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  • Microsoft Provisioning System

    Posted by bink on May 24 2005, 2:38 AM. Posted in Provisioning System.

    Hmmm, never really seen this product, though it was mentioned on MIIS articles on this site. So figured to point you to more info.  The complexity of building and managing data center environments has grown dramatically over the last few years.

    System administrators are now responsible for managing hundreds, if not thousands, of servers. With the rapid adoption of Web services--either inside the corporate firewall or on a public Web site--the number of servers in the average data center will only continue to grow. As a result of this expansion, routine administrative tasks that were relatively simple to accomplish in a single or small multi-server environment have become unmanageable when multiplied across such a large number of servers.

    Adding new users, updating directory entries, and provisioning application services across these servers are all manual administration tasks that do not scale. Administrators need to find a way to both automate these tasks and, in some cases, delegate them to their customers to self-administer. Building a solution with the Microsoft Provisioning System is the answer.

    The Microsoft Provisioning System (MPS) is a comprehensive provisioning framework that:

    • Automates many otherwise manual, multi-step provisioning processes while performing comprehensive logging.
    • Provides a structure for solutions that support the delegated administration of basic provisioning tasks to customers.
    • Translates high-level business logic into specific provisioning tasks.
    • Insulates business logic from underlying platform changes.
    • Comes with a sample user interface (UI), Named Procedures, and Providers that accelerate the development of customized solutions for the high-volume Web and application hosting market.
    • Includes a comprehensive set of documentation and developer tools that enable customization in data center environments and empower ISVs to easily develop and deploy powerful .NET solutions.

    MPS is only available to companies that have a current

    Service Provider License Agreement (SPLA) . The SPLA enables services providers to license Microsoft products on a monthly basis to provide services and hosted applications such as Web services and Hosted Exchange to their end customers. See a Demo 2 MPS fixes available More at source