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  • Money joins Encarta in Microsoft product bin

    Posted by bink on June 11 2009, 10:01 PM. Posted in Money.

    Microsoft is to scrap another underperforming product, after revealing that it plans to stop selling Money, its financial management software, at the end of the month.

    Microsoft Money products will no longer be available for purchase after 30 June, the company said. Existing customers will be able to continue using the product and accessing online services per their user agreements.

    In a statement, the company said that the decision was part of its "ongoing on-line portfolio analysis and investment to focus on our top on-line priorities."

    On the Money website, it hinted that demand has decreased. "With banks, brokerage firms and Web sites now providing a range of options for managing personal finances, the consumer need for Microsoft Money Plus has changed," the site reads.

    "I'd guess that the Money cancellation is a straight cost-saving measure," said Matt Rosoff, an analyst at Directions on Microsoft. The company has already cut Encarta and Digital Image Suite, other consumer software products from the same division, he noted. "And Microsoft has never had much luck competing with Intuit, either for small businesses or consumers."

    Intuit develops software including Quicken and TurboTax to help small businesses and individuals manage their finances.

    In a recent report, Rosoff wrote that since October Microsoft has stopped selling or scaled back development on at least 12 products. Some of those cancellations are likely due to cost-cutting efforts, but others were probably already planned, he said.

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  • Microsoft to stop selling boxed copies of Money Plus

    Posted by sumeethevans on August 11 2008, 10:03 AM. Posted in Money.

    Microsoft has decided against releasing a 2009 version of Money Plus, its personal-finance-management software. The company also is planning to discontinue selling Money Plus as a boxed software product at retail — but insisted the move shouldn’t be interpreted as an immediate move away from shrink-wrapped PC software.

    Microsoft had been releasing each year a new version of its Money Plus product. A new version was due out this fall, in fact. But according to a blog posting on August 6 to the public Microsoft Money forum by Most Valuable Professional Bob Peel, Microsoft feels annual updates with only incremental improvements are no longer needed.

    Peel wrote that he had been asked to post the information by the Microsoft Money Team:

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  • Microsoft Money 2008 trial

    Posted by bink on August 9 2007, 12:39 AM. Posted in Money.

    Microsoft® Money Essentials is the one-stop solution for personal finances, helping you effortlessly improve your financial picture. Download a free trial today so you can spend less time worrying about your money and more time enjoying it.Note, this is a US only download. [:D] Well I just downloaded it.Download At Source
  • Microsoft Unveils Microsoft Money Plus

    Posted by sumeethevans on August 8 2007, 6:33 PM. Posted in Money.

    Building on the company’s 17-year history of delivering award-winning financial management solutions, Microsoft Corp. today launches Microsoft® Money Plus, the latest release of the popular Money product line. Money Plus debuts innovative new tools that enable consumers to effortlessly manage all their finances. With customizable “Insights,” Microsoft Money Plus delivers important financial information right to the desktop, without the need to open the Money program. Consumers can personalize Insights to alert them when they are close to preset spending limits or when bills are coming due and can also quickly and easily check accounts to see balances and cash flow.

    “Everyone is busy these days, and sometimes you just need to know your account balance or check out whether you have enough extra cash to splurge on dinner, an amazing outfit or the latest ‘must have’ golf gadget,” said Chris Jolley, group manager of the Financial Products Group at Microsoft. “Microsoft Money Plus is designed to provide quick information right when you need it with comprehensive tools, services and commentary to help make financial decisions with confidence. Microsoft Money Plus takes out the guesswork, so you’re able to spend less time worrying about money and more time enjoying it.”

    Putting Consumers in Control

    With the comprehensive set of tools and tight online integration with MSN® Money, Money Plus customers can get a complete view of their finances, understand what bills have been paid and which are due, access stock information, and tap into the extensive list of financial experts on MSN Money for tips and guidance.

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  • Consumers Can Make Sense of Their Dollars With Microsoft Money Essentials

    Posted by bink on July 20 2006, 7:06 PM. Posted in Money.

    New download helps consumers effortlessly keep an eye on spending and stay a step ahead of monthly bills.

    It’s no surprise that most people would rather spend time enjoying their money than managing it. Millions of Americans have made the switch to online banking because of the convenience it offers but find they still have to visit multiple Web sites to get a clear view of their day-to-day finances. Not to mention the fact that they are still left wondering where the money goes at the end of every month.

    Today Microsoft Corp. announced the launch of Microsoft® Money Essentials, a new offering designed specifically for consumers who want an easy way to get financially fit. With the ability to see all their financial accounts from one location and straightforward tools to monitor a budget, Money Essentials is the perfect companion to online banking.

    “Microsoft Money Essentials was designed to give consumers all the benefits of using personal financial software with none of the work,” said Anne Quaranta, senior product manager for Microsoft Money. “With tools that help consumers understand where their money goes without having to invest a lot of time, Money Essentials makes getting in financial shape as easy as shopping online or sending an e-mail.”

    Money Essentials is available for download today for $19.99.

  • Microsoft Money doesn't make Money

    Posted by bink on November 17 2005, 3:22 AM. Posted in Money.

    Although Office and Windows continue to produce vast revenue and profits for the Microsoft, some of the company's other well-known consumer titles are generating only a trickle of business.

    According to internal documents seen by CNET, Microsoft gets only about $2 for each copy of Works that is bundled on new computers. The standard version of Money isn't even a break-even proposition, and the company has had to heavily discount its OneNote application in order to get computer makers to include it.

    Microsoft predicts that things won't improve from here, either."The outlook for the packaged consumer retail software market is poor," MSN workers said in an internal strategy paper seen by CNET "The size of the market is shrinking, and consumers appear less willing than ever to buy software applications off the shelf."

    In the paper, Microsoft said that worldwide sales of full packaged software--which includes Works, the Encarta encyclopedia, digital imaging software and Money--dropped by 7 percent in fiscal year 2004. In addition, the company said it was seeing similar trends for fiscal 2005. Continue At Source

  • Microsoft Money 2006 Deluxe Trial

    Posted by bink on July 6 2005, 3:59 PM. Posted in Money.

    Microsoft Money 2006 makes it easy to stay on top of your finances. You get all your finances, all in one place. Money 2006 works with your checking, credit card and brokerage accounts. Money also helps you understand spending, manage your bills and organize for tax time. Download a free trial today so you can spend less time worrying about your money and more time enjoying it.Note from Microsoft: this is a US only download. O? I just downloaded it in Amsterdam[:D]Download At Source
  • Microsoft Money 2005 for the Pocket PC

    Posted by bink on January 18 2005, 9:41 PM. Posted in Money.

    I've seemed to miss this one last month.Installation program for Microsoft Money 2005 for the Pocket PCDownload At Source
  • Complaints Rise Over Microsoft Money Update

    Posted by bink on September 29 2004, 2:44 PM. Posted in Money.

    Just days after the official release of Microsoft Corp.'s Money 2005, some customers who placed transactions to purchase copies of the financial management software are alleging they were short changed.

    Microsoft support newsgroups on Monday was rife with displays of cognitive dissonance and customer dissatisfaction over what are alleged to be serious quality control issues—primarily concerning online bill paying features.

    Microsoft considers Money 2005 to be a significant advancement in the product's evolution. The company has taken Money back to "essentials" to address three primary tasks: checking account balances, monitoring spending and paying bills.

    In addition to simplifying Money, Microsoft has souped up the software's ability to download clients' account information from banks, credit card companies and brokerages while reducing the need for manual data entry.

    The tighter ties between Money and the MSN service mean that customers can manage portfolios, stay informed and pay bills online. However, this integration paved the way for the sharpest criticisms from the early adopters. Aside from scattered complaints made over Microsoft's changes to categories, and an apparent inability for some users to match downloaded transaction with transactions in their personal registers; the aggrieved customers reported that the MSN Bill Pay feature will not work after upgrading. Continue At Source

  • UK MS Money 2004 review

    Posted by bink on October 23 2003, 11:51 PM. Posted in Money.

    How much are you worth? It's a rude question we know - we Brits hate talking about money of course, but we'd wager that most of you have no idea. You know how much you earn each month; you have a slightly shakier grasp of how much your monthly bills are and you may be painfully aware of the size of your overdraft, but the big picture is a blur. We've scant idea where it all goes and we tend to think in terms of what we earn rather than what we have.

    This is where a good piece of personal finance software comes in. Money is just that - it's now in its umpteenth version and is the unquestioned joint market leader, along with Intuit's Quicken. The real strength in these packages lies, not just in budgeting, but in tidying all your financial affairs into one neat pile. For the first time, you'll gain a snapshot of your overall financial position. From here you can start to plan how you're going to make things better.

    Before you install Money you'll need to clear a big space on your desk and get all your financial papers together. Bank statements, wage slips, regular payments for insurance, loan repayments, pension and mortgage information, the lot. You're going to need these as the set-up for Money demands you create an account for every financial commitment. A painful but useful exercise. However, it forces you to take control and, once done, maintaining things becomes very straightforward.

    Once everything is input you'll find the Money home page a model of organisational simplicity. Your favourite accounts are tidily displayed, alongside reports.

    You can elect to display cashflow projections, projected balances of your current account and so forth, in an attractive medley of bar and pie charts and link to worksheets and online resources. In typical Microsoft style, the software has been blended with the web presence - and there are very good online resources. Apart from budgeting, we'd say the strongest selling point is the online-linked planning tools. Money will continually hotlink to where you'll find worksheets on writing a will, calculating your pension, deciding whether to remortgage, learning about ways to manage debt and more.

    It is, at heart, a very simple package - a page listing assets, liabilities and net worth. And that's its strength, as you start putting it all together for the first time, you begin to wonder why you have £100 in a low-paying account when it could be paying off that credit card bill.

    You start to anticipate bills before they arrive and cost you bank overdraft charges. Most of all, Money removes surprises... which are lovely things for birthdays and Christmas but not when it comes to your financial affairs.

    Money is very proud of its ability to import statements from online banking organisations. This is terrific if you bank with Barclays, but we chose Virgin from the enormous dropdown selection, only to be told it wasn't supported.

    We're prepared to accept there may be big logistical barriers to hooking up with every online bank, but until it does, Microsoft really can't claim that 'transactions can be downloaded from your bank directly into Money'.

    What you end up doing is manually updating the ins and outs of your current account, which takes a fair degree of discipline and commitment when your can simply go online to your bank to check what's happening.

    Previously Money has come in three versions. Microsoft has simplified things this time. Standard retails at around £27; the £18 extra for Financial Suite buys you Taxsaver 2003 - a good package that will make compiling your tax return a great deal simpler, and which sells as a standalone at around £30. So if you are going to be filling in a self-assessment tax return this year, we advise going for Financial Suite. The more expensive package also includes a very good paper manual, which doesn't come with the Standard version. Microsoft got this package right a long time ago and has not messed with a winning formula. The bundling of Taxsaver and an online linkup with Experian (letting you check your credit rating) are also tantalising extras.

    So would we buy 2004? Well if you're without personal finance software and your finances need help, then cough up. Money does what it promises; it's thorough, tried, tested and glitch-free, there's great online support and, unless you're a Quicken devotee, you won't find a better solution.

    But if you own an earlier version, we'd advise you to stick with it - there simply isn't enough to make you shell out again. VNUNET

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