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  • Popfly Shutting Down

    Posted by vasudev on July 17 2009, 12:19 AM. Posted in Popfly.

    We want to thank everyone who registered for and used Popfly. We’ve been fortunate enough to see all the innovative mashups, Web pages, and games you’ve created since we launched Popfly two years ago and it’s been a pleasure to watch the spirit of creativity flow through a growing Popfly community over the life of the product.Unfortunately, on August 24, 2009 the Popfly service will be discontinued and all sites, references, and resources will be taken down. At that time, your access to your Popfly account, including any games and mashups that you have created, will be discontinued. However, Microsoft is still very much dedicated to helping you express your creativity and pursuing a path to software development and offers multiple products to help along the way.................Continue At Source
  • Popfly Game Creator Now in Beta

    Posted by vasudev on August 29 2008, 8:58 AM. Posted in Popfly.

     Here are some features we just released as part of the Game Creator Beta:

    Features for everyone:

    * New profile pages, with easier ways to view people’s projects, friends, recent activity, and more 

    * View anyone's favorite projects

    * Earn badges by creating compelling content, being a good game player, making friends, or just being lucky!

    * Lots of performance improvements and bug fixes

    Features for game creators of all skill levels: 

    * Undo support for actor appearance editing      * Insert images and videos directly into your actor or scene .....................

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  • Popfly Goes to the Olympics

    Posted by vasudev on August 18 2008, 8:57 AM. Posted in Popfly.

     For those of us who can't afford front-row seats at the Olympics, Popfly is proud to bring a veritable decathlon of games built using the Popfly Game Creator including Archery, Boxing, Diving, Gymnastics, Long Jump, Soccer, Synchronized Swimming, Track & Field, and Weightlifting. Come visit the Popfly site and try them out at

  • Popfly July Update

    Posted by vasudev on July 22 2008, 8:06 AM. Posted in Popfly.

     There are number of updates announced by Popfly team:

    • Game High Scores. Popfly games now support automatic tracking of your high scores and win/loss records. You can compare your performance among your friends and make new friends with other players. When you turn your Popfly game into a Facebook game, you get all these features (and more) among your Facebook friends.
    • Alternate Block. In the mashup "tweak" view we've added the idea of alternative blocks -- blocks that can be substituted for each other since they are functionally equivalent. For example, you can now easily substitute a carousel output block for a photo tile output block since they both take the same input.
    • Rating System Facelift. We gave the ratings system a facelift. Instead of giving projects a 1-5 star rating, you can now choose to become a “fan” of any project. The new system is a lot more like the system used on Digg, where you can give something a thumbs-up.
    • Improved Combine Block. The old combine block could combine at most three fields from three inputs. The new combine block can take multiple blocks and combine them.
    • Actor Reordering. By default, actors added to a scene are rendered on top of actors added earlier (if they overlap). Now you can reorder your actor instances at any time.
    • Behavior Reordering. The order you list your behaviors can matter, and now you can reorder them at any time.
    • Filter Behaviors by Scenes. Do you want an actor to behave one way in one scene, but a different way in another? You can now do this easily with scene filtering.....................And many more........................Continue At Source
  • New Game Creator features are now live!

    Posted by vasudev on June 13 2008, 12:08 PM. Posted in Popfly.

     Adam Nathan from Popfly team has posted about this major update to Popfly:

    "A few hours ago we released our 20th major update to Popfly, which includes our first update to the game creator since it was released just over a month ago.  There are tons of new features for you game creators out there, so I want to highlight them for you:

    1. The new "color swapper" enables easy customization of any actor’s colors


    This comes in very handy for differentiating good guys vs. bad guys, or just giving your game a unique look without needing artistic skill.

    2. You can now rename actors


    This was long overdue!

    3. You can now publish your own actors so others can use them in their games

     ......................And many many more updates.......Continue At Source

  • Popfly Introduces Game Creator Alpha

    Posted by vasudev on May 3 2008, 10:32 AM. Posted in Popfly.

     Popfly Team Blog Announcement:

    Today we’re adding something special to Popfly: an early version of our Popfly Game Creator. That’s right: Popfly is about more than mashups and web pages. It’s about making it fun to build things and share them with your friends. And one of the things we’ve heard loud and clear is that games are the kinds of things that people would like to try to build.

    What kinds of games can you create? Just about any kind of two-dimensional game, a category that includes things like the original Super Mario™, Frogger™, Asteroids™, and a host of other old arcade games. To make it easy, Popfly is still focused on getting as much done as possible without having to write any code. The game creator has over 15 pre-built game templates for you to try, hundreds of images, animations, backgrounds, and sounds for you to use in the games you create, and, of course, a way for you to write code if you reach the limits of what the user interface can do for you. Since this is Popfly, you can still save, share, and embed your creations everywhere from your blog to your Facebook page to your Windows Vista Sidebar.

    We’re not forgetting mashups either. We revamped the interface for embedding mashups in other web pages, improved performance and caching, updated the Twitter block, and even created a nice World of Warcraft™ mashup that you can add to your Facebook page.

    Also check video on Channel9 : Adam Nathan: and Suzanne Hansen: First Look at Popfly Game Creator Alpha


  • Popfly updated

    Posted by vasudev on February 18 2008, 4:29 PM. Posted in Popfly.

     An updated version of Popfly has been released with feature addition as: 

    • Data sources, a.k.a. yellow blocks.  For everyone who has ever wanted to bring their own data into the mashup creator, we present the data source editor: comma separated values are converted into yellow data source blocks for use in the mashup designer. 
    • Improved search interface.  Search for projects and users through the search bar located at the top of most pages. We’ve improved searching in Popfly Explorer as well.
    • Build a better block.  For the block creators out there, you now have the ability to upload images or any other supporting files to your block. 
    • Comments on profile pages.  Reach out to other community members through profile page messages.
    • Better ways to invite friends.  We’ve improved the intelligence of the contact list import feature – find your friends who already have Popfly accounts, and invite others to play around with Popfly.
    • New blocks. MovingSlideshow (smooth panning and zooming transitions) and RSSList (would look great in a blog sidebar).
    • Help Wiki.  Find more tutorials and getting started information at a new location: Help being relocated to the wiki – for now the team will be updating the wiki, but we’re looking into opening this up to the entire community.
    • Silverlight support in Popfly Explorer. You can now add Silverlight to your Popfly Web Site.
    Also updated is the Popfly privacy statement.  To see the updated statement, please see the privacy statement link in the footer of the Popfly site.

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  • Happy Popfly Year!

    Posted by vasudev on January 12 2008, 4:02 PM. Posted in Popfly.

    'Twas the day of deployment and all through the house, a few creatures were stirring, mostly our developers. We just deployed our latest build of Popfly and Popfly Explorer, so it's a good time to tell you what to expect:

    Popfly Explorer (the plug-in for Visual Studio)

    • Integrated block creation. You can now create, debug, and publish Popfly blocks directly from Visual Studio. This is a huge advance for our block creators since you can use the powerful Visual Studio JavaScript editor rather than the Popfly block editor. Documentation for that is here.
    • Block editor IntelliSense in Popfly Explorer. With full IntelliSense for creating the XML and JavaScript, producing a block description is now easier than ever..
    • Improved search. In the past, Popfly Explorer search is a bit limited; the new search UI makes it easy to find projects of different types created by different people.


    • WSDL block generation. Point Popfly at a WSDL file and it will automatically generate the stub of a block.
    • Panning. Ever opened a mashup in edit view and the blocks go off the screen? Well you can now scroll left and right. This one was, as you can imagine, a big customer request.
    • Developer keys in preview. Wonder why your Facebook mashups don't show your friends in preview? So did we, and so we fixed it: Popfly now uses your developer key for any given service if you have one and only use our preview keys when you don't have one.
    • Mashups mash more smoothly. We’ve improved the parameter matching when you connect blocks.
    • Block editor preview. Get a quick preview of changes to your block by clicking the Save and Run button within the block editor.
    • Documentation. We've been a bit remiss in documenting particularly the changes to the block creation experience. Now with the integration into Visual Studio through Popfly Explorer we've updated the documentation. And check out the documentation for advanced mode in the Mashup designer

      Oh, and don't miss the live-action Popfly screencast.