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  • Microsoft`s Search Server 2008 Express Available

    Posted by sumeethevans on March 4 2008, 5:56 AM. Posted in Sharepoint Services, Microsoft Search Server.

    When Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates takes the stage to deliver the keynote address at the annual 2008 Microsoft SharePoint Conference here March 3, he will announce the availability of both Search Server 2008 Express and the Silverlight Blueprint for SharePoint.

    Search Server 2008 Express, the free, downloadable enterprise search product announced in November, is relatively simple to install and easy to use, and brings a powerful set of search features, including new capabilities to help businesses connect to a wide range of information, a Microsoft spokesperson told eWEEK ahead of the conference.

    Silverlight Blueprint for SharePoint jumpstarts the effort to combine the interactivity of Silverlight with the next-generation Web application development platform of SharePoint. It includes sample applications that combine Silverlight and SharePoint, detailed guidance and proven best practices, and new rich business data visualizations and interactivity.

    The blueprint can be downloaded here.

    Gates will also tell the audience that more than 100 million SharePoint licenses have been sold, taking sales revenue beyond the billion-dollar mark, largely due to the collaboration and information management capabilities it delivers, and that this is just the beginning of SharePoint’s success, the spokesperson said.

    There are currently some 2,250 certified SharePoint partners, with more than 17,000 businesses using the product to collaborate with team members, search and create social networks for experts and corporate information, manage content and workflow, and leverage business insight to make better-informed decisions. 

  • Announcing Microsoft Search Server 2008 Express

    Posted by vasudev on November 6 2007, 9:45 PM. Posted in Windows Server 2008, Microsoft Search Server.

    I’m pleased to announce that we're unveiling Microsoft Search Server 2008 today at the Enterprise Search Summit in San Jose!  The really exciting news is that we're also offering a free version of this product – Microsoft Search Server 2008 Expresswhich you can download now as a release candidate.  Our team worked extremely hard to get this release to you, and we’re proud of what we’re delivering today.

    Our aim for Search Server Express is to give you a free and powerful enterprise search product that’s incredibly easy for you to deploy.  After you download it, you’ll find it takes just a few minutes to get it up and running.  It’s going to be the fastest way you can bring an enterprise search experience into your business.

    But ease of use will be just the first thing you notice.  We also built Search Server Express with enterprise-class features, including relevancy tuning, security-trimmed search results, and great out-of-the-box administration and reporting.  One other significant improvement you’ll find is the removal of any pre-set document limits, giving you a lot of flexibility in the amount information you can index.

    We also support federating your searches to any business system or online service supporting the OpenSearch standard.  That means it’s incredibly easy to connect Search Server Express to the information people in your business need to find, wherever it might be.  We believe Microsoft and its partners can offer you the one-stop search experience you’ve been looking for – and today, companies like EMC, Cognos, HP, Business Objects, SAS, and OpenText have already announced their intent to support federation with Search Server and Search Server Express.  We expect many of them to release federated search connectors to coincide with the release of these products in the first half of 2008.

    You’re probably asking why we’ve chosen to release an enterprise search product for free.  We’re really passionate about giving you tools that help people in your business find the information they need to get work done.  Every day, companies across the world generate more than 35 million gigabytes of data – we believe there’s a set of enterprise search capabilities every one of them needs in order to make better use of that information.  Today, we’re delivering that to you for free with Search Server Express.

    On another level, you can think of Search Server Express as the easiest way to introduce enterprise search to your organization.  Between Search Server Express, Search Server, and Office SharePoint Server – all of which share a common enterprise search platform – we think we’ve got you pretty well covered.

    In the meantime, download the Search Server Express release candidate, and let us know what you think on our product forums!