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  • More Microsoft PDC 2009 sessions revealed

    Posted by sumeethevans on September 5 2009, 2:57 AM. Posted in PDC 2008.

    When Microsoft opened up registration for its Professional Developers Conference in early August, company officials shared previews of 25 of the planned sessions.

    On September 1, Microsoft published 31 more PDC session descriptions. Not too surprisingly, given that Microsoft plans to remove the “beta” designation from its Azure hosting platform around the time of the show, there are lots more Azure developer sessions now on the PDC docket (including one that promises to detail how Azure has changed since Microsoft first described it at last year’s PDC and where it’s going in the future). As I blogged recently, Microsoft’s been removing a number of the pieces of the Azure cloud platform company officials outlined last year.

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  • Microsoft Unveils Windows Azure

    Posted by vasudev on October 28 2008, 6:32 AM. Posted in PDC 2008.

     Today, during a keynote speech at the Microsoft Professional Developers Conference 2008 (PDC2008), Ray Ozzie, Microsoft Corp.’s chief software architect, announced Windows Azure, the cloud-based service foundation underlying its Azure Services Platform, and highlighted this platform’s role in delivering a software plus services approach to computing. The Azure Services Platform is an industry-leading move by Microsoft to help developers build the next generation of applications that will span from the cloud to the enterprise datacenter and deliver compelling new experiences across the PC, Web and phone.

    Ozzie described how this platform combines cloud-based developer capabilities with storage, computational and networking infrastructure services, all hosted on servers operating within Microsoft’s global datacenter network. This provides developers with the ability to deploy applications in the cloud or on-premises and enables experiences across a broad range of business and consumer scenarios..................................Continue At Source 

    Azure Services Platform Web site

    Introducing Windows Azure

  • Exclusive article: Windows 7: Looking ahead at PDC

    Posted by MBrant on October 26 2008, 4:02 AM. Posted in Windows (general), Windows Vista, Windows "7", PDC 2008.

    What can we expect to see of Windows 7 at the upcoming Microsoft Professional Developers Conference (or PDC) next week? We take a sneak peak at some of the features or improvements leaked, discussed or presented the last couple of weeks. This list isn’t accurate as Microsoft has deliberately been quiet about Windows 7 and its main features. Expect to hear about most of the following article next week when Windows 7 is officially uncovered to developers, IT pros, the press and the rest of the public at Microsoft PDC 2008!

    Will Windows 7 get a cool new user-interface in terms of graphical overhaul?

    Nope. Microsoft did officially state they won’t be changing the UI allot (like they did when moving from Windows XP to Windows Vista) as, although very cool, most people get scared when seeing a new UI. The average user or users with less computer experience had some trouble with adapting to the (rather minor, in my opinion) changes Windows Vista brought. So be prepared to be let down when it comes to the graphical appearance of the system itself if you were expected something better / newer / nicer. There are however putting some effort into making the experience more uniform across the system

    Will Windows 7 have a completely new and rewritten kernel powering the OS giving us more power?

    Nope. Microsoft stated on their official Windows 7 blog they won’t be brining a brand new kernel to the system as it’s simply not needed. The current NT kernel is just fine and, although people like to think otherwise, is fairly fast. They did say they are brining improvements to the kernel as always. One should also consider the compatibility issues one could get when changing some as fundamental as the Windows kernel itself.

    I hate User Account Control (UAC) in Vista! Are they going to change that at all?

    Nope. UAC as designed is a basic security and permissions/access design that should be implemented in every modern day operating system. Linux and Mac OS X have had this design for ages now, separating users from admins and raising privileges on the spot when needed. In some of the latest leaked screenshots, it showed Microsoft is however working on refining the user experience when using User Account Control. It showed a configuration panel allowing the user to set when and how the user should be notified of UAC notifications. Also note that Microsoft is very much paying attention to the general public on this issue. Based upon user input when Vista launched, Microsoft refined UAC in the Windows Vista Service Pack 1 release.

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  • 4 Softies and a Pizza Guy - P-D-C 2008

    Posted by MBrant on October 8 2008, 9:34 PM. Posted in PDC 2008.

    Oh yes, even more PDC 2008 to warm up to! Microsoft made the following clip (just be sure to finish watching it)

    P-D-C, two thousand eightWindows 7 is coming and I can't wait.The desktop and taskbar will integrate,Wrap your windows around me!

  • PDC: This event is so hot, the T-Shirts caught on fire!

    Posted by MBrant on October 6 2008, 3:22 AM. Posted in PDC 2008.

    We all know this PDC is going to be a fantastic one. However it seems this PDC is too hot to handle, even for printing presses. The PDC blog posted the following:

    Early Tuesday morning, September 30th, Pacific Sportswear Inc., the contract screenprinter for eCompany Store, had a fire in the facility producing the PDC attendee t-shirts.  The PDC T-shirts were damaged. Pacific Sportswear ordered more shirts and found another printing facility in Tacoma to print the shirts in time for shipping to L.A.. I just came back from a press check and the shirts looks great. You can check my pictures out from the press check here.

    Let's just hope we all have lovely T's by the time we get there. Otherwise would be a total disaster of course.