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  • Microsoft security appliances debut in European channel

    Posted by bink on March 22 2005, 5:26 PM. Posted in Server Appliance.

    A family of Windows security appliances from Network Engines are to receive an exclusive European distribution from InTechnology.

    The deal will see InTechnology, one of Europe's largest IT distributors, deliver Network Engines' NS Series of security appliances, which are based on Microsoft's Internet Security and Acceleration Server (ISA) 2004.

    The NS Series is designed to defend Windows servers, specifically Exchange Server, IIS and SharePoint Portal Server while protecting workers connecting to their companies' networks via a Virtual Private Network (VPN).

    Microsoft's regional director of security, storage and systems management Mark Dodds said the deal provides Microsoft with the chance to build a strong channel-based security business in Europe.

    InTechnology already partners with companies including Computer Associates, Hewlett-Packard, IBM and Sun Microsystems, and employs 500 people with offices in France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland and the UK.

    Network Engines said InTechnology would market the NS Series through its European network of consultants, systems integrators and resellers

  • Microsoft silently released Server Appliance Kit 3.0 for Windows Server 2003

    Posted by bink on January 26 2004, 2:20 AM. Posted in Server Appliance.

    SAK 3.0 (Server Appliance Kit) is a tool-set for creating specialized windows servers, like a Windows powered NAS (Network Attached Storage), VON servers, Anti Virus Gateways, print servers, and Call center voice servers.

    SAK 2.0 for windows 2000 also contained tools to build a dedicated IIS 5 web server, this is now available in Windows 2003 server Web edition

    So these are windows powered boxes dedicated for 1 function, the most common Windows powered appliances are Windows Storage Server  2003 (NAS 3.0)

    This kit is typicly for OEM system builders, not just to install on your company servers or at home, but you can have a go and try to build a NAS yourself.

    Download SAK 3.0

    (I couldn't find a SAK 3.0 logo, so that's why the win2k is on the article ;) )

     “Windows-based Server Appliance” means an industry or task-specific device running Windows 2003 (as opposed to a "General Purpose Device," described below) where the device's base functionality, and the extent to which that base functionality can be enhanced after manufacture, is limited and fixed at the time of manufacture. Such limitations on after-manufacture enhancements include both hardware and software enhancements. The limitations on the device as manufactured must not allow the product's base functionality to be significantly modified.  An example of such a device is a storage server device for storing data.  For task-specific devices, a manufacturer may provide after-manufacture enhancements to the software to fix defects, improve performance, or enhance the base functionality. An example of an enhancement to the base functionality for a storage server appliance is a module to interpret a new file sharing protocol.  A manufacturer may not provide after-manufacture enhancements that turn the task-specific device into a General Purpose Device.  A “General Purpose Device” is a device that provides, in place of or in addition to, task-specific functionality, general purpose server functionality that can be easily modified by the end customer to add hardware, applications, or enable services that add complete new functionalities to, or in place of, the task-specific functionality that was implemented at time of manufacture.

  • SAK 3.0 anytime now?

    Posted by bink on September 10 2003, 9:58 PM. Posted in Server Appliance.

    Now that Windows Storage Server 2003 (NAS 3.0) has been launched I guess we can expect SAK 3.0 anytime now!

    The Microsoft Server Appliance Kit 3.0 was scheduled to release shortly after the release of Windows Server 2003. SAK 3.0 will enable OEMs, IHVs and ISVs to build Windows Powered Server Appliances that utilize the new Windows Server 2003 operating system.

    In addition to the new technologies included within Windows Server 2003, SAK 3.0 will add several enhancements to the Web User Interface, add new plug-ins specifically for Network Attached Storage (NAS) server appliances, and provide robust how-to documentation on how to best use the new toolkit.

    Please note: SAK 3.0 will no longer provide a turnkey solution for building Web server appliances. OEMs wishing to manufacture Web server appliances powered by Windows Server 2003 will have a new turnkey solution with the new Windows Server 2003, Web Edition.

    To view additional Microsoft Server Appliance Kit product information, please visit the Technical Resources page.

    To download the SAK and related software, please visit the Downloads page.