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  • Microsoft Voice Quality More Than Measures Up

    Posted by bink on August 22 2007, 12:09 AM. Posted in Protocol Program.

    Intel, Texas Instruments and others license Microsoft intellectual property for voice; new Quality of Experience Monitoring Server for customers unveiled.

    Today at the VoiceCon San Francisco 2007 Conference, Microsoft Corp. outlined how its software-based approach to voice communications is creating new benefits for partners and customers and gaining industry recognition in unified communications. Intel Corporation., Texas Instruments Inc., AudioCodes Ltd., Dialogic Corp., LG-Nortel Co. Ltd. and Polycom Inc. will license Microsoft’s voice codec software, RT Audio Codec, which has been shown to deliver superior sound quality, according to Psytechnics Ltd., a company specializing in voice and video quality monitoring.

    Used to compress digital speech samples into a digital media bitstream, RT Audio Codec provides partners with the flexibility to build customized solutions for customers. By converting analog sound into secure digital packets for transmission and then restoring the data into audible sound, RT Audio Codec can be used in an array of solutions, such as audio conferencing, video, wireless over Internet Protocol and games. For example, Intel plans to deliver the codec in an upcoming Intel Integrated Performance Primitives (IPP) software library release optimized for the PC platform to further accelerate industry adoption and reduce implementation barriers. Information on how the other companies will use the technology is in the attached quote sheet.

    “As we approach the general availability of our unified communications products, we’re seeing tremendous validation for our offerings from industry players and early adopters alike,” said Gurdeep Singh Pall, corporate vice president in the Unified Communications Group at Microsoft. “Customers have downloaded 80,000 copies of our beta for Microsoft® Office Communications Server 2007 in just five months. A new era of business communication is upon us, defined by software, not hardware — and sound quality will be one of the key product differentiators.”

    Quality of Experience Monitoring Server

    As part of its commitment to providing high-quality voice solutions, Microsoft also announced the Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007 Quality of Experience Monitoring Server, a comprehensive tool to monitor voice and video quality. IT administrators can use the server to quickly troubleshoot voice and video performance issues, enabling them to effectively implement and manage solutions that provide superior audio quality. The server provides real-time updates, alerts and detailed analysis of network performance to accurately reflect users’ experience based on the endpoint they’re using. As a result, administrators can proactively address problematic issues that may arise while monitoring voice and video quality anywhere and anytime, without needing expensive network management solutions. More information about Microsoft’s approach to quality of experience is available at

  • Blue Lane’s Successful Experience With Microsoft’s Interop Labs Demonstrates the Value of the Microsoft Communications Protocol Programs

    Posted by bink on August 21 2007, 3:40 PM. Posted in Protocol Program.

    Blue Lane Technologies successfully runs and evaluates protocol test cases at Microsoft’s Enterprise Engineering Center.

    Microsoft Corp. today announced that Blue Lane Technologies Inc. was able to successfully observe, evaluate and process a wide variety of key Microsoft® protocols such as SMB, SMB2, Kerberos Authentication and Content Indexing at Microsoft’s Enterprise Engineering Center (EEC) facilities. Microsoft’s EEC, established in Redmond, Wash., in 2002, hosted Blue Lane, and the companies jointly conducted a series of tests designed to help partners, internal business groups and customers interoperate with Microsoft protocols.

    Blue Lane Technologies provides solutions that help optimize business operations with their inline patch proxy for enterprise servers. Its solution eliminates the need to hastily install patches on enterprise servers. Hundreds of servers located behind a Blue Lane appliance can have their protocol traffic patched, requiring no code or configuration changes to servers, thereby maximizing server stability and uptime. Blue Lane Technologies has licensed the Microsoft Communications Protocol Program (MCPP) protocols associated with the Proxy/Firewall Task.

    In a battery of more than 3,000 tests, Blue Lane’s solution was able to demonstrate its knowledge of various Microsoft protocols and prove its ability to accurately process them and ensure that the network server traffic was acceptable with no false positives.

    “We are very pleased with the openness and cooperation of Microsoft in both inviting us into their labs and subjecting our solution to some of the most rigorous testing offered by any vendor for third-party solutions,” said Allwyn Sequeira, senior vice president at Blue Lane. “Microsoft has clearly demonstrated its strategic interest in improving server security and promoting interoperability with third-party solutions. They are to be commended for this effort, which sets an admirable example for others to follow.”

    “Microsoft provided us with the opportunity to test on every available platform, ranging from Windows® 95 to the latest Windows Server® 2008, and a large number of other test programs. The capture data we obtained demonstrated interoperability across every tested platform,” said Rohit Toshniwal, manager of research at Blue Lane Technologies.

    Using the documentation made available under the MCPP, Blue Lane’s team was able to verify its understanding of various Microsoft protocols and confirm that it can accurately process the Microsoft protocols currently supported by the company’s products.

    “It was a great experience hosting Blue Lane in our Interop labs. We gained valuable insight that will help us in organizing similar engagements in the future with other customers,” said Darryl Welch, principal program manager of the Microsoft Protocol Programs team. Other companies interested in participating can contact Microsoft at

    More information about Microsoft Protocol Programs is available at