded Systems Conference Boston, Microsoft Corp. announced plans for the next generation of Windows Embedded Standard, code-named “Quebec” to be built on Windows 7. Windows Embedded “Quebec” delivers powerful next-generation Microsoft technologies including Silverlight 2, Windows Presentation Foundation and interoperability with Visual Studio 2010. Alignment with Windows 7 features will give OEMs access to the skills and contributions of a global community of Windows developers familiar with Visual Studio. OEMs will be able to quickly develop applications and drivers for connected device scenarios requiring rich applications, services and end-user experiences connecting to Windows-based PCs, servers and Windows Web services.

    Driving Connected Experiences With the Richest Set of Solutions

    “Windows Embedded ‘Quebec’ will provide OEMs with the ability to further differentiate their devices by taking rich user experiences to the next level with exciting new input capabilities through multitouch, gesture support and user interface enhancements,” said Kevin Dallas, general manager of the Windows Embedded Business Unit at Microsoft. “It also will feature a rich set of componentized operating system technologies and specific features that let developers optimally size the operating system on their devices with only the drivers, services and applications they need.”

    Built on Windows 7, Windows Embedded “Quebec” will offer developers a powerful, familiar and reliable experience that will include the following benefits:

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  • New Windows Embedded build brings new theme

    Posted by MBrant on October 9 2008, 7:30 PM. Posted in Windows Embedded.

    User called marxo found a new Windows XP MCE-like theme in the latest CTP of Windows Embedded:

     This style can be found in the Windows Embedded Standard CTP Refresh. It's called "Embedded" and, along with the wallpaper, gets copied into the image if the Windows XP UI component is added. As it's digitally signed it works with any XP/Server 2003 install. The archive I uploaded below contains the Embedded folder and the Embedded.theme to be copied to %systemroot%\resources\themes and the wallpaper in its original format and size.


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  • Windows® Embedded NavReady™

    Posted by sumeethevans on June 26 2008, 6:40 AM. Posted in Windows Embedded.

    Windows® Embedded NavReady™ , the first category specific offering from Windows Embedded, helps bring down the cost of development by providing OEMs with innovative technologies to help build portable navigation devices that can easily connect to online services, Bluetooth capable phones, Windows-based PCs and the internet.
    Many devices built on Windows Embedded NavReady will be able to connect to most Bluetooth phones and function as a hands-free device. They will also be able to easily perform LIVE SEARCH queries and find up-to-date point of interested information. With Windows Embedded NavReady Microsoft delivers key technologies to OEMs to power the next generation of Smart, Connected, Service Oriented portable navigation devices.
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  • Windows Embedded ‘Quebec’ due in 2010

    Posted by sumeethevans on June 6 2008, 9:02 PM. Posted in Windows Embedded.

    Although it hasn’t said much about its plans for a Vista-based successor to its Windows XP-based  embedded operating system, Microsoft already is working on one.

    Microsoft released during the first week of June a new test build of its latest Windows XP-based embedded operating system, known as “Windows Embedded Standard 2009,” the final version of which is slated to ship by the end of 2008.

    However, Microsoft also is readying the 2010 successor to this product — another Windows Embedded release codenamed “Quebec.” Unlike the 2009 release of Windows Embedded, the Quebec product will make use of a number of features that are part of Windows Vista.

    Microsoft is on tap to share some information about the Vista-based embedded release at its TechEd Developers Conference this week in Orlando. A first widescale Community Technology Preview (CTP) test build of Quebec is due out next year.

    Microsoft’s Windows Embedded family of products, which Microsoft sells to device makers, is designed to power thin client terminals, point-of-service terminals, gaming devices, medical-imaging systems, DVRs and industrial-automation systems, among other products. Windows Embedded is not at the core of cell phones or ultra-low-cost PCs (ULPCs), however. Windows Mobile phones currently are built on top of a Windows CE-based core and ULPCs run full-fledged Windows. (Microsoft has OK’d ULPC makers shipping Windows XP on their systems through 2010.)

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  • Microsoft Brings Rich User Experiences to Smart, Connected, Service-Oriented Enterprise Devices With Windows Embedded Standard 2009

    Posted by sumeethevans on June 5 2008, 3:30 AM. Posted in Windows Embedded.

    Today at the Tech•Ed North America 2008 Developers conference and through a global webcast event, Microsoft Corp. announced the immediate availability of the Windows Embedded Standard 2009 Community Technology Preview (CTP). In addition, the company stated the product will be available to customers in the fourth quarter of 2008. Windows Embedded Standard 2009 is designed for OEMs wanting to quickly build devices that seamlessly connect into the existing enterprise infrastructure. Featuring new technologies including Microsoft Silverlight, Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) 6.1, and Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5, Windows Embedded Standard 2009 is designed to drive managed and secure thin clients, sophisticated point of service and kiosk devices requiring visually compelling user experiences, and smart networked multifunction printers that are easy to manage and connect with enterprise infrastructure. Windows Embedded Standard 2009 also includes componentized drivers for Intel Corporation’s latest x86 processor architectures, providing device makers with the flexibility to access the latest generation of hardware.

    “Including Intel’s drivers, like those for the new Intel® Atom™ Processor, in Windows Embedded Standard saves developers time otherwise required to validate and incorporate them into their designs,” said Doug Davis, vice president of the Digital Enterprise Group, and general manager of Embedded and Communications Group at Intel. “This development approach can save up to weeks in getting a product on the shelves.”

    “The market has validated the strategy and vision that we set forward less than a year ago,” said Kevin Dallas, general manager of the Windows Embedded Business Unit at Microsoft. “With new features in Windows Embedded Standard 2009 enabling OEMs to build embedded devices that combine seamlessly into existing enterprise infrastructure, including the latest Microsoft desktop and server technologies, we are delivering the core foundation for the next generation of smart, connected, service-oriented devices in the enterprise.”

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  • Windows Embedded CE 6.0 R2

    Posted by bink on November 13 2007, 4:28 PM. Posted in Windows Embedded.

    This download is an incremental release to Windows Embedded CE 6.0, if you do not have CE 6.0, you can also download an evaluation copy from Microsoft® download center. Windows Embedded CE 6.0 R2 provides the latest breakthrough technologies that help Windows Embedded CE 6.0 device makers efficiently build small footprint devices that connect to Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008.
    Windows Embedded CE 6.0 R2 delivers amazing new operating system components that help Windows Embedded CE 6.0 device makers get to market faster with devices that can more easily connect to Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008. Here are some of the new technologies and updates provided in this release:• Support for Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) 6.0The Windows Embedded CE 6.0 R2 release provides the latest version of Remote Desktop protocol to help enable CE-based thin clients to connect using the latest version of Windows Server remote computing technologies. • Support for Web Services on Devices (WSD) protocol stack and application programming interfaces (API), together with sample codeBy helping to enable Windows Rally technologies such as web services on devices in Windows Embedded CE 6.0 R2, a connectivity technology supported natively by Windows Vista, OEMs can provide richer experiences and product differentiation when their devices connect virtually to a PC over the network and yet behave as if they were directly connected.• Support for Video over IP telephony calls• Additional Voice over IP (VoIP) functionality, including a VoIP boot loader application and resources for QVGA landscape and QVGA portrait user interfaces• Support for the Pocket Outlook Object Model (POOM) and ActiveSync in the VoIP Home Screen and VoIP Contacts applications• New sample board support packages (BSPs)• Support for Auto Proxy Configuration Support in Internet Explorer 6 for Windows Embedded CE • Support for USB CCID Smart Card readers• Support for Windows Media Player OLE Control Extension (OCX) 7• Support for flash media management• A new pluggable font engine framework• Secure Digital (SD) bus driver that supports SDHC specification 2.00 functionality, such as Secure Digital High-Capacity (SDHC) cards• And more! go to  To learn details.
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  • October 2007 OPTIONAL Updates are now available on the ECE

    Posted by sumeethevans on October 31 2007, 11:46 AM. Posted in Windows Embedded.

    optional updates in the same month as the componentized security updates. The October 2007 optional supplement update is now available on the ECE site for Microsoft® Windows® XP Embedded Service Pack 2, Feature Pack 2007, and Update Rollup 1.0.

    This update is purely optional and may or may not apply to your image. This Update includes:

    • KB 942525 (for Windows Media Player 10)A registration resource has been added to the Windows Media Player 10 component in order to facilitate the playing of mpeg4 content.
    • KB 942527 (for Group Policy Core- Support Files)A component dependency has been added to the Group Policy Core - Support Files component in order to automatically bring in the Group Policy Core component and its resources to a runtime.

    Note: Optional updates are separate from the Security updates and should only be installed after the Security updates for the month have been installed.

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  • Microsoft offers bimonthly Windows XPe updates

    Posted by bink on August 18 2007, 1:14 AM. Posted in Windows Embedded.

    Microsoft's Windows XP Embedded (XPe) team has announced a new kind of software update for XPe customers. These are miscellaneous updates that will be released on even-numbered months, according to a posting on the team's blog.According to Gina Bentley, who is the Servicing and Support Program Manager for Microsoft's Vertical Industries and Embedded Windows (VIEW) group, the updates "may apply to your application and therefore make your life easier." But, she stresses, the nature of these updates is that they are purely optional and may or may not apply to a particular customer's XPe OS image.Those who are already downloading security updates from the Embedded Communications Extranet (ECE) can take a look and see if they are interested, Bentley writes. If so, the updates can easily be installed to an existing image.For example, the release in August is an Embedded DQI (Desktop QFE Installer) update created from an XP Pro update. It is applicable only to non-USB boot systems and addresses a problem with USB drivers causing battery drainage on portable devices. In addition to bug fixes, other releases will address automated solutions for issues that currently have manual workarounds, such as orphaned file issues, Bentley writes. To read Bentley's XPe team blog post go here . To access the ECE site go here (ID and password required).