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  • Wallop Transforms the Face of Social Networking

    Posted by bink on September 26 2006, 11:30 AM. Posted in Wallop.

    Wallop launches its beta product, the first social experience to connect designers and consumers through a marketplace for self-expression.

    Wallop, a company spun out of Microsoft and backed by veteran venture capital firms, today launched its beta product, a breakthrough innovation in the social networking space with a unique business model. Wallop, an invitation-only network, for the first time combines a social networking site with a marketplace, enabling an entirely new way to self-express and enhance a person's increasingly important online image. Central to Wallop's business model will be Adobe(R) Flash developers and designers who will sell their personal creations on Wallop's marketplace. Now Flash experts, who have been responsible for many of the most innovative Web concepts, can make money doing what they love without any of the business hassle.

    Wallop's marketplace model empowers users to further enhance their online image by purchasing ready-made, interactive forms of self-expression, or what Wallop calls "Mods" from Flash developers and designers who are members of the Wallop Modder Network (WMN). Thanks to this rapidly growing group of Modders, Wallop's marketplace is populated with original Flash content, such as interactive characters, stylistic backgrounds, graphical features and games, ready for purchase by the broad market of Wallop consumers.

    "We have been working with Wallop's Modder Network for several months now and have been very impressed with the opportunity it presents to Flash designers everywhere," said Alex Bard, president & CEO of Goowy Media.

    "They made it very easy for us to extend our minis, from, into the Wallop community. This creates value for the Wallop members while providing a great opportunity for individual Flash developers and companies to extend their applications and to create revenue opportunities."

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  • Microsoft Spins Out a Wallop

    Posted by bink on April 26 2006, 12:01 PM. Posted in Wallop.

    Microsoft IP Ventures program teams up with Silicon Valley entrepreneur to create a new social networking company.

    Microsoft Corp. today announced the spinout of a new social networking technology, developed by Microsoft Research, to create a new Silicon Valley startup, Wallop Inc. Wallop, whose aim is to deliver the next generation of social computing, is led by experienced entrepreneur and CEO Karl Jacob, with 30-year veteran Bay Partners providing Series A financing.

    Microsoft IP Ventures will celebrate its one-year anniversary next month. “We’re excited by the interest it has attracted with entrepreneurs and the venture capital community,” said Eric Rudder, senior vice president of Technical Strategy for Microsoft. “Microsoft has one of the world’s preeminent R&D labs, and we are committed to getting our innovations into the hands of entrepreneurs. This deal is another great example of Microsoft working with the right team to get this next-generation technology into the marketplace quickly.”

    “Our access to industry-leading technology through the IP Ventures program has led to a golden opportunity for Wallop to change the face of social computing with differentiated technology and unprecedented support,” Jacob said. “I feel fortunate to be working with Microsoft again and hope other entrepreneurs are taking note of the opportunity afforded through IP Ventures.”

    “What is exciting to us is Wallop’s vision to turn social computing on its head and significantly change how we look at this sector,” said Eric Chin, venture partner at Bay Partners and now member of the Wallop board. “There is no question that with a talented management team and innovative technology, Wallop is well positioned to take the market by storm.”

    Wallop Advances Social Networking

    Launching later this year, Wallop solves the problems plaguing current social networking technologies and will introduce an entirely new way for consumers to express their individuality online. For example, today’s social networks have difficulty enabling people to interact in a way similar to the way they would in the real world. Wallop tapped legendary Frog Design Inc. to conceive a next-generation user interface enabling people to express themselves like never before. In addition, Wallop departs from the friend-of-a-friend model common in all social networks today and the root of many of their problems. Instead, Wallop developed a unique set of algorithms that respond to social interactions to automatically build and maintain a person’s social network. 

    Innovative Program Connects VCs and Entrepreneurs With Microsoft Innovation

    The dynamic IP Ventures program was launched in May 2005 to enable Microsoft to expedite new innovations from its multibillion-dollar research and development investment into the marketplace and seed business development. Through IP Ventures, venture capitalists (VCs), entrepreneurs and small businesses have a unique access point to Microsoft innovations. The program is available globally and now offers more than 30 technologies.

    Microsoft expanded the IP Ventures program in January 2006 to include collaboration with governments and public-sector development organizations. The IP Ventures program is also closely integrated with Microsoft’s Emerging Business Team to provide resources to the VC community.

    About Wallop

    Wallop Inc. is led by Karl Jacob, a veteran entrepreneur who has been building and advising companies for the past 14 years. During his career he has raised over $200 million (U.S.) from prestigious investors and has built four companies, taking them from no revenue to significant revenues or to acquisition. The remaining companies are profitable and generating in excess of $120 million in revenue per year. For more information, visit

  • A Peek Behind the 'Wallop' Firewall

    Posted by bink on November 11 2003, 8:45 PM. Posted in Wallop.

    Microsoft Research is looking at how to leverage blogs, RSS feeds, wikis and other social-networking tools.  

    When Microsoft showed a prototype of software code-named "Wallop" at last month's Professional Developers Conference, attendees understood exactly what they were seeing. And the fact that Microsoft is sequestering Wallop behind a corporate firewall, allowing only a small number of researchers and their contacts to test the software, isn't helping to clarify matters. But Microsoft social computing group researcher Lili Cheng is starting to talk publicly in general terms, at least, about the company's foray into social-networking software. And Microsoft Research (MSR) is making screen shots available, showing Wallop and some of the other MSR social-computing technologies that are feeding into it.

    See These Wallop Screen Shots for More

    "We've been really interested in blogs, wikis, authoring and syndication around RSS, and social networking software in general," Cheng tells Microsoft Watch. "We were imagining how these things could combine. And Wallop is our first experiment in this space."

    The social computing group has been working on Wallop for about a year. And Microsoft sees its potential for both business and consumer customers, Cheng says. (As with all Microsoft Research projects, with Wallop, there is no definite if or when, regarding how it will show up as commercialized software.)

    Wallop evolved primarily from a multi-user online community developed by Microsoft Research, called Hutch World. Named for the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle, Hutch World was designed to connect virtually cancer patients and their caregivers.

    "We found people really wanted to talk with their own friends and families, more than with other cancer patients," Cheng says. "It made us go back to the individual."  continue at source