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  • Poll suggest Microsoft should drop Vista

    Posted by spy on January 9 2009, 6:59 PM. Posted in Opinion, Windows Vista.

     I just came across a snap poll on the front page of the CNN website. No real surprise that (currently) 78% of respondents answered 'Yes' to the question of "Should Microsoft ditch Vista?". There was a significant number of voters, see below for a snapshot of the results.  

    Should Microsoft ditch Vista?
    Yes 78% 132249
    No 22% 36707
    Total Votes: 168956


    As I said, it's no surprise really, with the beta release of Windows 7 there is already a significant buz in the IT industry that this release might actually be a significant improvement on Vista.  The enterprise administrators I have spoken with are, as always, non-commital at this stage however most recognise that the lifecycle of XP will soon be at an end.  If W7 lives up to expectations it could well see implementation in the enterprise space that never happened with Vista.  IMHO.

  • Ziff Davis should evaluate their "technical" writers

    Posted by bink on November 7 2007, 1:42 AM. Posted in Opinion, Windows Vista.

    I just read an article from (owned by Ziff Davis Media). The title of the article is "Windows XP: still the best" So I was curious what the writers (Sascha Segan) opinion was on Windows Vista. This is what Sascha wrote:

    "Vista is basically XP with Microsoft clones of a bunch of third-party add-ons, minus a lot of driver and program compatibility. It's like your old best friend with an embarrassing and expensive new haircut. Yawn."</QUOTE>


    "....Microsoft made no changes to major core underpinnings of the OS."

    Now everyone is entitled to write down their own opinions and believe me I have had my fair share of Vista issues since it RTM'ed, but you would expect this kind of quotes in some kind of non technical magazine. This is PC Magazine! This writer does not have a clue what Vista is and wites about it on a major online technical website. This makes me "yawn"!

    Ah well, just my opinion. Maybe he should keep his articles on Mobile devices:

    Sascha Segan Sascha Segan is PC Magazine's Lead Analyst for mobile phones and PDAs. He is responsible for testing, benchmarking and evaluating mobile phones and other handheld devices. Sascha joined the magazine in 2004 after covering consumer electronics for technology, travel and lifestyle publications, and editing the now hard-to-find book, "I Just Got a Cell Phone, Now What?" He once helped cover an election in Africa using only a PalmPilot Professional with a modem and attachable keyboard as his traveling gear.

    Read the article at source and tell me what you think.

    Funny Paul Thurrot writes about a similar experience today:

    ZDNet blogger gets it horribly wrong

  • %41%43%45%20%54%65%61%6d

    Posted by vasudev on October 5 2007, 6:10 PM. Posted in Opinion.

    Welcome, finally. 

    Over the last several weeks after launching this blog we’ve had several logistical issues to deal with and I’m hoping all of those are now addressed so we can get on with what you’ve been asking for, some great content!!   Initially I had named the blog “hackers @ Microsoft” and tried to be pretty clear on the point that when we’re talking about hackers, we’re talking strictly white hat, legal and ethical hackers.  However there was some concerns raised that the average blog reading audience may not be able to discern the difference, and we may inadvertently associate Microsoft with the negative connotations of the word “hacker” that is out there.  So to alleviate that concern, I’ve changed the name of the blog to “%41%43%45%20%54%65%61%6d”.  Most of you should know what that is, some of you may have to guess.  We’re going to get underway quickly; we have many interesting things to talk about.Thanks for your patience!

  • Bloggers over react on PC give away

    Posted by bink on January 3 2007, 3:41 AM. Posted in Opinion.

    Last week Microsoft in collaboration with AMD sent out laptops and media center PC's pre-configured with Vista to "influential" bloggers. Microsoft said, play with it, review it if you like. When done keep it, give it away or send it back, no strings attached.I received a Media Center PC and at the moment I'm playing with and will do a review when I'm done.Bloggers all over the internet reacted that this is a bribe or a "pay per post". I don't agree, I can choose to review, I can choose to give it back and I can choose to keep it. What's the problem with Microsoft and AMD sending hardware to review, what is the problem of Microsoft rewarding websites owners of the hard work they do.I will write an honest review, so far my experience is not that good I must say, The computer came in as a DOA, as did others who received the Media Center machine. Apparently DHL had some problems shipping the machines. The internal hard disk cage was loose in side the computer case, once I fixed and plugged back some loose cables it booted again. DHL offered to take the machine back, but I choose not to, cause I fixed it myself.the MCE box came with Windows Vista Ultimate x64 edition installed and I still have problems getting the ATI driver to work correctly for my plasma screen. To get the optimal screen I need to "underscan" the HDTV resolution, but this feature simply does not work with the current driver. I'm thinking to create a dual boot scenario with Windows XP so I can compare.Anyway there will be a longer review soon.
  • One Month Later: My experiences with Windows Vista

    Posted by bink on December 24 2006, 7:46 AM. Posted in Opinion.

    Note: This is not the opinion of Steven Bink, but of Ryan Hoffman, a news poster. Last week, the news poster "Spy" wrote about his experiences with Windows Vista.  I have been using the final version of Windows Vista since it was released on MSDN, and I have had a completely different experience then Spy.  The first thing I'd like to do, is share the specs of the systems that I use Windows Vista on.

    Desktop (Custom Built):

    AMD Athlon64 FX-60 Dual Core CPU (2.61ghz)2gb of DDR1 RAM128mb nVidia GeForce 6800GTTwo 80gb SATA2 7200rpm Drives (One is OS drive)250gb SATA2 7200rpm DriveHauppauge WinTV PVR-USB2 TV TunerDell 20.1" Widescreen LCD (Res: 1680x1050)

    Laptop (Gateway M-285e Tablet PC):

    Intel Core Duo T2400 (1.83ghz)2gb of DDR2 RAM128mb ATI Mobility Radeon x140060gb SATA2 5400rpm 2.5" Drive14" Widescreen Tablet LCD (Res: 1280x768)

    On a clean install, both machines run very well.  All of my hardware is installed, and works perfectly - this is one of the major reasons why I have a good Vista experience.  On both machines, I have a similar software configuration:  Office 2007, Visual Studio 2005, SQL Server 2005, Codesmith Studio 4.0, Adobe Photoshop CS2, Windows Live Messenger, AIM 6.0, Skype, Napster, Audacity, and I even have Firefox installed.  Right now on my desktop, I have all of the following applications running: AIM, 2 Remote Desktop Connections, Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Management Studio, CodeSmith Studio 4.0, Visual Studio 2005, 9 Notepads, 6 Internet Explorers (all with several tabs open), Word 2007, Outlook 2007, 3 Command Prompts, 11 Windows Live Messenger windows, Windows Media Player, and 2 explorer windows open.  My system is not slower with all these applications open, and all the applications are responding nicely.

    My favorite part of Windows Vista (currently) is the new version of Media Center.  I have an XBOX360, and I use it as a Media Center Extender - it all has worked flawlessly for me.  There's no better feeling then coming home at night, and seeing all the newly recorded TV shows that are ready to watch!

    The biggest problems I've had with Windows Vista are with software incompatibilities.  For example, the default installation of Napster freezes when I launch it.  With some compatibility settings enabled, Napster runs perfectly fine.  I run my systems with UAP turned on - as I feel this is something that I need to have enabled, if I'm going to support it on my friend's machines.  Skype, SQL Management Studio, and Visual Studio all require administrative privileges, so I have the "Run this program as an administrator" compatibility setting in each application's shortcut.

    My current system uptime is 11 days, 14 hours - and this proves that Windows Vista is highly reliable for me.  I've not once experienced a system crash, in fact, Vista feels more reliable then XP at first.

    Overall, I'm extremely happy with Windows Vista.  I don't think I would be happy using an XP machine anymore - I am too accustomed to the enhancements that Vista offers.

  • Microsoft Windows Vista :: Not for me, yet...

    Posted by spy on December 20 2006, 4:24 PM. Posted in Opinion.

    Well we took the plunge about 2 weeks ago.  Downloaded Vista from Technet and installed it as a clean install on a system at home.  True to all the promises, Vista installed well, with little assistance required from me at all.  But that's about the only inspirational thing I can say about it.  Sorry.You see, soon after we installed it we let Microsoft Update go to work.  The first driver it offered us was a driver for a SoundBlaster card.  It blue-screened the machine on the next reboot - something I did not, in all honesty, expect to see - especially with a driver that Microsoft themselves offered up.  So, with the help of Safe Mode and System Restore we are back in operation.  Everything working well, a little sluggish, but working ok.Here's the crunch, though.  And I really can't get past this bit.  From a Systems Administrator perspective, I see no really compelling reason to move any of our computers in the company over to Vista.  Indeed even when we get new hardware that comes with Vista pre-loaded, we will most likely wipe it and put XP back on.  This, I think, is going to be the biggest problem for Microsoft...the corporates.I've been thinking a lot about this, ever since my son announced he'd need to update his computer to run Vista.  My answer to him:  "Why?".  Think about it for a second.  Would you go and update all your hardware (at substantial cost) just to run Vista?  Isn't the computing experience about the applications that run on the computer and not so much the operating system?  The simple fact of the matter is that Vista does not do a whole lot more than XP does.  OK, before I get flamed, I know there are some differences, but there is not a sinlge app or game my son runs, or that I run in the office that won't run on XP.  That said, arguably there are less things that will run with Vista at the moment.So there you have it.  Sure, it was nice and all but I just don't see us rolling it out in the office any time soon...and I guarantee I am not the only one.  In time, sure, but not at the moment.  I think Vista will end up being what XP was to Windows 2000, and there are still a heck of a lot of people working away happily on Windows 2000.Note:  This article is not the work of Steven Bink but one of his news-posters.  It is an opinion only.
  • Microsoft offers downloads in RAR format

    Posted by bink on November 6 2006, 6:46 PM. Posted in Opinion.

    I always found it annoying on how inconsistent Microsoft offers its windows downloads on MS download center, like:Documentation: sometimes in WORD, sometimes in PDF, now XPS too. Sometimes the docs are zipper in self-extracting file, sometimes not. Sometimes you can download all chapters of an on-line book all together conveniently in 1 file, sometimes you needs to download all the "32" chapters one by one. Sometimes you cant download an on-line book or guide at all, only inconvenient reading on-line.Programs, sometimes just an MSI, sometimes with installer, these installers often contain 'windows installer' installation packages, common everyone has MS Windows installer by now, quit redistributing it. Many times the installer overhead is bigger then the actual program/tool that you want to install.WMVHD, The demo HD videos are offered in a self extracting zip-file, why? WMV is as much compressed as it is. When you look at the zip-file you see compression ratio of 0%! Even if it was 2% it doesn't weigh up to the overhead of the double disk space and extraction time you need.Today Microsoft offers VHD, virtual hard-disk files, since they tend to be large the downloads are spanned over 3 files (self extracting) not zipped but RARed.RAR has a better compression ratio so I'm not complaining on this one, but I hope MS will be more consistent in the future.
  • Microsoft version naming is annoying

    Posted by bink on December 21 2005, 3:38 AM. Posted in Opinion.

    Microsoft just relased DirectX 9.0c End-User Runtime December 2005 Web Installer...[:S]I dont understand why MS still calls this 9.0c, why not 9.1? or at least 9.0d. Since DirectX 9 is released, Messenger has gone up from 5.0 to 8.0 beta.Versioning at Microsoft is so confusing all these names/tags/labels they have used in the past, like"RTM Refresh", "Second Edition", Rollup pack, Update Rollup, Hotfix, Update, Service Pack, Beta, CTP, RC0, R2, 1.0v2, build Anti Spyware, it has been updated 3 or 4 times, but is still Beta 1[|-)]Can't Microsoft just get it 1 naming and versioning style?
  • Smart beer mat orders refills

    Posted by spy on September 30 2005, 5:38 PM. Posted in Opinion.

    Because it's Friday.... A beer mat that knows when a glass is nearly empty and automatically asks for a refill has been created by thirsty researchers in Germany. Andreas Butz at the University of Munich and Michael Schmitz from Saarland University came up with the idea while out drinking with their students. The disc-shaped mat can be attached to a normal beer mat so that it still soaks up spilt liquid and displays an advertisement. But it also contains a pressure sensor and radio transmitter to alert bar staff of the need for a refill. The device weighs 110 grams and costs $100 to make, but Butz and Schmitz think the weight and cost would shrink if the mat were to be mass-produced. Pub games They say the mat could also be used for interactive TV events, as it contains an accelerometer capable of sensing when it is being waved in the air. "I've been discussing this with a friend of mine who is an expert pub goer," Butz told New Scientist. "He mentioned that the pay-TV companies who broadcast soccer games are desperately looking for ways to make TV an interactive experience. Betting on actual sports events with the mat could add such interactivity." The researchers believe the smart mat could even be used in pub games: "One important direction which needs further investigation is the large body of drinking games which has developed in certain cultures and how they can be supported using our beer mat."
    (I wonder if MS are thinking up an embedded OS version for this one!!)
  • Power User edition of WinHEC 2005?

    Posted by bink on April 27 2005, 8:06 PM. Posted in Opinion.

    Chris Pirillo writes his opinion on his blog on how WinHEC is so developer orientated and that there is no focus or other Microsoft event focussed on power users.An interessting read. Continue At Source
  • An Opinion: Why is Microsoft Winning

    Posted by bink on April 21 2005, 1:29 PM. Posted in Opinion.

    Karel Donk from Suriname wrote down his opinion:     Why is Microsoft Winning

    The ongoing legal debacle between Microsoft and the EU simply proves that the EU and certain Microsoft competitors still don’t get it. If they think they are going to stop or seriously hurt Microsoft they are going to wake up from a bad dream in the future. But you can’t blame them for trying. All of them are seriously beginning to feel the heat and I see this as an act of desperation to try and stop Microsoft.

    Kind of like how Microsoft was after Linspire months ago because the name “Lindows” sounded a lot like “Windows”. We all know that was bullshit, Microsoft simply needed a reason to try and hurt Linspire, they thought they found it, and they went to war. They lost though, because not only did they give Linspire a lot of good publicity, they also helped to give their competitor’s product an even better name: “Linspire”. I’m sure in hindsight Microsoft can today admit going after Linspire was a stupid thing to do. I’m still a little disappointed in them because of this.

    But the problems Microsoft is facing today for example with the EU are nothing but the wake left behind by their way of doing business years ago. Today they are simply facing the consequences of their actions back then. Because today Microsoft is a different company. A better company, and a lot less evil. More and more they are trying to compete with their products instead of using evil business practices. And why shouldn’t they? They have excellent products, and there are few competitors who can compete with Microsoft’s products today. Microsoft’s monopoly today isn’t being maintained by evil business practices anymore, but rather today it is being maintained by an arsenal of great products comprised of great technology. Continue At Source

  • Webcasts

    Posted by bink on November 1 2004, 9:02 PM. Posted in Opinion.


    SQL Server 2005 Webcasts

    The Microsoft SQL product team is hosting special week of live MSDN Webcasts to provide you a sneak peak at what Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Beta 2 has in store for the future database development. SQL Server 2005 offers a new paradigm for database development that integrates SQL Server and the CLR to provide several major benefits including enhanced programming mode, enhanced safety and security, user defined types and aggregates, and a common development environment, where database development is integrated into the Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 development environment.O and you can win stuff, but it is for US only, the rest of the world can go f*ck themselves. Thank you SQL campaign team![:@]

    Exchange 2003 Webcasts

    IT professionals, tune in to this week of webcasts and keep your skills and knowledge about Exchange Server 2003 up to date with tips and best practices from Exchange 2003 experts. Through the use of Microsoft Office PowerPoint presentations and live product demos, our subject matter experts will cover in-depth topics such as operations, mobility, migration, management, and security, providing you with the tools and knowledge that help optimize your Exchange 2003 environment. Whether you are currently administering Exchange 2003 or looking to migrate to Exchange 2003, you will not want to miss these webcasts.

    O and here too, you can win stuff!!! but it is for US only, the rest of the world can go f*ck themselves. Thank you Exchange campaign team![:@][:O], yeah sorry but this pisses me off again and again