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  • Introducing Microsoft Tagspace

    Posted by bink on April 18 2007, 3:24 AM. Posted in Communities.

    Tagspace * is a social bookmarking service for software professionals** that encourages sound sleep and sweet dreams by enabling you to be better informed, better connected, and more productive. The more you use Tagspace, the more you'll wonder how you survived for so long in the cramped quarters of your Web browser's Favorites folder.

    WARNING: TAGSPACE IS ADDICTIVE. REPEATED USAGE MAY CAUSE INCREASED PRODUCTIVITY.*Tagspace has been shown to be effective in helping to prevent and reduce memory decay.**No animals or software engineers were harmed in the making or testing of Tagspace.

    For more information about Tagspace, see:

    Screencast (direct stream): intro2tagspace.wvx Screencast (on MSN Soapbox): intro2tagspace.wmvText Overview: Tagspace Beta Refresh OverviewProduct Roadmap: Microsoft.Community Today and Tomorrow  (...because this is just the beginning.)Tagspace: In the NewsSubscribe: RSS

  • Microsoft Blogs get 157 million hits in April

    Posted by bink on May 8 2006, 11:49 PM. Posted in Communities.

    Robert Scoble: ...they just sent around the latest stats from our employee blogs at and and those two sites combined had about 157 million hits. Now, keep in mind that doesn't mean visitors, but, still, if you told me three years ago that our blog sites would be getting hit that hard within three years I would have looked at you like you were doing crack.

    By the way, we should thank the folks over at Telligent who make the excellent Community Server, which runs those blogs.

  • New Microsoft Blogs for Canadians

    Posted by bink on January 17 2006, 8:36 PM. Posted in Communities.

    After suggestions from a number of you we have launched a couple of new blogs... Canadian IT Pro team blog:  This blog is aimed at providing a one stop shop for the Canadian IT Pro community and will concentrate on the technical information. You will find the whole team and guests posting on this blog and if you have any suggestions, wants or have posts, please feel free to let us know.

    Canadian IT Managers blog:  The Managers blog is focussed on industry and pertinent information for IT Managers in Canada and beyond. We have a number of guest bloggers from the industry who provide insight and information.Continue At Source

  • The Hive is Live!!

    Posted by bink on June 14 2005, 12:05 AM. Posted in Communities.

    The Hive Want to get an inside look at the latest in technology?

    If you’re a leader in an online group or website that helps others get more out of their PCs, and you’re passionate about consumer technology, then this is the place for you.

    The Hive beta is your exclusive place on the Web to:

    • Connect with other community leaders in an exclusive environment.
    • Get insider news and information about Microsoft® Windows® products.
    • Share tips and cross-pollinate ideas to help improve your own community, and use The Hive to send your message out to the rest of the world.
    • Win* Sweet Stuff just for participating.

    Go to The Hive

    Read Q&A at Microsoft launches “The Hive,” a beta site for community leaders" Interview with Josh also participates in The Hive

  • msnews server stats

    Posted by bink on September 30 2004, 5:43 PM. Posted in Communities.

    Statistics of microsoft.public newsgroups:On 040917 there were 34000 posts made to microsoft.public newsgroups and 1550 cancel messages submitted.On 040918 there were 15400 posts made to microsoft.public newsgroups and 40 cancel messages submitted.On 040919 there were 16350 posts made to microsoft.public newsgroups and 1800 cancel messages submitted.On 040920 there were 40400 posts made to microsoft.public newsgroups and 430 cancel messages submitted.On 040921 there were 32800 posts made to microsoft.public newsgroups and 1050 cancel messages submitted.On 040922 there were 41500 posts made to microsoft.public newsgroups and 7000 cancel messages submitted.On 040923 there were 44000 posts made to microsoft.public newsgroups and 120 cancel messages submitted.

  • Dynamic Content Feeds on

    Posted by bink on July 15 2004, 1:01 PM. Posted in Communities.

    We launched a new service last Thursday providing Web sites with dynamic, scoped content feeds that are RSS-enabled.

    These automated content feeds include things like:

    • Security bulletins
    • articles by MVPs
    • most active Newsgroup discussions
    • recent KB articles
    • most popular Downloads
    • MVP biographies
    • Webcasts
    • the blog feeds that Tim mentioned below in his post last Friday

    ... and in the news few weeks we'll add additional feeds like upcoming Chats and Events.

    Internally, we refer to these feeds as “Smart Components” because once an editor has deployed them 1) they update themselves automatically with fresh content each day, and 2) they can be scoped by the site editor to show content for any product, technology, language, etc. desired.

    So, a site manager can set these controls to show Downloads and KB articles from Visual Studio, or hot newsgroup discussions in Japanese that related to Windows Server 2003 clustering, etc.

    As I mentioned, editors can also expose RSS feeds for this content so that users can subscribe to them.

    This afternoon, the first site on launched with these new content feeds: the Exchange Server Community welcome page and newsgroup overview page (thanks to Khiota, Margery, Jim, Dave, et al). You can see the RSS feeds activated here too. (Actually, the 1.0 version of these components launched back in September and are already scattered across about 60 sites on, but they aren't really called out as being dynamic feeds, we only had 4 content feeds, and there was no RSS capability, so you may not have noticed them...)

    In the weeks and months to come, we will look to add additional feeds, fine-tune the ones we have, probably scrap the ones that folks don't find useful, and otherwise continue our exploration of how to make content more contextually relevant and accessible to our customers, while also hopefully making things easier for our friends who run the various Web sites on (no more manually programming a list of top downlods, relevant KB articles, etc.).

  • Microsoft Community Blogs

    Posted by bink on July 13 2004, 1:06 PM. Posted in Communities.

    Blogs are Web sites which share a few common characteristics. They are updated frequently, written from the point of view of an individual, written in an informal tone, and usually expose an RSS feed for syndicating the content into various forms of aggregators.You can use the directory below to find weblogs about Microsoft technologies written by Microsoft employees. Use these blogs to get insights and opinions about using (and creating!) Microsoft technology and software.

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