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  • Microsoft Gives Mobile Devices a Voice in Europe

    Posted by bink on March 8 2005, 2:15 AM. Posted in Voice Commands.

    Microsoft Voice Command gives users the power of speech control for their Windows Mobile-based Pocket PCs

    Today, Microsoft launches the first voice-controlled software specifically designed for Windows Mobile™ 2003-based Pocket PCs in Europe - Microsoft® Voice Command. Voice Command transforms Pocket PCs and Pocket PC Phone Edition devices into virtual interactive personal assistants by enabling effortless, hands-free management of a range of functionalities such as phone, contacts, appointments and Windows Media® Player. This application is a cost-effective and convenient way for consumers to get the most out of their connected lifestyle. Through speech commands, which do not need to be pre-recorded, Microsoft Voice Command offers users the following key features:

    • Voice-controlled hands-free phone. Whether in the car, at the airport or walking down the street, people can enjoy true hands-free phone conversations without ever having to manually dial a number. They can simply say any name from their contacts list. For example, they might say "call David Jones" or "dial 020 71234 5678" in order to use the phone capability of their device.
    • Caller information announced. Pocket PC Phone Edition users can have incoming call information announced as calls are received. If you think you may have missed a call, you can simply ask "What calls did I miss?" and Voice Command will recite the time and phone number of missed calls.
    • Voice-controlled calendar look up. Checking appointments has never been easier. Regardless of location, consumers can simply ask their device "What's my next appointment?" or "What's my calendar?" and the time, subject and location of each entry will be spoken aloud.
    • Voice-controlled Windows Media Player. Now voice commands can be used as a virtual remote control to select and play music by artist, album or genre. People don't need to fumble for CDs anymore; instead they can scroll through and play a long list of songs by voice activation on Windows Media Player already installed on their device. Consumers can simply say "Play music" using Voice Command as their personal disc jockey.
    • Voice-controlled utilities. Start any program in the Start menu or programs folder, such as Microsoft Internet Explorer, the Outlook® calendar, contacts, tasks, games or calculator. Get signal strength, battery level, time and day by voice. To help avoid surprises, Voice Command will even alert you when your battery is getting low. Continue At Source
  • Microsoft Voice Command for Windows Mobile Smartphone coming soon

    Posted by bink on January 9 2004, 4:35 PM. Posted in Voice Commands.

    The company now plans to introduce more features to this software:
    • Windows Mobile Smartphone support.
    Some selected further changes:
    • Free trial version: In response to consumer feedback, Microsoft is offering a free one-day trial version of Voice Command for those who want to try before they buy the product. The trial copies will be available to consumers through the company´s online retail partner Handango.
    • International language support: Microsoft will offer Voice Command, already popular among English speakers, in several foreign languages and make it available outside the United States by the end of the year.
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  • Microsoft gets verbal about voice-activation program

    Posted by bink on January 9 2004, 3:35 PM. Posted in Voice Commands.

    Microsoft detailed on Thursday its strategy for expanding the capabilities and distribution of its Voice Command software, a program that lets people control handheld devices via spoken instructions. Unveiled in November, Microsoft Voice Command lets users of gadgets running the software giant's Pocket PC operating system issue spoken commands to get calendar and contact information, make phone calls, access applications, and perform other basic functions. The software can also be used with the handheld version of Microsoft's Media Player to allow voice-activated control of digital music playback.

    The company said Thursday, at the ongoing Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, that it plans to add a number of new features to the software before the end of the year, including international language support. Microsoft did not specify which languages it intends to support; the program currently works only with English. Other upgrades will include support for new handheld devices running Microsoft's Windows Mobile OS.

    Microsoft also announced a number of marketing and distribution plans related to Voice Command, including a shrink-wrapped version of the software to be sold through retail partners. The software is currently only available via download. Microsoft said it will also start packaging Voice Command with mobile device products from some of its manufacturer partners, including Plantronics, which will offer the software gratis with one of its hands-free headset accessories.

    The Redmond, Wash.-based software maker also said it has begun offering a free trial version of Voice Command. The 24-hour test version is available through online retail partner Handango, which reported that the Microsoft Voice Command package has become its best-selling application for Windows Mobile-based Pocket PCs. The software currently retails for $39.95.

    Voice Command, which uses phonetic speech-recognition technology, was developed by Microsoft's Automotive Business Unit.

  • a 'voice command' BMW SUV

    Posted by bink on November 20 2003, 7:21 PM. Posted in Voice Commands.

    PROMOTING the newest OS offering from MS, a 'voice command' BMW SUV was in front of the Las Vegas Convention Center. Unfortunately, Charlie Demarjian, one of The INQ writers stepped too close.

  • Hands on Microsoft's Voice Command

    Posted by bink on November 15 2003, 9:37 PM. Posted in Voice Commands.

    Computers that are controlled just by speaking to them have been a dream since the early days of science fiction. Sadly, in the same way that I didn't take my flying car to work this morning, I'm writing this review on a keyboard, not dictating it to an artificial intelligence. Still, there has been some progress. Microsoft's latest application for its Pocket PC line is the aptly named Voice Command, which allows you to control some functions of your handheld by speaking commands.

    How Does It Work?

    Rather than constantly listening to everything that goes on around it, to get your Pocket PC to start listening to you, you have to push one of the buttons, though you have your choice of which one. I chose the voice recorder button. This will cause a small icon to appear at the top of the screen which shows you Voice Command is ready.

    Once you have it listening, you can tell it to open any application on your handheld or a memory card by saying, for example, "Start Calendar," or "Start Internet Explorer."

    Once an application is running, what you can do with it depends on which application you're talking about.

    Calendar Voice Command does more than just carry out verbal orders; it also has some text-to-speech capabilities. This means you can say, "What's my schedule for tomorrow?" and your Pocket PC will read you all your calendar entries for the next day, including when and where they are. (Hear what this sounds like.) You can also ask for your next appointment or all your appointments for today.

    One of my favorite features of this application is its ability to read the text of alarms when they go off. If I have a 3 o'clock meeting with Steve, at 2:45 my Pocket PC beeps and says "Meeting with Steve in 15 minutes."

    Contacts Once you have the Contacts application open, you can display an entire entry by saying all or part of a name.

    This is especially handy if you are using a Phone Edition device, as you can also dial a person just by saying their name. You can even say a phone number aloud and it will be dialed.

    Media Player Voice Command collects all the songs on the Pocket PC and memory cards and organizes them by Album, Artist, and Genre. This allows you to, for example, tell it to play all the songs by a certain artist. If you can't remember all the albums or artists you have, your handheld can read them to you. Or you can tell it to play everything you have stored.

     Microsoft assumes that if you are controlling your Pocket PC with your voice, you might not have both hands available. Therefore, Voice Command comes with a skin for the Media Player with big buttons that makes it easy to use by touching the screen with your finger.

    If for some reason you don't want any of these applications to be voice-enabled, you can turn each one off individually.

    There are a few other things you can do. For instance, if you add a link to your favorite web site (like Brighthand) to the Start Menu, you can open that site just by saying "Open Brighthand."

    Continue at source: How Well Does It Work?, Is It Worth It?

  • Microsoft Voice Command released at Handango by Microsoft

    Posted by bink on October 25 2003, 4:50 PM. Posted in Voice Commands.

    Microsoft selling software at Handango? Yeah, that looks strange but it´s truth. Voice controlling software for Pocket PC becomes reality... (version for MS Smartphone coming later) More info follows.

    Voice Command transforms your Pocket PC into your own virtual personal assistant by letting you use your voice to look up contacts and place phone calls, get calendar information, play and control your music, and launch applications in a way that is easier, more convenient, and safer while you are on the go. Voice Command uses state-of-the-art speech technology, which means you´ll never have to pre-record important phone numbers or use difficult commands. There are many ways to say commands so you can always find a command that it natural for you. You have the option of using a single command to get what you want or you can be guided, if you prefer. You can even ask "What can I say"? at any time to get help.

    Voice Command Benefits: Speaker independent No voice training required Conversational style that asks you questions if more information is needed Use a single command to get what you want or be guided if you prefer. Say "What can I say" or "Help" at any time Voice Command was created to take advantage of the time people spend while mobile and on the move such as in the car, walking down the street, or holding packages, since people still need access to their personalized information, but can´t manually enter a phone number or tap through calendar appointments. We found that using your voice is a better way to use your Pocket PC not only when on the move, but in many situations even when at rest like sitting on a park bench or waiting in line. With Voice Command, experience the convenience, safety and efficiency of hands-free, voice-controlled interaction, no matter what obstacles life hands you.

    Works with Windows Mobile 2003 software for Pocket PC and Pocket PC Phone Edition

    See for Product Features

  • Voice Command Beta

    Posted by bink on September 18 2003, 6:37 PM. Posted in Voice Commands.

    Neowin reports Voice Command Beta invites have been sent out:

    Voice Command works with your PDA or phone so you can use your voice to control your device and receive information in a way that is easier, more convenient, and safer while you are on the go such as in the car or walking down the street carrying packages or even while sitting on a park bench.