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  • Microsoft Mediaroom First to Bring Virtualization to IPTV

    Posted by sumeethevans on May 28 2009, 10:51 PM. Posted in Microsoft TV.

    Introduction of Mediaroom with virtualization delivers up to sixfold reduction in server hardware; it now also provides an ideal platform for small deployments and reduces operator costs to launch and grow IPTV services.

    Microsoft today launched Microsoft Mediaroom with virtualization, making Mediaroom the first Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) platform to offer virtualization support. Mediaroom with virtualization can deliver up to a sixfold reduction in the number of physical servers required to support a full-featured IPTV service, significantly reducing hardware and management costs and speeding time to market for Mediaroom customers by up to three weeks.

    Mediaroom with virtualization is designed to provide a cost-effective yet full-featured IPTV platform for smaller operators, for operators launching new services as they scale their subscriber base, and for operators who want to extend an existing service into new markets to serve lower-density communities.

    With virtualization support, it is possible to deploy and operate a full Mediaroom-powered TV service for up to 30,000 subscriber homes per market using fewer than 10 physical servers. Even for deployments of greater than 30,000 subscriber homes, a mix of virtualized and dedicated servers can still provide efficiency benefits.

    “Reservation Telephone Cooperative prides itself on delivering a full range of advanced voice, data and TV services to our highly distributed community of just under 10,000 customers in North Dakota,” said Royce Aslakson, CEO of RTC. “By adding virtualization support, Microsoft Mediaroom is making the promise of converged entertainment services approachable without the cost and compromise inherent in more piecemeal solutions. The opportunity to sprint ahead of traditional TV services is now within our reach.”

    Mediaroom with virtualization offers the full functionality of Microsoft’s award-winning IPTV platform including video on demand, DVR Anywhere for viewing and managing recorded shows in any room, and Mediaroom Anytime for viewing of previously aired programs or restarting currently airing shows without any preplanning or prior digital video recording. Other capabilities include high-definition video for live and on-demand content, multiview, instant channel zapping, and TV applications that support rich interactivity and seamless blending of Web content and services with broadcast TV. A full lineup of Mediaroom features is available at

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  • Reliance Communications Partners With Microsoft to Deliver IPTV in India on the Microsoft Mediaroom Platform

    Posted by vasudev on November 5 2007, 9:52 PM. Posted in Microsoft TV.

    Reliance Communications Partners With Microsoft to Deliver IPTV in India on the Microsoft Mediaroom PlatformContract estimated at $500 million (U.S.), unveils new era of connected entertainment with IPTV.

    Reliance Communications Ltd. and Microsoft Corp. today announced a strategic partnership to deliver a highly connected, personalized TV experience to consumers in India through Reliance’s Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) service, which will be powered by the award-winning Microsoft Mediaroom IPTV software platform. The announcement was made by Anil D Ambani, chairman, Reliance Communications, and Steve Ballmer, chief executive officer of Microsoft, at a press event today in Mumbai. Reliance Communications shall have the exclusive deployment right for the platform in India.

    Reliance’s IPTV service, powered by the Microsoft Mediaroom platform, will allow Reliance to deliver entirely new, connected and personalized TV experiences for Indian consumers, with several advanced features, such as video on demand (VOD), digital video recording (DVR), instant channel changing, and personal media sharing. IPTV subscribers will be able to watch popular standard definition (SD) content as well as high-definition (HD) content — for the first time in India — at the click of a button from the comfort of their homes, and enjoy a connected entertainment experience that will soon allow them to watch their favorite shows on their TV or PC. The service will be launched by fiscal end (March 2008).

    “As consumers today are becoming more sophisticated, they are demanding more compelling and personalized entertainment to suit their individual needs and preferences,” Ambani said. “Until now, TV has been a broadcast, ‘one-size-fits-all’ experience. Backed by powerful Microsoft Mediaroom software, IPTV promises to offer our subscribers more choice, control and convenience, and at the end of the day, a unique and more satisfying user experience. We’re excited to partner with Microsoft to unlock the potential of television and offer Indian subscribers the very best TV and connected entertainment experiences.”

    “Reliance is about to change the way consumers experience television,” Ballmer said. “TV is the only major digital device that has been left out of the networking revolution, and Microsoft and Reliance are now making the TV a first-class citizen in the connected entertainment landscape. By connecting the TV to an intelligent two-way network and adding powerful software, new connected and personalized experiences will become possible here in India.”

    The IPTV service will also target an area with a great degree of ambiguity, as far as TV content and advertising goes in India. There is, at present, no clear indication of how much of the content and advertising is really reaching the target audience and what the returns for the investments are. A two-way interactive medium can rectify this.

    “In addition to the obvious benefit that will come to the consumers, this offering will also benefit the media industry at large,” said Ravi Venkatesan, chairman of Microsoft India. “Whether it is the content providers, the platform owners or the advertisers, they will get better value for their money. This is critical for the long-term growth and sustenance of the television industry.”

    “Reliance Communications is well poised to leverage its next-gen optical fiber network to unleash the ‘Connected Digital Home’ phenomena,” said Prakash Bajpai, president of Home and Enterprise Business at Reliance. “This revolutionary new IPTV will give viewers complete control over home entertainment as well as Internet-enabled information and communication services on an ‘always-on’ basis.” Continue At Source

  • Microsoft TV to Accelerate Microsoft Mediaroom Deployments With New Interoperability and Qualification Lab

    Posted by bink on September 7 2007, 3:04 PM. Posted in Microsoft TV.

    Program will facilitate quality control and enable faster time to market for IPTV ecosystem vendors and service providers.

    Today at IBC2007 Microsoft Corp. announced the Microsoft® Mediaroom™ Interoperability and Qualification Lab (IQ Lab) for digital video encoders. This program will help enable the ongoing interoperability and compliance of encoders used in deployments of the award-winning Microsoft Mediaroom multimedia and Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) software platform. IQ Lab-compliant encoding vendors will become recommended Microsoft Mediaroom ecosystem partners. As the Microsoft Mediaroom software platform continues to gain momentum around the world, encoding partners will be able to capitalize on this growth by enabling their solutions to seamlessly integrate with the platform to deliver fast and smooth service provider deployments.

    Based in Microsoft’s Silicon Valley campus in Mountain View, Calif., the IQ Lab gives encoding vendors the opportunity to test their products in a controlled IPTV production environment, with set-top boxes from several vendors. The program also provides the following services for encoding vendors:

    Support and training. Access to Microsoft IPTV training sessions and a dedicated team of Microsoft engineers and program managers to evaluate whether encoding specifications are met

    Testing and qualification lab access. Dedicated testing time in the lab with access to test reporting and analysis resources

    Test tools and consulting services. Access to test kits and Mediaroom software and AV consulting expertise to encoding solutions to support future versions of the software platform

    For Microsoft Mediaroom service provider customers, the IQ Lab helps enhance encoder product quality and gives them an opportunity to work with a broad array of encoding vendors as they deploy advanced digital TV services. In addition, with the IQ Lab program Microsoft and its encoding partners can remain aligned as the Microsoft Mediaroom platform evolves. Several of Microsoft TV’s encoding partners, including Envivio Inc., Harmonic Inc., Motorola, TANDBERG Television and Thomson, have already signed up for the IQ Lab. Each of these companies has also completed the qualification of one or more encoders, which are now in use by several Mediaroom customers.

    “As worldwide deployments of Microsoft Mediaroom accelerate, we plan to offer our service provider customers the strongest set of encoding solutions to choose from, while enabling our encoding partners to succeed,” said Joe Seidel, director of global partner development for the Microsoft TV business at Microsoft. “The investment and commitment on our part and by our encoding partners is an indication of the strength of our global IPTV ecosystem.”

    More than 19 of the world’s leading service providers have selected the Microsoft Mediaroom platform for their digital TV offerings. Commercial deployments are under way with 11 providers. Microsoft Mediaroom will be on display at the Topaz stand at IBC2007, taking place Sept. 6–11 at Amsterdam’s RAI Congress Centre. Additional information about the IQ Lab program can be obtained by sending e-mail to

  • Microsoft Australia launches Partner TV

    Posted by bink on August 31 2007, 3:22 PM. Posted in Microsoft TV.

    This morning Microsoft announced a brand new channel initiative, 'Partner TV', at the Opportunity Partner Conference on Hamilton Island. The new website features video blogs of the vendor’s key players, with feedback invited from partners through email or comment posts. Partner TV has been created to provide an interesting platform of collaboration as resellers had been pressuring Microsoft to provide new ways for them to communicate within their partner community. Discussing skills and development opportunities as well as sales and marketing advice, Pip Marlow, director of small midmarket solutions and partners presented one of the first blogs that went live when the site launched at midnight last night. Jeff Putt, the director of Windows client presents another blog that talks about the Windows business and initiatives for the year ahead.A fantastic concept because of the geographic expanse of Australia, Partner TV gives resellers in remote locations the opportunity to directly interact with the microsoft executives, Tracy Fellows, managing director of Microsoft will soon be appearing in her own blog. Continue At Source
  • Microsoft Mediaroom IPTV and Multimedia Platform Debuts at NXTcomm

    Posted by sumeethevans on June 18 2007, 9:59 AM. Posted in Microsoft TV.

    CHICAGO — June 18, 2007 — Microsoft Corp. today announced the availability of Microsoft® Mediaroom™, the latest update to its award-winning Internet Protocol television (IPTV) software platform, featuring several new multimedia capabilities, including in-home personal music and photo sharing, dynamic MultiView (multiple picture-in-picture) capabilities, Multimedia Application Environment for development of interactive services and advanced applications, and digital terrestrial television (DTT) support. Microsoft also introduced the Microsoft Mediaroom Application Development toolkit, which provides service providers and third-party developers with tools to create compelling, revenue-generating TV-based applications that run on the platform.

    The Microsoft Mediaroom multimedia platform supports simultaneous recording of multiple high-definition and standard-definition TV channels.
    The Microsoft Mediaroom multimedia platform supports simultaneous recording of multiple high-definition and standard-definition TV channels.
    Click for larger version.

    With this latest release, Microsoft is renaming its IPTV platform Microsoft Mediaroom to better reflect the broader set of new connected entertainment experiences made possible today and the types of experiences anticipated in the future. In addition, the Microsoft Mediaroom name and identity are designed to be used by service providers as an ingredient brand to create a powerful competitive differentiator to support their consumer marketing activities.

    Building upon existing Microsoft IPTV features, such as enhanced digital video recording, video on demand, high-definition television and instant channel zapping, the Microsoft Mediaroom platform introduces the following:Continue At Source

  • Consumers Value Features, Content and Ease of Use Over Price When Selecting TV Services, Microsoft Survey Finds

    Posted by bink on May 8 2007, 7:05 PM. Posted in Microsoft TV.

    International research study debunks myths about pay TV market.

    According to a global research study conducted by Microsoft Corp. and research firm Screen Digest, more than 60 percent of consumers in seven benchmark developed countries would consider switching TV service providers to obtain the features and content they want, at current market prices or higher. This finding contradicts previously held assumptions that price is the single most important factor in selecting TV service providers. The study further points to key trends that define the Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) market and demonstrates that as technology changes the nature of television, old paradigms of behavior may not necessarily apply.

    Completed earlier this year, the research identified market segments most inclined to purchase IPTV and drivers that will motivate them. Online and phone surveys of 5,000 “entertainment-oriented” consumers were conducted in seven benchmark developed countries: Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the United Kingdom and the United States. Overall, the survey estimated a total of 230 million potential candidates for more advanced TV services across these countries, with 75 million of those consumers expressing interest in switching and paying for a TV service with the features and channels they want. An additional 2,000 surveys were conducted in urban China and India. When these countries are included, the global audience for advanced TV services increases to 380 million, with 200 million willing to switch and pay for a new TV service.

    Consumers were also allowed to create their “ideal” TV service from a number of different features. Consumers created and are willing to pay for lifestyle-based packages, rather than simply price and channels. Those lifestyle packages range from basic TV control and management, to family-oriented packages, to packages that enable communications, commerce and connections between the TV, PC and mobile devices. Over 50 percent of consumers willing to pay for new TV services in developed countries expressed interest in advanced capabilities beyond basic TV control and management.

    The study found that the consumer segments most likely to switch TV providers are those that are time-constrained, with 43 percent actually watching less TV than the average household. Although these TV watchers are satisfied with their TV experience, they are looking for ways to maximize the enjoyment of their TV time, prioritizing convenience and ease of use over price. This finding debunks two other generally accepted assumptions — that consumers who view a great deal of television are more likely to demand new services and that the more dissatisfied consumers are with their TV experience, the more likely they are to switch services.

    Additional key findings included the following: Continue At Source

  • Microsoft Outlines Its Vision for Creating, Managing and Experiencing Content at NAB2007

    Posted by spy on April 16 2007, 1:44 PM. Posted in Microsoft TV.

    LAS VEGAS — April 15, 2007 — This week at the 2007 National Association of Broadcasters conference (NAB2007), Microsoft Corp. is showcasing its advanced media platform technologies and broad partner ecosystem that enable media and entertainment companies to create and manage nearly endless varieties of media and deliver stunning entertainment experiences to their customers.

    Microsoft is highlighting its entire range of solutions for the media and entertainment industry, including two new products launched at NAB2007: Microsoft® Silverlight™ and Microsoft Interactive Media Manager. Other advancements being announced by Microsoft at NAB2007 include a new Microsoft VC-1 Encoder software developer kit (SDK) and the expansion of the Microsoft TV Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) partner ecosystem. Microsoft will also detail new collaborations with leading organizations such as Ascent Media Group Inc., McCann Worldgroup, Showtime Networks Inc., Starz Entertainment, SyncCast and TV Guide.

    “The transformation of the media and entertainment industry and the introduction of a new digital supply chain make powerful software platforms and solutions essential to the success of media businesses,” said Michael O’Hara, general manager of the Communications Sector at Microsoft. “Microsoft’s offerings support the entire content life cycle and help companies create and manage digital content, as well as provide a rewarding end-user experience. Unique among technology suppliers to the media and entertainment industry, Microsoft provides the business systems and IT infrastructure that media and entertainment companies need.”

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  • Microsoft Expands IPTV Technology Ecosystem as Worldwide Deployments Accelerate

    Posted by spy on April 16 2007, 1:44 PM. Posted in Microsoft TV.

    LAS VEGAS — April 15, 2007 — Today at the 2007 National Association of Broadcasters conference (NAB2007), the world’s largest electronic media show, Microsoft Corp. announced additional top technology suppliers providing technologies that support the Microsoft® TV Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) Edition software platform, which is being deployed by several leading service providers worldwide. The announcement illustrates the accelerating growth of the IPTV industry and Microsoft’s commitment to work with a broad range of solutions providers to ensure ongoing industry innovation while allowing service providers the flexibility to choose from a variety of technologies to deploy IPTV services.

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  • Microsoft to showcase IPTV on Xbox 360 for the first time in Europe at The Connected Home

    Posted by spy on February 24 2007, 8:24 AM. Posted in Microsoft TV.

    Microsoft will showcase IPTV on Xbox 360 for the first time in Europe at The Connected Home show to be held in Olympia, London on 5-7 March, 2007 ( Ed Graczyk, Worldwide Director of Marketing and Communications for Microsoft TV, will demonstrate IPTV on Xbox 360 during his keynote at the conference, entitled "Future of Connected Entertainment". The demonstration will showcase what happens when next-generation television is combined with next-generation gaming in a unique, new service delivered by your broadband provider. Graczyk commented, "Separately the Xbox 360 and Microsoft TV IPTV Edition deliver unique and exciting entertainment experiences, but IPTV on Xbox 360 delivers a real value proposition for consumers, service providers and content and game developers alike. By integrating these industry-leading solutions, we continue to drive innovation and enable new connected entertainment experiences for consumers." Continue At Source
  • Next-Generation Set-Top Platforms Supporting Microsoft TV IPTV Edition Enable Advanced New Functionalities

    Posted by bink on October 10 2006, 1:28 PM. Posted in Microsoft TV.

    Cisco, Motorola, Philips and Tatung devices are available immediately.

    Microsoft Corp. and leading set-top box manufacturers Cisco Systems Inc., Motorola Inc., Philips and Tatung Co. today announced at Broadband World Forum Europe that advanced system-on-a-chip (SoC) set-tops, which will greatly enhance the Internet Protocol television (IPTV) user experience, are now available to support Microsoft® IPTV Edition software platform deployments with leading telecommunications carriers worldwide. An integral part of the IPTV ecosystem, SoC set-tops will enable service providers to begin delivering high-definition TV (HDTV), digital video recording (DVR) and picture-in-picture functionalities as well as other advanced features in the future, enhancing consumers’ television-viewing experience.

    This new generation of SoC-based, HD-capable, IPTV-ready receivers makes it easier for service providers to deploy IPTV Edition more broadly, quickly and cost-efficiently while supporting exciting new TV services. The availability of these devices illustrates the continued innovation of Microsoft and its IPTV Edition ecosystem partners in the telecommunications and digital television industries.

    “The advent of system-on-a-chip set-tops is a key milestone for the IPTV industry,” said Christine Heckart, general manager of marketing for the Microsoft TV Division at Microsoft. “As our service provider customers are beginning worldwide deployments of IPTV Edition, and set-top partners are unveiling these advanced devices, consumers will be able to experience television in a new, exciting way. This milestone is a testament to the remarkable progress our IPTV ecosystem has made in just a few years, and it will pave the way for service providers to deliver richer TV services at a lower cost.”

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  • BBC and Microsoft Sign Memorandum of Understanding as BBC Seeks New Strategic Partnerships to Underpin Creative Future

    Posted by bink on September 29 2006, 3:26 AM. Posted in Microsoft TV.

    Companies to explore digital opportunities for next-generation broadcasting.

    The British Broadcasting Corp. (BBC) and Microsoft Corp. took a step toward strengthening their working alliance yesterday when the two companies signed a nonexclusive memorandum of understanding.

    The memorandum of understanding will define the framework within which the companies can explore opportunities for the delivery and consumption of BBC content and the evolution of next-generation broadcasting.

    In Seattle, as part of a fact-finding tour of the U.S., BBC director General Mark Thompson and director of new media and technology Ashley Highfield met Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates to officially sign the memorandum of understanding and discuss the BBC’s digital strategy. This includes plans for its online archive, for a radically re-invented Web site in the Web 2.0 world — a second generation of Internet-based services — and for ways to share its online content in the future.

    “We are currently witnessing unprecedented rates of change in technology and audience expectations,” Thompson said. “To ensure that the BBC is able to embrace the creative challenges of the digital future, we need to forge strategic partnerships with technology companies and distributors for the benefit of licence payers.”

    “Microsoft’s strength is in driving digital innovation, and our vision is to open up rich, new consumer experiences that allow people to enjoy digital content anytime, anywhere and on any device,” Gates said. “This vision fits squarely with the BBC’s charter to lead the industry in delivering content that is compelling and accessible. I’m delighted that we’re taking this important step, and I look forward to working together to develop new models for content delivery and consumption.”

    “Microsoft is not just a key supplier to the BBC, it is also a key gateway to audiences that the BBC needs to reach through Web services it runs like MSN® and Windows Live™ Messenger, and hardware such as Xbox® and the Windows Media® Center,” Highfield said. “The BBC needs to work with all players in this space to make sure our programs and content are enjoyed by the widest possible audience, without always having to come to to find it. The learnings from our U.S. visit will very much inform our thinking on the BBC’s creative future.”

    The memorandum of understanding aims to identify areas of common interest between the BBC and Microsoft on which a strategic alliance could be developed. Areas of potential investigation and collaboration include search and navigation, distribution, and content enablement. Any actual procurements of new technology, or launch of new services by the BBC, would be subject to appropriate regulatory approval.

  • Juniper to provide Microsoft IPTV security

    Posted by spy on June 6 2006, 6:22 AM. Posted in Microsoft TV.

    NEW YORK (Reuters) - Computer network equipment maker Juniper Networks Inc. will offer security services for Microsoft Corp.'s Internet Protocol television (IPTV) software, the companies said on Monday.Microsoft TV's IPTV Edition is software that help phone and cable companies deliver services such as interactive program guides, digital video recording, and on-demand programming.Juniper will provide firewall services that protect Microsoft's IPTV software from malicious traffic, viruses, and spyware, they said.