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  • Microsoft at 2011 CES Keynote Address and Show Information

    Posted by sumeethevans on January 5 2011, 10:21 PM. Posted in Steve Ballmer, Events, Keynote.

    Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer will kick off the 2011 International CES at the preshow CES opening keynote address on Jan. 5, 2011, in Las Vegas. This will be Ballmer’s third opening keynote address at CES, the world’s largest consumer technology trade show.

    Keynote Information:

    Wednesday, Jan. 5, 2011 6:30 p.m. PST, Las Vegas Hilton Center Las Vegas, Nevada

    The keynote address will stream live on

    Additional content, including images and videos, will post at 7:30 p.m.

  • [Updated]Will Steve Ballmer Show Up At The WWDC Keynote?

    Posted by sumeethevans on May 28 2010, 5:26 AM. Posted in Steve Ballmer.

    Trip Chowdhry, an analyst with tiny Global Equities Research, contends that 7 minutes of the June 7 keynote by Apple CEO Steve Jobs has been blocked off for a presentation by Microsoft (MSFT) to talk about Visual Studio 2010, the company’s suite of development tools.

    Chowdhry says the new version of VS will allow developers to write native applications for the iPhone, iPad and Mac OS. And here’s the kicker: he thinks Microsoft’s presentation could be given by none other than Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer. (Or if not, at least Bob Muglia, who runs Microsoft’s server and tools business.)

    Looks like this was a rumor after all. Here is Microsoft's response on Twitter. "Steve Ballmer not speaking at Apple Dev Conf. Nor appearing on Dancing with the Stars. Nor riding in the Belmont. Just FYI."

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  • Microsoft CEO Summit 2010: Steve Ballmer Keynote

    Posted by sumeethevans on May 22 2010, 1:55 AM. Posted in Steve Ballmer.

    This year marks the 14th annual Microsoft CEO Summit, a world-class forum where business leaders gather to share insights about pressing business challenges. More than 125 CEOs and other leaders from companies and organizations representing 27 countries and 11 million employees are expected to attend this year’s summit event at Microsoft’s corporate headquarters in Redmond, Wash.

    Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer discusses the state of innovation in technology and the opportunities for businesses around cloud computing. Watch the speech on demand.

    On-demand Webcast

  • Ballmer: Microsoft lost "thousands of man hours of innovation" on Vista

    Posted by sumeethevans on May 22 2010, 1:51 AM. Posted in Steve Ballmer.

    In a speech to fellow CEOs at Microsoft’s 14th annual CEO Summit, Microsoft’s Steve Ballmer said something that gives us an insight into what went wrong with Vista.

    Taking about the operating system, he said:

    “We tried too big a task and in the process wound up losing thousands of man hours of innovation.”

    The problem with Microsoft (specifically in the pre Windows 7 days) is that the company had a huge track record of vaporware announcements. During the development of Longhorn (the project that led to Vista), there was an almost daily flow of announcements and new features from Microsoft. Longhorn was going to be everything to everybody.

    Then there were external pressures. Not only was Longhorn having to keep up with what Microsoft wanted from it, it also had to keep up with the tech industry and the changes and developments there. Feature creep built on top of feature creep, and eventually the project collapsed under its own weight and Microsoft threw out the existing code, took the Windows Server 2003 Service Pack 1 codebase and added to this the features that would transform it into Vista.

    Overall, Vista cost Microsoft around $6 billion to develop.

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  • Steve Ballmer previews Windows Live Messenger in Brazil

    Posted by sumeethevans on April 29 2010, 3:19 AM. Posted in Steve Ballmer.

    On April 28 in Sao Paolo, Brazil, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer previewed the new Windows Live Messenger in his “Five Dimensions of the Cloud” presentation at the Universidade de Sao Paulo. This is the first official announcement around new features in the next generation of Windows Live.

    Video: Watch a demo of the new Windows Live Messenger Images: View Messenger screenshots, Brazil event photos coming soon


  • Ballmer: We'll beat Google ... someday

    Posted by sumeethevans on March 4 2010, 1:13 AM. Posted in Steve Ballmer.

    "There's no good answer to this question. If you say yes you seem like you're arrogant and if you say no it looks like you have no faith. So the answer is yes, someday," Ballmer said."The truth is, the number one thing Google benefits from is they did it right first," he said.Ballmer was interviewed on stage Tuesday at the Search Marketing Expo in Santa Clara, California, by Danny Sullivan, editor in chief of Search Engine Land and a longtime search industry watcher.A cornerstone of Microsoft efforts is a search and advertising deal with Yahoo, in which Microsoft Bing will become the search engine for Yahoo's Web sites, with Microsoft taking a share of revenue, and Yahoo will handle search ad sales for both companies' largest advertising customers.The deal is about increasing Microsoft's search volume, which helps it to fine-tune its search engine to give better results, and about bringing more eyeballs for advertisers, Ballmer said. He was asked if Yahoo will survive as a search company as Microsoft tries to "climb over it" on the way to the top. "Growing overall search share is job number one, and we need them to be successful with us," Ballmer said.

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  • TV show interview with Steve Ballmer

    Posted by bink on October 12 2009, 2:14 AM. Posted in Steve Ballmer.

    As you know Steve Ballmer was in The Netherlands last week to launch Windows 7, right after the keynote in The Hague he went to Rotterdam to record a TV show "Nova College Tour" at the Erasmus University. The show has a host and students as an audience, both ask questions.

    Again very interesting to hear and see Ballmer. In the show they talk about his early life, competing, his goals in life and more.

    The show just aired, but is already online, nice fact is that this was for me one of the first non-sport-event broadcasted in HD here in the Netherlands.

    (Show starts in Dutch, but as soon as Ballmer enters its English with Ducth subtitles, 41  minutes, 500 Kbits 16:9) 

    Also in SilverLight now:


  • Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer to get award at Cannes advertising festival

    Posted by bink on March 30 2009, 8:40 PM. Posted in Steve Ballmer.

    Steve Ballmer, the chief executive of Microsoft, will be named media person of the year at the Cannes International Advertising festival in June.

    Ballmer, who took control of the direction of the world's largest software company following founder Bill Gates's retirement last summer, follows in the footsteps of previous recipients such as Sir Anthony O'Reilly, the former chief executive of Independent News & Media; Lachlan Murdoch; Viacom's chairman and chief executive, Sumner Redstone; and the Italian prime minister and media magnate Silvio Berlusconi.

    "This is a time of sweeping innovation and transformation in advertising and publishing and there are incredible opportunities to use technology to deliver more value to both advertisers and consumers," said Ballmer.

    He will be presented with the award at this year's festival, for which Guardian News & Media is the official UK representative, on 24 June during the press, design and Cyber Lions awards for advertising.

    ballmer Ballmer, who spearheaded Microsoft's ultimately unsuccessful $47.5bn (£33.2bn) bid to take over Yahoo last year, will also be making a presentation at Cannes during the Microsoft Advertising seminar.

    Philip Thomas, the chief executive of the festival, said that Ballmer had a "passionate and dynamic personality" – perhaps best summed up by his remarkable "monkey dance" in 2006 expressing his love of Microsoft – and had "touched the lives of millions and changed the face of worldwide communication".

    In January, Ballmer, who joined Microsoft in 1980 when the company had just 24 employees and became chief executive in 2000, made the decision to cut 5,000 jobs to cope with the sharp downturn in technology spending during the recession.

    Microsoft has been a sponsor of the Cannes International Advertising festival since 2002. The sponsorship deal expires following the festival in 2010.

    Source: Guardian

  • Live from New York: Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer

    Posted by sumeethevans on March 21 2009, 10:14 AM. Posted in Steve Ballmer.

    The Microsoft (MSFT) boss is sitting down with BusinessWeek editor Stephen Adler at the McGraw-Hill media conference. Expect at least some chatter about Yahoo (YHOO) and its new boss Carol Bartz, who just happens to be visiting New York this week as well.

    Following is paraphrased live notes, unless in quotes. Please refresh your browser for updates.

    Starting off with an economy question: Should be believe that recent rally means things are getting better?

    SB: The principle we’re operating on is that the economy will contract, reset… and we’ll begin again what I call “regular growth”. We had had abnormal growth fueled by too much debt in the system. I don’t how long that will take. It could take, two, three, four years to get there.

    SA: Back to MSFT business. Why don’t you dominate search?

    SB: We had to start essentially from scratch about 6 years ago. Essential thesis: Most of the innovation is still come in search. Search hasn’t changed much in the last 5 years, 10 years. “It’s gotten somewhat better, but at the end of the day you search to do something, you don’t search to find links to web pages.” We think there’s a lot of innovation yet to come. We’ve learned that cost of just getting into the game - the table stakes - is a lot higher than we realized in R&D, capex. Google (GOOG) is making that investment, Yahoo can’t, we are.

    SA: Isn’t much of this a marketing question, that no one visits you for search?

    SB: Yes. But it means opportunity for us. Our brand will differentiate us, and if we can just get 15 or 20% in the next few years, that’s a big step up.

    SA: Please tell us about Kumo, your new search product.

    SB: Not really ready to talk about it. Need a new name. We update search every 9 months. Going still call it “Live Search” for now.

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  • CEO of Microsoft talks about future of Windows Mobile

    Posted by sumeethevans on November 8 2008, 5:52 AM. Posted in Steve Ballmer.

    After visiting Korea, Steve Ballmer dropped by to Australia (aka Oz) where he had a speech and Q&A session that kicked off alliance of Microsoft with Telstra Australia. One of topics was Windows Mobile and its competitors. Here are some highlights:
    • he used phrase "beautiful easy compelling way" but in current situation with Windows Mobile it hardly applies (still no finger based navigation and no fluid transitions in Windows Mobile)
    • he underlined "software+service" idea that Microsoft brings and enables operators (like Telstra) to use high-bandwidth
    • generally he mentioned 3 main areas of Microsoft's operations with Telstra (and probably also with other carriers):
      • mobile services and devices (including a mention of custom Telstra user interface on top of Windows Mobile; covering also cloud synchronization in Live services probably)
      • hosted business software (Exchange Server, Sharepoint Server, Office Communication Server, Live Meeting, etc)
      • unified communications

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  • Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer’s Full Memo to the Troops About New Reorg

    Posted by sumeethevans on July 25 2008, 1:00 AM. Posted in Steve Ballmer.

    Here is the full memo Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer sent out to the troops about the big changes in its organization, including the departure of Platforms and Services Division President Kevin Johnson, in which he addresses Apple, Yahoo, Google and more:

    From: Steve BallmerSent: Wednesday, July 23, 2008 4:30 PMTo: Microsoft–All EmployeesSubject: FY09 Strategic Update

    With FY08 complete, I want to discuss my priorities for the year ahead and share my thoughts about the key strategic topics that are on everybody’s mind, including Windows, competition with Apple and Google, our software plus services strategy, and Yahoo.

    I also have news about an organizational change and a transition in our Senior Leadership Team.

    First, I want to thank you for your hard work and the dedication you showed during the past 12 months. FY08 was a milestone year. Our revenue jumped $9.3 billion to more than $60 billion. Operating profit grew 21 percent to $22.5 billion.

    These outstanding numbers are the direct result of your commitment to the priorities I outlined last July. A lot has happened since then, but our fundamental strengths, challenges, and strategic goals remain largely the same. Therefore, my priorities are consistent with last year. In FY09 we must continue to:

    1. Invest in the right opportunities;

    2. Expand our presence with Windows, Office, and developers;

    3. Drive end user excitement for our products;

    4. Embrace software plus services; and

    5. Focus on employee excellence.

    By focusing on these five areas, we can continue to grow revenue, increase profit, and expand our market share. These priorities are also critical as we work to address key issues surrounding our business in the coming year:

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