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  • Microsoft quits OneCare

    Posted by MBrant on November 19 2008, 8:49 PM. Posted in OneCare.

    Microsoft has announced unofficially that the company is moving away from the Windows Live OneCare product for consumers. On the OneCare weblog, the OneCare team states the following:

    In hopes of getting more consumers protected, this week, Microsoft announced that it will offer a new security solution to consumers at no cost beginning in the second half of calendar year 2009. This new offering will focus on getting the majority of consumers the essential protection they need by providing comprehensive, real-time anti-malware protection, covering such threats as viruses, spyware, rootkits, trojans, and other emerging threats, in a single, focused solution.

    In order for us to focus on delivering this new security solution to millions of customers around the world, we have decided to phase out Windows Live OneCare and will discontinue retail sales of Windows Live OneCare subscription service beginning June 30, 2009.

    A free solution is in the making and will feature all kinds of protection for free for consumers possibly replacing the need for an expensive piece of anti-virus protection software. Microsoft will support it's current clientbase as long as their subscription is valid. All retail stops in the summer of 2009. For more faq and information on this topic, see the source.

  • New Alliances Continue Momentum for Windows Live OneCare

    Posted by bink on July 30 2008, 2:24 AM. Posted in OneCare.

    Manufacturers choose Microsoft’s all-in-one security suite to help protect and maintain their customers’ PCs.

    To address the growing security and management needs of today’s new PC user, Microsoft Corp. is working with 11 original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), including Sony Corporation of America and Toshiba Asia Pacific to preinstall trial subscriptions of Windows Live OneCare on select new PCs across North America, Europe and Asia. Windows Live OneCare provides all-in-one security and anti-malware protection for consumers and small businesses along with tools that automate and simplify PC management and performance.

    “Microsoft and Sony share the same goal of helping our customers get the most from their PC experience,” said Xavier Lauwaert of VAIO product marketing at Sony Electronics. “Through this alliance, Windows Live OneCare will provide our customers with a simple solution to help them maintain and secure their new PC.”

    Consumers in more than 12 countries can now better protect and maintain their new PC with a free trial of Windows Live OneCare with the following hardware providers:

    MDG Computers Canada Inc.

    LEO Gesellschaft für Computer & Kommunikation mbH


    OLIDATA S.p.A.

    Hyrican Informationsysteme AG

    Sotec Company Ltd.


    Sony Corporation of America

    Toshiba Asia Pacific

    “Consumers have told us they want an easier, more automated experience with the security and overall health of their PCs,” said Amy Barzdukas, senior director of Windows Live OneCare at Microsoft. “Through these alliances, we are addressing the needs of new PC users who want to easily protect, backup and maintain their new PC right out of the box.”

    Easy PC Management and Certified Protection

    As consumer demand for new PCs continues to rise, so does the need for an effective solution that helps optimize and secure today’s advanced hardware. From setting up a wireless home network and centralizing photo and document backup to eliminating unused programs that can slow down system boot time, Windows Live OneCare provides the all-in-one solution consumers need to simplify management, security and care of multiple PCs.

    Consumers also can find peace of mind knowing that Windows Live OneCare is certified by ICSA Labs, an industry authority for research, intelligence and certification testing of security products. In addition, Windows Live OneCare has received a Checkmark certification from West Coast Labs, recognized as a leading standard in the United States and the de facto standard in Europe for security product certification and testing to real-world standards. Windows Live OneCare also works with built-in features in Windows Vista such as Parental Controls to enhance the Windows experience.

  • Windows Live OneCare 2.5 beta ending, perpetual beta begins

    Posted by sumeethevans on July 19 2008, 10:45 AM. Posted in OneCare.

    According to a source of mine, following the official release of the final version of Windows Live OneCare 2.5, Microsoft sent out a flurry of e-mails to its testers. First off, the software giant reminded its testers that the 2.5 Beta will expire on July 31, 2008, after which OneCare will no longer keep itself up to date (both virus definitions and the actual software). Testers are urged to uninstall the beta and buy a full subscription, which is offered to them at a discounted $24.95 a year for up to three PCs, until July 31, 2008.

    With the beta wrapping up, Microsoft quickly sent out another e-mail to certain testers asking if they wanted to continue to test new versions of the software. If the answer was yes, Microsoft responded with a confirmation and then the next day, e-mailed that tester the details of the Windows Live OneCare Perpetual Beta program, an invite-only group.

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  • Windows Live OneCare 2.5 public beta begins

    Posted by sumeethevans on April 5 2008, 4:24 AM. Posted in OneCare.

    Windows Live OneCare 2.0 was released back in mid-November and, ever since, we haven't heard much from the Windows Live OneCare team. That should change soon, as LiveSide has noticed a 2.5 English-only public beta signup page. Hopefully the official blog entry will appear soon, since at press time a changelog was nowhere to be found. When it becomes available, though, you can expect this post to be updated accordingly.

    Until then, fill out the short beta signup form (after you check your computer meets the system requirements) and click the download link that appears. Unlike previous betas, this one allows you to live in a choice of geographical locations beyond just the United States (17 countries in total). After the lengthy installation in which Windows Defender is turned off (assuming you're on Vista or you have it installed on XP), you'll be prompted to restart. The exact version number is 2.5.2744.0:

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  • Get Green and Stay Green with Windows Live OneCare

    Posted by vasudev on March 18 2008, 12:18 PM. Posted in OneCare.

    The Windows Live OneCare Team is kicking off a brand new campaign: Get Green Stay Green.

    The Get Green Stay Green campaign is designed to make sure Windows Live OneCare users are staying "green" - meaning their PC Health Status. Here is Amy Barzdukas, Senior Direct here at Microsoft, to talk about Windows Live OneCare and keeping your PC safe. Amy leads the Windows Live OneCare Team.

    "I use Windows Live OneCare on my 3 personal home PCs - which are connected together in an OneCare Circle (you can have up to 3 PCs in an OneCare Circle). This lets me manage the PC Health for all my personal PCs. If any of my PCs in my OneCare Circle have their PC Health Status change to yellow or red, I can quickly see which PC it is and why. I can then do what is needed to bring that PC back to green. Keeping all my PCs green is very important to me. If any of my PCs slip into yellow or red - I fix it immediately................"

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  • My interview with Bob Muglia: Hyper-V R2 and more

    Posted by bink on March 11 2008, 1:32 AM. Posted in Windows Server 2008, Internet Information Services (IIS), ISA, OneCare, System Center Virtual Machine Manager, ForeFront, Windows Virtualization.

    March 10 2008: 2 weeks ago during the Windows Server 2008 launch event in Los Angeles, I had the opportunity to have a 10 minute talk with Bob Muglia. Bob is head of the Server & Tools devision at Microsoft.

    I'm not a professional journalist, I did not record this session, nor did I write down a transcript of what was said, I just took some notes . We talked about Windows Server 2008 and its future.


    First of all I asked the obvious question about Hyper-V, if he would be more detailed on the release date than "after 180 days of the release of Windows Server 2008" He smiled and just repeated "180 days of the release of Windows Server 2008"

    I asked him about Hyper-V and the stand-alone SKU it will be released in, can you walk in a store and buy it from the shelve for the announced $28?He said it probably will be popular in the OEM channel and not in the retail.

    Then I asked him if this stand-alone SKU would also be available embedded in OEM server hardware. He responded, not in this release but the next version will support that.

    We talked about Vmware ESX and its features like shared memory between VMs, "we definitely need to put that in our product" later he said it will be in the next release. Like hot add memory, disk and nic's will be and Live migration of course, which didn't make it in this release.

    He also stated that Microsoft was surprised how well Hyper-V performed for a first release product, compared to Vmware.

    Hyper-V R2 will also support the virtualization hardware (CPU's)



    Now that Hyper-V beta is out, it is a pity there is no System Center Virtual Machine Manager that can mange Hyper-V. When can we expect a beta of SCVMMv2? He said the beta will be out this spring (which meteorological) is now) The final version is to be expected the same time as Hyper-V RTM is available.

    I told him that I was kind of surprised when Microsoft announced a few months ago that SCVMMv2 will manage Vmware (ESX) servers. He said this was all customer demand, It should be manageable, integrated and easy. So also not just Microsoft but also Vmware, not just Windows VM's but also Linux.

    Was one of the reasons that you hope customers will "V2V" Vmware virtual machines to Hyper-V hosts? That would be nice he said, but generally customers dint migrate OS in a servers life-cycle, so ESX will stay in that customers environment next to Hyper-V, which then can be manged with one tool SCVMM v2

    SCVMM will manage ESX host through Vmware Virtual Center API, wouldn't it be more efficient if SCVMM would talk directly to the ESX host?"I wish I could!" he replied. Vmware ESX host has no API so it is closed for SCVMM to talk to.

    .NET Framework for Windows Server 2008 Core installations

    It is a shame that some great applications cannot run on core, like powershell and apps on IIS7. Bob told me about that the current makes call to OS parts that are outside the core and therefore is not compatible. Windows Server 2008 R2 will have .NET framework support for core installations. Thats great, but...

    When can we expect WS08 R2?

    -2010 and it will be only x64, some stats from the server 2008 beta, over 60% installations were 64bit.

    IIS7 and PHP

    Now that IIS7 supports PHP out of the box, do you expect php sites to transition to Windows? I dont remember his exact answer here, but Bob told me that it performs very well and that most of PHP development is done on Windows.

    ForeFront Client Security

    A while ago I attended in Microsoft seminar where a MS speaker was demoing stuff on his laptop, I noticed that his corporate laptop was not running ForeFront Client security. I thought Microsoft "dogfooded" it's own products during beta, but this product is already 6 months available and still not running on this laptop. Bob responded by saying Microsoft has over 100,000 users, internal and external (vendors, partners), ForeFront Client Security does not scale that much, currently it is deployed on 10,000 desktops. ForeFront v2 will scale much better and will be deployed company wide.

    ForeFront Family has a lot of products in its portfolio, even for me this is sometimes confusing, now I hear that OneCare comes with a server edition too? Bob: Yes but OneCare server is focused on the Small Business customers, so a solution for Windows Small Business Server.

    ISA 64bit

    I hoped Microsoft would have pushed more for 64bit to get it mainstream, but ISA Server cannot run on x64, what kind of a message does that send out. Bob: yes this is because of the filter drivers ISA uses, the next version will support 64bit.

    Unfortunately my time was up, so I couldn't ask more on ISAvNext and when it will be released 


  • Coming Soon: Windows Live OneCare for Server

    Posted by sumeethevans on February 24 2008, 1:21 PM. Posted in OneCare.

    Steven VanRoekel, senior director of Windows Server Product Solutions, and I discussed the new product in a Microsoft Watch podcast posted today.

    "This is something new," VanRoekel said. "Windows Live OneCare for Server is a one-year server anti-virus engine."

    The software will be bundled with Small Business Server and Essential Server 2008 editions, along with a one-year subscription to Forefront for Exchange. "We've taken a different tact on connecting subscription services with the core infrastructure," VanRoekel said about the bundling.

    I asked if Microsoft planned to extend Windows Live OneCare for Server bundling to the desktop.

    "No. We're not doing any client AV with this wave. We think that's part of the partner opportunity with the product," VanRoekel said.

    The Microsoft senior director didn't discuss discreet pricing, but Windows Live OneCare for Server would be part of the purchase price of the new small business and midmarket server software.

    I asked about discreet pricing because Microsoft will offer the software for at least one other product: Windows Server 2008 Standard Edition.

    "As far as other support across the server SKUs, I'm not part of that group, and they haven't made announcements of that yet," VanRoekel said. "But it's something I definitely think that they're looking at.

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  • Microsoft to patch broken OneCare update on 31 Jan

    Posted by bink on January 14 2008, 5:16 PM. Posted in OneCare.

    Microsoft has said it will release a patch at the end of January that should fix all the problems introduced by a recent update to its Windows Live OneCare security software.

    Since November, Microsoft has been slowly rolling out an update to its Windows Live OneCare security software. Although the update was designed to bring in new features, such as the ability to monitor the health of multiple PCs, some say the new version has brought only headaches.

    A Microsoft representative said on Friday that the company hopes to push out an update for Live OneCare version 2.0 on January 31.

    Robert Webb of North Carolina said he started having problems from the moment his software was upgraded in early December.

    "My main problem has been that OneCare does not always start when the computer is booted," Webb said in an e-mail interview. "It has to be manually started."

    Microsoft's online forums are buzzing with a host of complaints about the new version, with many people unable to get the software to work.

    Last week, Microsoft confirmed that it was working on that problem.

    "We are aware that some users are experiencing an issue with Windows Live OneCare when they start up the service after installing (version) 2.0," Microsoft said in a statement to ZDNet Australia sister site CNET "The issue is being worked on and currently affects a very limited number of customers (about one percent of the install base), each of whom we thank for their patience."

    In an interview last Thursday, Microsoft lead product manager Larry Brennan said that, in total, the problems aren't causing a significant disparity compared with users' experience with the older version. Continue At Source

  • Microsoft Launches All-in-One PC Care for Home and Small Business Networks

    Posted by vasudev on November 15 2007, 2:37 PM. Posted in OneCare.

     Today’s families increasingly have more than one PC at home, and with Microsoft internal data suggesting the average U.S. household now owns approximately 2.5 PCs, households and small businesses have a strong need to simplify the way they provide security and care for all of their PCs. With increased mobility and the rise of the home computer network, ensuring a stable, secure computing experience has become more complex, yet important as ever before.

    To address this complexity, Microsoft introduced Windows Live OneCare, one of the first software products to provide a comprehensive PC care solution. Today, Microsoft announced the next version of Windows Live OneCare, which provides even greater security for home or small offices, and delivers features that make it easy to back up data and manage multiple PCs.

    PressPass spoke with Amy Barzdukas, senior director for Windows Live OneCare, about the launch of Windows Live OneCare and how it can provide customers with an easier way to manage their computers and protect their information.

    PressPass: What is Windows Live OneCare?

    Barzdukas: Windows Live OneCare is designed to be an all-in-one PC care solution for security and performance issues that can plague the home PC computing experience. Personal computing should be about being more productive, having fun, and having access to the information and tools that help us do what we want, without having to worry about security or performance issues.

    Unfortunately, this isn’t always easy. Ensuring that a family has a safe computing experience is becoming more complicated. It can be time consuming and cumbersome for families to configure their wireless networks and to back up important data like their digital photos—their digital memories. That’s the beauty of Windows Live OneCare. We offer one easy solution that is automatic, so maintaining and configuring PCs becomes quite simple.

    In addition to using its own anti-virus and anti-phishing capabilities, Windows Live OneCare supports up to three computers on one subscription. At my house, that means one subscription covers the PC in the family room, the office, and the laptop the kids use for homework.

    PressPass: Can you tell me more about this concept of PC care?

    Barzdukas: The average household that owns a computer today actually has about two-and-a-half PCs and they're using them in many different ways, both online and offline. Like in my house, one PC might be used primarily by the parents for managing family finances and storing family photos, another PC might be used by the kids for playing games and doing homework, and there could potentially be a third that’s used by the whole family, and which stores all of their music and entertainment. Any of these machines will certainly be used to access the Internet as well, and odds are that they're also connected to each other by a wireless network.

    The whole concept of PC care is designed to help these customers stay safe, keep their PCs well maintained, and protect their data automatically. Towards that end, Windows Live OneCare is designed for use by even the most non-technical user.........

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  • End of the Photo Backup Testing for Beta v2

    Posted by sumeethevans on November 1 2007, 6:46 PM. Posted in OneCare.

    Dear Windows Live OneCare Beta Tester, Thank you again for being a part of the Windows Live OneCare Beta (v2.0). We greatly appreciate all of the testing you have done with the Online Photo Backup feature. On Thursday, November 5, 2007 (10 PM PDT – 6 AM GMT) we will be removing the Photo Backup servers from the beta environment. Please note that your photo backup CANNOT be accessed after this date and online Photo backup feature will be disabled automatically after this date.

    To make sure that you have a copy of the photographs you backed up on the Photo Servers, please follow the steps below to restore your photos on each computer in your subscription that has Photo Backup enabled: 1. Click on the ‘Restore files’ link. 2. In the wizard, click on the ‘Restore photos from online photo backup’. 3. Enter the password for the Live ID you have used for the Photo Backup and click ‘Sign In.’ 4. Select ‘Express restore’ 5. Note that you will see one of two pages. If you see the ‘Start Express restore’ page with the details about the Photos to be restored, click on ‘Restore Photos’. If you see the ‘No photos to restore’ page, exit by clicking on ‘Finish’ You should also try ‘Custom Restore’ to make sure that you restore the data of the PC which are no longer backing up their photos online.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: What if I can’t remove my photos before the servers are taken down? A: All data will be thoroughly wiped before the servers are used again. There will be no back up taken of the existing data.

    Q: What if I like the service and would like to use it in the commercial product? A: The Online Photo Backup feature will be available for purchase on a separate subscription basis. Thank you for being a part of the Windows Live OneCare Beta!

    Windows Live OneCare Beta Team

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  • Microsoft's OneCare silently changes Automatic Updates

    Posted by sumeethevans on October 26 2007, 9:30 AM. Posted in OneCare.

    Microsoft Corp.'s consumer security software changes the Automatic Updates (AU) settings in Windows XP and Vista without telling users or getting their approval, a researcher said today -- behavior that may explain recent reports of patches being installed and systems rebooting without permission.

    When Microsoft responded to new charges of silent changes last week, however, it denied that AU settings were ever altered without user approval, and it didn't mention OneCare as a possible culprit.

    Scott Dunn, an editor at the "Windows Secrets" newsletter, reported this morning that OneCare silently changes AU settings as it installs. No matter what AU setting the user selected previously, OneCare's installer quietly changes it to the fully automatic option.

    "Some security products have turned on AU in the past," said Dunn, who also tested several other current consumer suites, including Symantec Corp.'s Norton 360 and Norton Internet Security, McAfee Inc.'s Internet Security Suite, and Check Point Software Technologies Ltd.'s ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite. "But OneCare was the only guilty party."

    OneCare's willful way with AU may be an explanation for the reports two weeks ago of machines downloading and installing the Oct. 9 set of security fixes even though their owners had explicitly instructed Windows to ignore all downloads or notify them before they were installed.

    Several days later, after it wrapped up an investigation, Microsoft said AU settings were never changed without user consent, and it blamed absent-minded users for making modifications and then forgetting that they had.

    "I find this surprising and very disturbing," said Dunn. "If they're going to change [AU] settings, they should let you know."

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