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  • Kia Motors and Microsoft Usher in New Era of In-Car Technology

    Posted by bink on January 6 2010, 9:30 PM. Posted in Windows Automotive.

    Kia UVO employs Microsoft Windows Embedded Auto to simplify in-car entertainment and communication.

    Kia Motors America (KMA) and Microsoft today unveiled Kia UVO, powered by Microsoft, a new in-car infotainment system with advanced voice- and touch-activated features.

    With UVO, drivers and passengers can quickly and directly access music files, change radio stations, make or answer phone calls, send and receive SMS text messages, and operate a rear-view camera when the driver shifts into reverse, all through voice-activated controls using Microsoft speech recognition technology. The hands-free system helps drivers stay focused on the road.

    Features of UVO include advanced speech recognition; a 4.3-inch full-color display screen; and MyMusic, a jukebox-type function that enables drivers to shuffle between music sources including personal music folders, an MP3 player, or AM/FM and satellite radio.

    Co-designed by Kia Motors and Microsoft, UVO is built on the award-winning Microsoft Windows Embedded Auto software platform. The system will be offered during the third quarter of 2010, starting with the 2011 Kia Sorento CUV.

    Microsoft and Kia will demonstrate UVO at the 2010 International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this week.

  • HipHop DJ Funk Flex Links With Microsoft To Promote Windows Automotive

    Posted by bink on November 6 2007, 1:12 AM. Posted in Windows Automotive.

    Popular Hip-Hop DJ Funkmaster Flex has announced a partnership with Microsoft’s Automotive Business Unit to promote Windows Automotive.

    Windows Automotive is a software platform designed to improve in-car “infotainment” for drivers. The new advanced infotainment systems will debut during Flex’s annual Custom Car and Bike Show Tour and in his reality TV series Car Wars with Funkmaster Flex.

    Music is my life and cars are my passion," Funkmaster Flex told "Working with Microsoft Auto allows me to fuse these things into one. One look at the technology they showed me and I knew they were serious about taking automotive entertainment to the next level. I am really excited to be connected with such an innovative company as Microsoft."

    According to Funkmaster Flex, he discovered the Windows Automotive software last year. Since then, he has integrated the software in his 2007 Ford Mustang, a 2008 Ford Expedition and his 1968 classic Chevy Camaro.

    "As people spend more of their time in cars, integrating their digital lifestyle becomes an important part of automotive personalization," said Mark Spain, Director of the Microsoft Automotive Business Unit. "Working with Funkmaster Flex allows Microsoft and our Windows Automotive partners to enable rich, integrated in-vehicle solutions that people enjoy in their cars."

    The installation of the software will be a key component in the third season of Flex’s Car Wars with Funkmaster Flex, which airs on ESPN2

  • Windows Automotive-Connecting Bluetooth devices to cars

    Posted by vasudev on October 11 2007, 5:03 PM. Posted in Windows Automotive.

     Ford and Fiat now propose options allowing you to connect Bluetooth devices to their cars. Driver can give phone calls, consult his contacts list, or listen to MP3 content of the device, using voice command or car integrated commands. The underlying system is Windows Automotive, based on Windows CE. let's bet Windows CE will be more and more present in the car industry in the future. You can view videos on the Windows Automotive Web site.

  • Microsoft contracts Siemens VDO for in-car entertainment

    Posted by sumeethevans on September 7 2007, 11:11 PM. Posted in Windows Automotive.

    Microsoft and Siemens will join forces to develop in-car entertainment and navigation products that should make it easier for consumers to connect devices such mobile phones and music players.

    The two companies said on Friday the first Siemens products based on Microsoft software should go into production in 2009. The market for automotive infotainment products is set to grow to about $54 billion by 2012 from $38 billion currently, according to research group iSuppli. The rise of portable media players and content downloadable from the Internet is forcing carmakers and their suppliers to rethink their offerings, which have until recently centered on standalone audio systems.


    Siemens automotive unit VDO, which is being bought by car-parts maker Continental for 11.4 billion euros ($15.6 billion), said using the Microsoft Auto platform would give it more room to concentrate on its core competencies. Siemens VDO also makes driver-assistance and safety systems.

    "In addition, Siemens VDO will also be able to actively help shape Microsoft Auto and license platform-compliant applications, such as navigation functions, for third-party suppliers," a joint statement from the two companies said. The companies said their first milestone would be a multimedia platform that would make it possible to integrate consumer-electronic functions and portable devices.

    "Consequently, new solutions in consumer electronics will be adapted for in-vehicle use more quickly and easily, since it will only be necessary to add individual software components," they said. "This helps close the gap between the short development cycles in communications and information technology and the comparatively long product cycles in automotive engineering."

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  • Microsoft may use TellMe for Car navigation

    Posted by bink on August 23 2007, 10:18 PM. Posted in Windows Automotive.

    Microsoft Corp. has begun showing U.S. automakers an alternative to the in-car navigation and assistance now offered exclusively by General Motor Corp.'s OnStar communications service.

    The voice-recognition software, displayed at an auto industry conference Tuesday, allows mobile telephone users to receive spoken data from Microsoft's Tellme database.

    Microsoft's service, which would connect through a Bluetooth-enabled mobile phone in the car, could challenge Detroit-based GM's digital subscriber-based wireless system, which costs as much as $324 a year and has nearly 5 million subscribers.

    Microsoft said the system could be paired with the digital music and mobile phone software known as Sync to be offered by Ford Motor Co. on its 2008 Ford Focus.

    "There's huge interest," said David Graff, Microsoft's automotive industry director, in an interview at the conference in Novi, Mich.

    Microsoft obtained the technology when it acquired Tellme Networks Inc., a closely held phone software company, in May.

    The Ford Sync system will allow drivers to make calls or access music by voice request. The system, which has a small monitor in the dash, also can receive and "read" text messages aloud.

    Ford Sync will be a $395 option on the Focus. It eventually will be available on 12 Ford, Lincoln and Mercury models, the company said two weeks ago.

    GM's OnStar is a subscription service that costs $17 to $27 a month. It provides live operators to help drivers with safety issues, directions and other services. The system also can diagnose mechanical problems.

  • Ford's Microsoft Sync In-Car-Entertainment

    Posted by bink on August 17 2007, 1:29 PM. Posted in Windows Automotive.

    Ford’s new Microsoft Sync in-car entertainment and communication system has a price tag, and it’s not that bad.

    For $395, buyers will be able to add the option onto selected Ford and Mercury vehicles and it will be standard equipment on Lincoln models.

    Besides Lincolns, higher-end trims of Ford and Mercury vehicles will eventually come with Sync standard.

    The first models to get Sync will be the 2008 Ford Focus, Fusion, Taurus, Taurus X, Edge, Explorer and Sport Trac, and the Lincoln MKX and MKZ.

    Sync should start becoming available on those models before the end of the year.

    Sync has Bluetooth capability and integrates peripherals like MP3 players into the system using voice recognition software.

    That means you can surf through your iPod’s playlists with voice commands.

    It also will read text messages from your phone aloud, even translating abbreviations like LOL. Plus it’s multilingual for English, French and Spanish speakers.

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  • Microsoft to Synchronize with Ford

    Posted by spy on January 2 2007, 5:19 PM. Posted in Windows Automotive.

    At the Detroit Auto Show and at the Consumer Electronics Show in January 2007, Microsoft and Ford are expected to introduce Sync. Sync is designed to be a Windows based, in-car navigation, information and entertainment system. The fact that Sync will be based on a Microsoft operating platform is an indication of the fact that software updates stand to become an integer part of car tuning. No ride pimping will be complete without security patches from Microsoft. As of yet, neither Microsoft nor Ford have made any official comments regarding the matter. However, the Redmond Company disclosed a few scarce details, revealing that it is indeed collaborating with Ford and that the Detroit Auto Show, January 7, and the Consumer Electronics Show, January 6, will be the stages were the result of collaboration will be announced. The Windows based, in-car technology will initially be available for only two Ford models in 2007, but it will expand to cover all the automaker's lineups in 2008. With the Microsoft Sync integrated into Ford models, auto owners will have access to email, connect to Virtual Earth, download and upload media content, or transfer information via the wireless capabilities. In 2007, Sync is expected to be integrated into Ford Focus and the Five Hundred Sedan series. This will only be available in the United States. Similar technology has already been introduced in Europe, through a partnership between Microsoft and Fiat.
  • Desk-Side Supercomputing Is Poised to Revolutionize Automotive Design and Engineering

    Posted by bink on August 9 2006, 6:07 PM. Posted in Windows Automotive.

    Microsoft brings high-performance computing to the desktops of the auto industry for entirely new approaches to engineering and design.

    High-performance computing (HPC) — once confined to CIA code-breaking and Pentagon war games before making inroads into large mainframe computer rooms at automotive companies — is about to become as readily available to auto designers and engineers as laptop programs. Experts in the field declare the auto industry is entering a period of profound transformation, in which HPC capabilities will be at the desk-side of those who innovate and test consumer vehicles, rather than confined to large, expensive and time-consuming centralized computer-room operations.

    With the introduction of Microsoft® Windows® Compute Cluster Server 2003, HPC will help the automotive industry implement brand-new methods to help achieve the following goals:

    Predict and prevent defects

    Improve collaboration

    Automate previously complex and arcane systems

    Gather real-time information from vehicles on the road

    Demand for HPC is being driven by a combination of increased performance in processors per compute node, low acquisition price per node, and the overall price and performance of compute clusters. These trends are driving new customers to adopt HPC to replace or supplement live, physical experiments with computer-simulated modeling, tests and analysis.

    In a white paper released today at the Center for Automotive Research’s Management Briefing Seminars in Traverse City, Mich., experts from Microsoft Corp. and the HPC sector offered predictions regarding the way HPC will be used with the availability of compute clusters — a collection of small servers that can be accessed from desktop or laptop computers. According to the white paper “Desk-Side Supercomputing,” this technology has the potential to slash the total cost of ownership to just a few thousand dollars, enables engineers to get results in a fraction of the time previously required, and helps products get to market more quickly.

    “Throughout the auto industry, desk-side computing is empowering people to become ready for entirely new approaches to design, safety and profitability,” said John Fikany, vice president of the U.S. Manufacturing Industries at Microsoft. “We’ve harnessed a tremendous new energy source for creativity, collaboration and cost reduction, and to try to estimate its ultimate potential would be akin to trying to estimate the power of the human mind.” Continue At Source

  • Next Generation of Innovative Cars Relies on Collaborative Product Development

    Posted by bink on August 9 2006, 6:06 PM. Posted in Windows Automotive.

    Auto industry turns increasingly to Microsoft products to collaborate on design, project management and data management

    A new study from the Center for Automotive Research (CAR) points out that automakers are developing the next generation of innovative car designs by moving in three primary directions: collaborating in small, nimble groups for faster communication; using a variety of information channels (such as direct live conversations between designers and consumers on the Internet); and bringing forth leaders who demonstrate passion for their product and customer awareness.

    For the types of collaborative work defined in the study, titled “Key Factors that Enable Product Development: An Investigation of Creating ‘Great’ Products,” automakers are turning to collaborative product development (CPD) techniques made possible by Microsoft® solutions. The auto industry is adopting these solutions as key tools for remaining profitable and innovative leaders in their marketplace.

    OEMs recently adopted CPD methodology to resolve issues affecting their ability to collaborate effectively:

    When PSA Peugeot Citroën wanted to find a better way to manage 15 vehicle programs (involving more than 2,000 projects) in its research and development department, it worked with Microsoft Corp. partners to implement a Microsoft Office Enterprise Project Management solution. Now PSA engineers easily share information among and within projects to get to market faster.

    Nissan Motor Co. Ltd. employees struggled with rising volumes of e-mail and unreliable remote e-mail access. After Nissan upgraded to Microsoft Office Professional Edition 2003 and the Windows® XP Professional operating system, along with Microsoft Office Outlook® Web Access and Exchange Server 2003, the entire enterprise gained the ability to send and receive e-mail via the Web from virtually anywhere in the world. By improving global collaboration and empowering their work force to maximize productivity, Nissan projects that it will save at least $135 million over the next few years.

    Nissan also is employing Microsoft Office Enterprise Project Management for a Design Change Collaborative Management platform in Spain. This tool vastly improves efficiencies by enabling planning, coordinating and monitoring of the whole complex process of engineering changes introduced in Nissan vehicles before they leave the factory.

    “The auto industry is competing globally against an ever-increasing wave of nameplates,” said Patty Dilger, national sales director for the U.S. Manufacturing Industries at Microsoft. “If an OEM expects to succeed, it must stand out with innovative cars developed through globally collaborative means that pull the consumer into the design process. By employing easy-to-use Microsoft solutions — from shared Web sites designed for collaboration to project-management tools and a whole range of Web-based methods for direct communication — the auto industry is deploying new ways to work together.” Continue At Source

  • Microsoft Wins Best Telematics Solution Award at Telematics Detroit 2006

    Posted by spy on June 22 2006, 4:06 PM. Posted in Windows Automotive.

    REDMOND, Wash. — June 22, 2006 — The Microsoft® Windows Mobile® for Automotive platform was named Best Telematics Solution at the Telematics Detroit 2006 conference and exhibition, held recently in Detroit, Microsoft Corp. today confirmed. Windows Mobile for Automotive defines the state of the art in automotive-grade operating system software for in-car communications and infotainment solutions. Automakers and their suppliers commend Windows Mobile for Automotive for its reliability, flexibility and fast time to market. Consumers value Windows Mobile for Automotive-based solutions for their ease of use, rich features, upgradeability and affordability.

    Fiat Auto SpA was the first automaker to commercially release systems based on the Windows Mobile for Automotive platform at the Geneva Auto Show in February. The Fiat solution, marketed as Blue&Me, provides hands-free mobile phone support for over 140 models of mobile phones, portable media player integration via Universal Serial Bus and voice-guided navigation. Consumers have the convenience of being able to control their mobile phone and digital music player using either their voice or controls built into the steering wheel. Drivers and passengers can use their voices to receive calls, browse their phone book, or search and play music from their portable music player. The software is easily upgradeable to support future generations of mobile phones and portable devices, designed to allow consumers to enjoy their in-car digital lifestyle as new devices and technologies emerge.

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  • Italian Political Representatives And Leading Industry Experts Join Microsoft at Manufacturing Innovation Road Show

    Posted by bink on March 16 2006, 2:20 PM. Posted in Windows Automotive.

    Speakers to focus on ways to improve production processes and increase efficiency while still reducing costs.

    Microsoft today announced details of the Italian Manufacturing Innovation Road Show, the second in a series of two-day events taking place throughout Europe. The Italian event will take place on 29 and 30 March 2006 at the Centro Congressi MilanoFiori.

    The Manufacturing Innovation Road Show, which is hosted by Microsoft and supported by 17 leading manufacturing companies, will focus on technology innovation in the manufacturing industry and how this can be used to help reduce costs, increase competition and optimise business processes.

    The Milan event is aimed at corporate decision makers, visionaries, strategy leaders and line-of-business executives and will look at different market segments of the manufacturing industry including: automotive, consumer packaged goods, discrete manufacturing, fashion, industrial equipment, pharmaceuticals and the process industry. A highlight of the event will be the real-life experiences presented by manufacturers, including the famous Italian shoemaker, GEOX.

    The first day will be opened by senior executives from Microsoft and Bruno Tabacci, president of the Parliamentary Commission for Production, Commerce and Tourism, who will present their views on innovation in the manufacturing sector. Presentations from representatives of leading manufacturing consultancies and technology providers will follow, covering the topics below:

    • Product design• Real-time interoperability for manufacturing intelligence• Innovation and differentiation in the value chain• Increasing corporate value through business processes

    The first day will conclude with a roundtable moderated by leading manufacturing industry expert, professor Giancarlo Capitani, CEO of NetConsulting. It will feature executives from manufacturing technology providers as well as representatives from EU agencies and associations, such as Enrico Letta, secretary general of AREL (Research and Legislation Agency) and Matteo Colaninno, national president of Young Entrepreneurs of Confindustria (the Italian manufacturing industries association).