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  • Amsterdam Plane Crash

    Posted by bink on February 27 2009, 5:51 PM. Posted in Site News, Personal Note.


    Yesterday I arrived at Schiphol Airport (Amsterdam) from New York, we landed on the just re-opened  “Zwanenburg” runway, out of my window I could see the crashed Turkish Airlines nearby the “Polder” runway. I took a picture with my iPhone so it is very hard to see it actually. The pic was taken less then 24h after the crash, which tragically killed 9 people. 3 Turkish pilots and 4 Americans (Boeing employees) are among the deaths.

  • Steven Bink Gets Married!!!

    Posted by bink on July 22 2007, 10:00 AM. Posted in Personal Note.

    This weekend is a very special weekend for Steven Bink.  He’s getting married!  Congratulations are in order to Steven and to the lucky lady (who I had the privilege of meeting at the Windows Vista Launch), Barbara de Vries.  Steven will hopefully get a minute after the wedding to post a picture!Steven, on behalf of the other news posters and forum moderators, I'd like to congratulate you and wish you lots of success in your marriage! 

    Ryan, thanks for the kind words, it was a beautiful day and everything was perfect, even the weather! Here is a picture of us in front of "The Amstel Hotel" with my brothers classic Mercedes and of course my beautiful bride, Barbara Bink! Wedding click for larger visitors, thanks for the comments!
  • Person of the Year: You

    Posted by spy on December 17 2006, 12:01 PM. Posted in Personal Note.

    Not really 'Microsoft News", but I wanted to included this and dedicate it to the thousands of bloggers out there who read and contribute to
    The "Great Man" theory of history is usually attributed to the Scottish philosopher Thomas Carlyle, who wrote that "the history of the world is but the biography of great men." He believed that it is the few, the powerful and the famous who shape our collective destiny as a species. That theory took a serious beating this year.To be sure, there are individuals we could blame for the many painful and disturbing things that happened in 2006. The conflict in Iraq only got bloodier and more entrenched. A vicious skirmish erupted between Israel and Lebanon. A war dragged on in Sudan. A tin-pot dictator in North Korea got the Bomb, and the President of Iran wants to go nuclear too. Meanwhile nobody fixed global warming, and Sony didn't make enough PlayStation3s.But look at 2006 through a different lens and you'll see another story, one that isn't about conflict or great men. It's a story about community and collaboration on a scale never seen before. It's about the cosmic compendium of knowledge Wikipedia and the million-channel people's network YouTube and the online metropolis MySpace. It's about the many wresting power from the few and helping one another for nothing and how that will not only change the world, but also change the way the world changes.The tool that makes this possible is the World Wide Web. Not the Web that Tim Berners-Lee hacked together (15 years ago, according to Wikipedia) as a way for scientists to share research. It's not even the overhyped dotcom Web of the late 1990s. The new Web is a very different thing. It's a tool for bringing together the small contributions of millions of people and making them matter. Silicon Valley consultants call it Web 2.0, as if it were a new version of some old software. But it's really a revolution. Full Story At Source
  • New Release: Bink R2 Female Edition

    Posted by bink on September 28 2006, 1:31 PM. Posted in Personal Note.

    I'm very happy to announce that yesterday September 27th at 9:19 AM GMT+1 my daughter was born and her name is:                                                           Rose Marlene Bink                                                             Mother and child are doing very well [:D]Send her a welcome to the world message by leaving a comment or send an email: Rose ->

  • Ask AMD!

    Posted by bink on July 24 2006, 8:11 PM. Posted in Personal Note.

    As some of you might know, I (Ryan) also run, a website focusing on the 64-bit Windows platform.  There is an interesting thing happening tomorrow at AMD, and I'd like to give all the readers a chance to participate!

    Today is a big news day for AMD and ATI.  What you might not know is, tomorrow, AMD has invited some journalists out to their headquarters to preview the next generation AMD performance platform.

    There is going to be a lot of Q and A sessions, and I want to give everyone a chance to propose questions to ask!  You can ask anything about 4x4, anything about the merger, just about any questions you have for AMD!

    To ask your questions, reply comments to my posting on Extended64!View: Extended64 exclusive:  Ask AMD!

  • Teched 2006 US done

    Posted by bink on June 16 2006, 11:37 PM. Posted in Personal Note.

    OK, Teched 2006 US is done for me, it's been a busy week with sessions, meetings and interviews. I hope you enjoyed the coverage.I want to thank Microsoft and Waggener Edstrom for getting me into TechED as Press and I specially want to Paul Thurrott for letting me stay at his home during this week and showing me around Boston.The next event I will be covering is TechED EU in Barcelona somewhere in November.Thanks for visiting,Bink
  • Back from Vacation, getting ready to go to TechED 2006 in Boston, USA

    Posted by bink on June 12 2006, 3:15 AM. Posted in Personal Note.

    Hi People,I just got back from my 2 weeks vacation in Montenegro, we had a great time, though the weather wasn't that good at all times. Few days ago I proposed to my girlfriend Barbara and she said yes! [:D] We won't get married soon cause we first want our second child to see the light, due end of September. Anyway nice things to look forward too.Tonight (Sunday) TechED 2006 starts in Boston with the keynote, I won't be there [:(]cause I leave Amstedam tomorow, arriving in Boston monday afternoon. I will cover the conference the rest of the week. Hope you'll check daily for the latest IT pro stuff from the event.Bink
  • Daylight Savings changes hit Australian users from this morning.

    Posted by spy on March 26 2006, 4:57 AM. Posted in Personal Note.

    Editorial: Due to the Commonwealth Games many Australian States have delayed returning to normal time by one week.What this means is that most Windows computers will automatically wind their clocks back 1 hour from this morning.  Microsoft have provided a patch of sorts, but it's not their best work by a long shot.  Applying the patch in a corproate environment is not straight forward and, even after applying the patch, users still have to manually edit all of their appointments for this week.  This point alone was going to create big help desk volume.After calling Microsoft and speaking with other sysadmins, we have decided that rolling out the patch is not worth the trouble.  It creates an entirely new timezone which we would need to create a new GPO so our computers would move to it.  Our solution is to do nothing, we have made our users aware that, for this week, their clocks will be out 1 hour and their alarms may go off an hour earlier...but that's about the only downside we can see.Microsoft do not even regard their own patch as stable.  At the end of their readme file they basically disown the patch saying we use it at our own risk and it hasn't been tested in any great detail...terrific!  Just the kind of thing you'd want to roll out to an entire company.To me this highlights the poor functionality in Windows timezones in accomodating exactly this situation.  I understand that in the USA from next year there will be some similar situations.  Perhaps this will get Microsoft moving and working on this feature?
  • Quake @ 10240x3072

    Posted by bink on March 20 2006, 7:18 PM. Posted in Personal Note.

    Off topic but cool: Quake 3 Arena being played with a gyro mouse (the technology that the new Nintendo Revolution controller will be using) as well as a standard mouse. The resolution of the game is 10240x3072 and runs on a 24-monitor Linux cluster here at Virginia Tech's HCI labclick on pic for high res image, check source for all the details and video's.Quake3
  • CES2006 Pictures Posted!

    Posted by bink on January 14 2006, 3:25 AM. Posted in Personal Note.

    I've just posted 151 pictures of images I took while I was attending the 2006 International Consumer Electronics Show of Las Vegas.

    Highlights include some awesome Microsoft products, huge plasmas, and rollup displays! Also: plenty of pictures of both me, Steven Bink, and the yellow Hummer H3 that we rented for a desert excursion [:)].

    Link to pictures at source

  • A bit of fun: The 50 Greatest Gadgets of the Past 50 Years

    Posted by spy on December 25 2005, 6:29 AM. Posted in Personal Note.

    We're living in the golden age of the gadget. Don't believe it? Check your pockets. Odds are you're carrying a portable music player, an electronic organizer, a keychain-size storage device, a digital camera, or a cell phone that combines some or all of these functions. And you'd probably be hard-pressed to live without them.At PC World, we'd be lost without these things. We don't merely test and write about digital gear, we live and breathe the stuff. In honor of this raging gizmo infatuation, we polled our editors and asked them to name the top 50 gadgets of the last 50 years. The rules? The devices had to be relatively small (no cars or big-screen TVs, for example), and we considered only those items whose digital descendants are covered in PC World (cameras, yes; blenders, no). We rated each gadget on its usefulness, design, degree of innovation, and influence on subsequent gadgets, as well as the ineffable quality we called the "cool factor." Then we tallied the results. After a lot of Web surfing, spreadsheet wrangling, and some near fistfights, we emerged with the following list. Some items in our Top 50 are innovative devices that appeared briefly and then were quickly consigned to museums and future appearances on eBay, but whose influence spread widely. Others are products we use every day--or wish we could.With the holidays in full swing, and as folks shop for the right gear to give their loved ones, join us as we visit with the ghosts of gadgets past and present.1. Sony Walkman TPS-L2 (1979)2. Apple iPod (2001)3. (Tie) ReplayTV RTV2001 and TiVo HDR110 (1999)4. PalmPilot 1000 (1996)5. Sony CDP-101 (1982)6. Motorola StarTAC (1996)7. Atari Video Computer System (1977)8. Polaroid SX-70 Land Camera (1972)9. M-Systems DiskOnKey (2000)10. Regency TR-1 (1954)Full Story At Source
  • IT Project Comic

    Posted by bink on November 29 2005, 9:20 PM. Posted in Personal Note.

    I've seen this comic printed and hanging in offices for over a year now, today I finally found a JPG. I dont know the original source of the classic comic about IT Projects.