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  • Microsoft pushes new tool to OEMs for preloading more Microsoft software on new PCs

    Posted by sumeethevans on February 26 2011, 11:50 PM. Posted in OEM system builder.

    Microsoft has introduced a new tool for its “system builder” OEM partners to help them more quickly and preload more Microsoft software on new PCs.

    The tool, known as the Express Deployment Tool (EDT), streamlines the process via which system builders load Windows 7 PCs with Office 2010, Windows Live Essentials, the Bing Bar and Microsoft Security Essentials. (The Windows Live Essentials suite plus Bing Bar combination is known as PC Essentials, in Microsoft parlance.)

    “With one click, the EDT enables PC Essentials configuration. With only a few clicks, many of the more technically difficult options such as Hard Drive Recovery and adding software to the image can be enabled. Previously, installation of these advanced features required time-intensive research,” explained Microsoft to its PC partners.

    Microsoft made version 1.0 of the tool available to system builders in January 2011 and provided a 1.0.1 update in early February that fixed some download and deployment errors. The EDT is currently available in English only, with additional language support coming later in the first quarter, according to the Microsoft Web site for the tool. The EDT complements the existing Microsoft OEM Preinstallation Kit (OPK) tool.

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  • Microsoft Seeks Ultimate Windows Media Center Installation

    Posted by bink on September 6 2007, 12:07 AM. Posted in Windows XP Media Center, OEM system builder, Windows Vista.

    Microsoft design contest specific to Windows Media Center invites custom installers to showcase their unique digital home deployments featuring MCE technology.

    Calling all custom installers! Microsoft Corp. is searching for the custom installation industry’s innovators to submit distinctive installations for the Windows® Media Center Ultimate Install Contest. The first of its kind, this design contest seeks to recognize the residential custom electronics systems installation business that best utilizes Windows Media Center in a custom installation solution.

    Increasingly, Windows Media Center is being implemented in solutions for the custom channel, so Microsoft is challenging industry professionals to present their most unique and creative installations using the technology. The contest was announced at CEDIA EXPO 2007.

    “This is a chance not only to show the amazing things custom installers can do with the Windows Media Center platform, but also to have some fun,” said Scott Evans, group manager in the Entertainment and Devices eHome Division at Microsoft. “Our partners in the custom channel are taking our software and building incredible digital home solutions, so we decided now was a great time to give them the chance to showcase their best work and compete to be recognized as the ultimate MCE installer.”

    Contest Eligibility Overview

    The Windows Media Center Ultimate Install Contest is about finding the best implementation of MCE designed and installed as a part of a residential electronics system:

    A company may submit up to two unique entries to the contest, which must include an installation overview and description that detail the featured highlights of the installation as well as a list of integrated components.

    Each entry must contain information regarding the project cost and engineering details of the installation.

    The installation must be completed before the close of the entry period on Nov. 1, 2007.

    “We are looking for an installer who is able to create a seamless user experience using Windows Media Center devices,” Evans said. “Creativity, originality and functionality will all impact the judges’ decisions, but the installer’s success integrating Windows Media Center into the heart of the home will reflect the ‘Ultimate Install.’” Continue At Source

  • Microsoft and Lenovo Connect Customers to Integrated Online Services

    Posted by bink on March 14 2007, 5:31 PM. Posted in OEM system builder.

    Lenovo to be first PC manufacturer to provide customers worldwide with a new seamless, customizable Web experience through Microsoft and Live Search.As a part of their continued collaboration, Microsoft Corp. and Lenovo today announced a global agreement to pre-load Windows Live™ services on Lenovo PCs sold worldwide including ThinkPad notebooks, ThinkCentre desktops and Lenovo-branded PCs. In the coming weeks, Lenovo will be the first PC maker to provide its customers worldwide with immediate access to the Microsoft® portal ( and Windows Live Toolbar ( for a more integrated and personalized Web experience as they work, communicate and conduct their day-to-day activities. “Building strong partnerships is a key element of the Windows Live strategy,” said Steve Berkowitz, senior vice president of the Online Services Group at Microsoft. “Working with a globally scaled PC maker like Lenovo, we can help millions of people worldwide use Windows Live services to connect to the people and information they care about most.”“Live Search and Microsoft’s other Windows Live services help our customers work more effectively, whether they are a CIO, road warrior or small-business owner,” said Steve Petracca, vice president and general manager of Lenovo’s Software and Peripherals business unit. “Lenovo will use these services to further strengthen its relationships with customers worldwide by delivering useful PC updates, tools and information through a new portal. Microsoft shares our passion for innovation, and today’s announcement enhances how we support all activities conducted on Lenovo PCs.” With, customers can easily customize their home page content, create multiple pages based on their interests and add their favorite content from millions of sources of information. The Windows Live Toolbar gives consumers one-click access to Live Search, which enables category searches such as Web, news, images and immersive maps to help them find what they are looking for. Microsoft and Lenovo are committed to developing solutions that combine both companies’ advanced technologies for more productive and personal computing experiences. Microsoft and Lenovo’s continued relationship has delivered additional innovations to customers including optimized Microsoft Windows Vista™ functionality through the self-help tools available on Lenovo PCs, as well as enhanced Tablet PC solutions.
  • Microsoft hosts OEM partners for a crash-course in SDL

    Posted by spy on November 8 2006, 2:59 PM. Posted in OEM system builder.

    As part of our ongoing SDL efforts, we are hosting a 2.5 day event here in Redmond for our OEM partners – over 50 senior technical experts from the biggest names in the computer industry. Out of respect for our partners I won’t name names, but the “usual suspects” are in attendance.  There was also representation from the chipset manufacturers and hardware component suppliers to the OEMs.  The discussions are technical and to their credit, the participating companies sent their “A teams” to learn about the SDL process and how they can use it within their organizations.
  • Microsoft Releases Windows Genuine Advantage (WGA) Bypass Tool for OEM's

    Posted by bink on October 16 2006, 4:13 PM. Posted in OEM system builder.

    With the introduction of Windows Genuine Advantage (WGA), a computer must be validated as genuine prior to receiving security patches from Windows Update. Windows must first be activated for the validation tool to run, however most system builders do not activate computers on behalf of the end user. This poses a problem for system builders who want to sell systems pre-patched with updates but not enable automatic updates.

    The System Builder Bypass tool (sbbypass.exe) will allow system builders to download and install critical updates on new PCs without the requirement to activate or validate.

    Download the System Builder Bypass tool. Need to be member of OEM system builder site.

    The System Builder Bypass tool is to be used to assist system builders with building a new PC, and thus requires sysprep to be running in factory mode. An internet connection is required to download critical updates.

    UsageThe tool may be used with the following operating systems:

    • Microsoft Windows XP Professional Edition
    • Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition
    • Microsoft Windows XP Media Center Edition
    • Microsoft Windows XP Tablet Edition
    • Microsoft Windows XP Starter Edition
    • Microsoft Windows Server 2003, Standard Edition
    • Microsoft Windows Server 2003, Enterprise Edition
    • Microsoft Windows Server 2003, Web Edition
    • Microsoft Windows Server 2003, Datacenter Edition

    Running the toolType "sbbypass.exe" at a command prompt on the computer that requires critical updates. You may use additional parameters, discussed below.

    Note: If a reboot is required, you must manually reboot the machine and run the sbbypass tool again.

    Common Usage ScenarioMany system builders will run the tool by copying it to C:\sbbypass.exe and simply running it from a Command Line (either manually or as part of an automated process):

    The tool will not run correctly without sysprep running on the computer.  

    Additional command line switches can be found by running sbbypass.exe /? from a command line.DIGG THIS

  • Microsoft Partner Support Programs Channeling Success

    Posted by bink on May 18 2006, 1:28 AM. Posted in OEM system builder.

    Company awarded “Best System Builder Marketing Program” at Gartner ITChannel Vision Europe.

    Microsoft Corp. today discussed its recent win at the Gartner ITChannel Vision event in Monte Carlo last month, where the company was recognized as having the technology industry’s Best System Builder Marketing Program. In voting on the award, system builders identified the Microsoft® Partner Program and the company’s System Builder Cooperative Marketing Program as especially valuable tools to help them compete. The company also discussed its latest offers and initiatives designed to build on the success of its reseller outreach efforts over the coming year.

    “These programs, delivered to system builders this year, address eight of the nine top requests the system builder community has told us they want from Microsoft,” said Kurt Kolb, vice president of Worldwide System Builder and Genuine Software Initiative at Microsoft. “We are committed to giving system builders the resources and support they ask for, and are honored that they have recognized the effort and investments we’ve made to help them succeed.”

    Based on ballots taken from software resellers themselves, the award is a gauge of the effectiveness of the company’s programs in increasing the satisfaction of its critical reseller partners and helping them compete in the marketplace. More than 220 partners from 21 countries in Europe attended this year’s Gartner ITChannel Vision event from the system builder community.

    “The range of programs we’re offering to the system builder community speaks to the value they bring to the marketplace, and how critical they are as partners for Microsoft,” said Scott DiValerio, corporate vice president of the OEM division at Microsoft. “We look forward to continuing our dialogue with resellers over the coming year, and adding more value to our existing programs that provide incentives and rewards to help them compete.” Continue At Source

  • Microsoft To Converge System Builder, OEM Divisions

    Posted by bink on March 21 2006, 7:22 PM. Posted in OEM system builder.

    Microsoft is working to converge its system builder channel and OEM division organizations, the company confirmed Tuesday.

    The change will take affect in Microsoft's fiscal year 2007 starting July 1.

    System builders build custom "whitebox" or "whitebook" PCs and laptops, typically configuring them with the necessary operating system and other software for customers. They run the gamut from small mom-and-pop shops to large VARs.

    Members of this constituency, which is responsible for a huge number of PCs on the market, have blasted Microsoft in the past for cutting favorable Office and Windows pricing deals with Dell and other direct-sales PC makers. Microsoft has maintained that volume PC makers get terms based on volume of product delivered.

    Scott Di Valerio, corporate vice president of the OEM division will lead the combined group, working with Kurt Kolb on the transition.

    Kolb is currently vice president of system builder and license compliance. It was unclear what his role will be going forward.

    Microsoft "will continue to make investments to ensure local PC manufacturers have the tools, programs and benefits they need to succeed," the spokesman said via e-mail.

    The company's stance is that the combination of the groups will result in better resource allocation.

  • Microsoft releases Windows OPK eXtender Beta 1

    Posted by bink on February 16 2006, 2:24 AM. Posted in OEM system builder.

    OPK eXtender (OPX). The OPX is an OPK powertoy that adds system builder-specific features to the OPK.

    Technical Support for the OPXThe OPK eXtender powertoy is in English only. It is not part of the Windows OPK and is not supported by Microsoft. For this reason, Microsoft System Builder Technical Support ( is unable to answer questions about OPX. If you have any feedback or questions about OPX, please contact us at

    Using the Beta 1 version of OPX, you can create the following:

    • A reinstall CD solution for your customers This is a solution that restores the PC to the state that you sold it in. Use OPX to create a CD image (ISO) containing out-of-box drivers to burn to CD, as well as a Winnt.sif that adds your branding and runs Sysprep. With that CD and a floppy containing the Winnt.sif and OPX files, your customer can boot the PC with the hologram Windows CD and Winnt.sif. and the OPX files will automate the reinstallation of Windows with your customizations. The next release of OPX will add update support to the reinstall solution.
    • A repository of out-of-box drivers As you build PCs, whenever you add hardware that uses an out-of-box driver, you can add those drivers to the OPX repository. When you have a repository, you can use OPX to scan a new PC to identify the missing drivers, and automatically update config sets to add those drivers from the repository. OPX modifies all answer files for you, including Txtsetup.oem for mass-storage drivers. Then, you run the network-based preinstall using the updated config set and Windows is installed with the OOB drivers.
    • Customized Windows PE builds and ISOs OPX provides a GUI to the Windows PE build tools (Mkimg and Oscdimg) to make it simple for you to create custom Windows PE builds. You can also add OOB drivers from your repository to your Windows PE builds, including mass-storage drivers!
    • A driver enumeration file (DEF) for new PCsThe Scan command of the OPX tab will analyze the hardware of a new PC and identify any missing drivers. The results of the scan are listed in a driver enumeration file (.def) and displayed in the DEF tab. You can load that DEF in the OPX install on your technician computer and use it to add the missing drivers to your repository and then to one or more config sets.
    • System builder profilesA profile is the set of information that you use to brand a new PC: your logos, a desktop background, your support info, IE home page, and so on. You can automatically update one or more config sets with a profile. If you build PCs for another system builder, you can add their profile to config sets to create PC branded with your partner’s branding.
    • A UFD that boots with Windows PEThe Server 2003 SP1 OPK added the ability to create bootable UFDs: USB flash devices that can boot Windows PE. If you have that OPK installed, you can use the OPX GUI to create the bootable UFD from your custom Windows PE build.
    • Enhanced CD-boot solutionFor those of you that use the CD-boot method, OPX enables an enhanced version that customizes the PC with the information in your profile, and reseals the PC with Sysprep.

    OPX DownloadThe OPX download is a zip file that contains the OPX executable and the user’s guide. Install OPX on your technician computer or any PC that contains an OPK installation. Without the OPK, only the DEF tab is functional.

    Read the OPX EULA and download the OPX.  Regsiterd OEM system builders only

  • Coming Soon: OEM Hardware Solutions Competency

    Posted by bink on March 7 2005, 3:01 PM. Posted in OEM system builder.

    The OEM Hardware Solutions Competency (scheduled to launch in late 2005) will enable system builders to reach the Certified or Gold Certified Partner level in the Microsoft Partner Program. It will recognize your specialization and expertise in building PCs, servers and devices, and preinstalling Microsoft software. The benefits of attaining the OEM Hardware Solutions Competency include:
    • Recognition, branding and logo usage. Distinguish your company as a Microsoft Certified or Gold Certified Partner that has attained the OEM Hardware Solutions Competency through custom logos and other premium marketing resources from Microsoft.
    • Customer referrals. Get priority listing in the Microsoft Resource Directory where customers go to find partners offering PC or server hardware preinstalled with Microsoft software. Get listed in the Channel Builder tool that can help you build better networks and partnerships with other Microsoft partners in your area.
    • More technical support and training. Get the free Microsoft Partner 5-pack of Professional Support, plus Pre-sales Technical Support, and for Gold Certified Partners, 40 hours of proactive support from a Technical Service Coordinator—all worth more than US$8,000. You will also have access to valuable technical training on new Microsoft technologies.
    • More internal-use software licenses. Gold Certified Partners get 100 licenses of Windows XP Professional and Office 2003 and other Microsoft software worth more than US$45,000. Certified Partners get as many as 25 licenses of Windows XP Professional and Office 2003 and other Microsoft software and are entitled to software matching of up to 25 additional licenses.
    • Account management. Microsoft Certified and Gold Certified Partners are allocated Microsoft account management resources for a closer partnership with Microsoft. (These resources may not be available in all regions.) Continue At Source
  • MS takes big stick to Dutch resellers

    Posted by bink on January 12 2005, 8:08 PM. Posted in OEM system builder.

    At least a hundred Dutch hardware resellers are facing legal action by Microsoft because for violation of the company's OEM licensing policy.

    OEM software is a special version of software that must be distributed pre-installed on the hard drive of a PC when it's manufactured or bundled with computer hardware. OEM software should never be distributed without a corresponding PC or computer hardware, Microsoft says.

    However, several Dutch resellers are distributing OEM software without the corresponding hardware, or they do not pass on the Certificates of Authenticity (COA) and documentation to their clients. All they receive is a PC with an operation system. "This way resellers can install many copies of the OS without paying the license fee," a spokesman for Microsoft told The Register.

    Some resellers offer licenses only, a Certificate of Authenticity (COA) label or sticker, without the corresponding software, manual and other documentation. This isn't allowed either, Microsoft claims. "Stand-alone" COA labels are often used to induce businesses and consumers into acquiring counterfeit or unlicensed software.

    According to Dutch news site Webwereld at least one reseller is likely to pay €40,000 in damages. However, many of the resellers claim they did nothing illegal and have called for legal aid.