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  • Call for Entries Announced for 2008 MS-HUG Innovation Awards

    Posted by bink on October 22 2007, 9:19 PM. Posted in Azyxxi.

    11th annual awards recognize technology innovation for healthcare.

    The Microsoft Healthcare Users Group (MS-HUG) and Microsoft Corp. today announced a call for entries for the 2008 MS-HUG Healthcare Innovation Awards. The contest, open to any healthcare organization, recognizes leadership in the use of technology to improve the quality and delivery of healthcare.

    Now in its 11th year of rewarding excellence in innovative healthcare technology, the annual awards program highlights solutions seen as most critical to driving transformation in healthcare delivery. Eligible solutions must be based on Microsoft technology and enable individuals to measurably improve business and/or clinical processes that affect patient care.

    The MS-HUG Healthcare Innovation Awards showcase organizations that promote performance breakthroughs by enhancing the quality of patient care, reducing costs, streamlining clinical and business processes, driving interoperability, improving productivity and workflow, and enabling informed decisions. The awards recognize the healthcare organization — together with any collaborating industry solutions vendor or systems integrator — that demonstrates industry leadership in each of the following categories:

    Clinical Records, Inpatient

    Clinical Records, Ambulatory

    Delivery Transformation

    Disease Surveillance


    Outcome Reporting

  • Moffitt Selects Microsoft’s Azyxxi to Help Drive Personalized Cancer Treatment

    Posted by bink on September 21 2007, 1:31 AM. Posted in Azyxxi.

    Software to save years in research that aligns patients and treatments.

    The H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Center & Research Institute has selected Azyxxi®, the Microsoft® unified health enterprise platform, to aid in its development of personalized cancer treatment programs. Azyxxi will be used to assimilate large quantities of diverse data, including electrocardiograms, magnetic resonance imaging scans, dynamic angiograms, ultrasound images and, ultimately, genomic information, providing a visual gateway for instant access to the information, and allowing researchers to make and prove their hypotheses within minutes instead of months.

    “After searching for two years, we selected Azyxxi because we believe it provides the healthcare and research context that other products in the marketplace just don’t offer,” said Ed Martinez, chief information officer at Moffitt. “As a product developed by physicians, Azyxxi works the way clinicians and researchers work. It provides rapid results with minimum clicks, and allows for specific queries to help analyze and visualize data.”

    Personalized medicine holds the promise to better align patients with treatment programs. Azyxxi will help in the mining of data that allows Moffitt to make appropriate clinical and scientific discoveries, setting the stage for relating genetic information to clinical practice.

    “Azyxxi’s ability to correlate information and present it in a cohesive way can help any health organization tackle almost any challenge, and this is another great example of that,” said Peter Neupert, corporate vice president of the Health Solutions Group at Microsoft Corp. “We are thrilled that Moffitt recognizes Azyxxi as a tool that can help its researchers, clinicians — and ultimately patients — not only in the Moffitt Cancer Center but across the state of Florida.”

  • Novant Health Selects Microsoft Azyxxi to Improve Healthcare Delivery

    Posted by bink on August 31 2007, 1:09 PM. Posted in Azyxxi.

    Alliance established to provide the real-time data necessary for physicians and staff to make well-informed decisions about patient care and enterprise operations.

    Novant Health has joined the growing list of leading health institutions that want to get the most out of existing IT investments by improving organizationwide access to clinical, administrative and financial data. Novant will implement Azyxxi®, the Microsoft® unified health enterprise platform, throughout the enterprise, initially focusing on intensive care units and emergency departments and then expanding throughout its eight acute care hospitals and an 800-physician medical group.

    “Azyxxi will make comprehensive clinical data more accessible to physicians in a format that can be used to make higher-quality decisions,” said Stephen L. Wallenhaupt, M.D., a cardiovascular surgeon and chief medical officer of Novant Health. “Whenever we simplify how doctors access information about their patients, we believe that increases the potential for better medical care.”

    With Azyxxi, physicians will have a single point of access to all data, including lab results and video, from across the entire organization in one location. Caregivers will also be notified of critical information and status changes through automatic real-time updates. Azyxxi reduces the amount of time spent filling out paperwork and can eliminate human errors caused by repeated transfer and re-recording of information.

    “We are pleased to mark the one-year anniversary of Microsoft’s acquisition of Azyxxi by announcing that Novant Health is joining the ranks of other Azyxxi early adopters such as Johns Hopkins Health System, MedStar Health, NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital and the Wisconsin Health Information Exchange,” said Peter Neupert, corporate vice president of the Health Solutions Group at Microsoft. “We look forward to working with Novant to improve their organizationwide access to clinical and patient data, and ultimately enhancing patient care.”

  • Delivering Connected, People-Ready Healthcare IT

    Posted by sumeethevans on August 30 2007, 6:51 PM. Posted in Azyxxi.

    For years, hospitals and healthcare systems have suffered from ‘siloed’ information residing in separate and isolated systems. And for years Microsoft’s Health Solutions Group (HSG) has been active in promoting standards in this area to help bring those silos together, while carefully studying the market for innovative technologies that could help healthcare providers address this issue at the business solutions level. Just over a year ago, HSG acquired a technology developed at Washington Hospital Center called “Azyxxi” to do just that. Over the past year, HSG has integrated the Azyxxi team, including developers, designers and clinicians, and infused into its ongoing development the valuable assets and insights they had developed from years of using their technology to solve real-world challenges in the clinical setting. Today, as Microsoft’s new unified enterprise platform for healthcare, Azyxxi is fundamentally changing the way healthcare is managed in the organization, and delivered at the bedside. Based on Microsoft .NET Framework, Windows Server 2003 and SQL Server 2005 software, Azyxxi addresses a core challenge of most healthcare providers — integrating vast amounts of clinical, administrative and financial information that flow in and out of various, disparate information systems, and delivering it through role-based, optimized user interfaces to analysts, laboratory technicians, nurses, administrators and physicians. “Azyxxi unlocks the value of a health system’s vast stores of critical data, aggregates it from across all the organization’s existing technologies, and provides unique access to transactions, details and images,” says Steve Shihadeh, general manager of sales, marketing and solutions for HSG. “From the inside out, Azyxxi was designed on .NET and SQL Server for simplified deployment and support, high availability, scalability and secure data storage.” Continue At Source
  • Microsoft readies a consumer healthcare platform

    Posted by sumeethevans on June 29 2007, 8:36 PM. Posted in Azyxxi.

    Microsoft has made no secret about the fact it has designs on being a healthcare-IT contender. But what the company has kept under wraps, at least until now, was what it planned to do on the consumer side of the healthcare space.

    Sure, there’ve been hints here and there that Microsoft was readying some kind of “Windows Live Healthcare” offering. And it’s not a huge surprise that Microsoft would be considering some kind of consumer-facing offering, given that Microsoft rival Google and AOL Founder Steve Case’s Revolution Health are rushing headlong into the patient-information world.

    Microsoft is, indeed, readying a consumer healthcare platform, confirmed Steve Shihadeh, General Manager for Sales, Marketing and Solutions with Microsoft’s Health Solutions Group.

    “We are focused on both the enterprise and consumer space,” Shihadeh said, during a meeting we had in New York this week. Healthcare isn’t just another vertical market to Microsoft. Microsoft’s Health Solutions Group has over 600 employees in sales, marketing and product development. (There are 13 physicians on staff, as well.) Health Sciences is an incubation project that falls under Chief Research and Strategy Officer Craig Mundie’s domain.

    Products already known to be part of Microsoft Health Solutions’ purview are the Medstory medical Web-search engine that Microsoft bought in February, and Azyxxi, an integrated “health intelligence” system that Microsoft acquired in July 2006.

    Microsoft is looking to Medstory to allow users to conduct and save searches via which they will be able to “build a personal health record,” Shihadeh explained.

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  • Microsoft Expands Presence in Healthcare IT Industry With Acquisition of Health Intelligence Software Azyxxi

    Posted by bink on July 27 2006, 2:27 AM. Posted in Azyxxi.

    Strategic agreement with MedStar Health and Washington Hospital Center will empower physicians and improve patient outcomes.

    Microsoft Corp. today announced that it has agreed to acquire the health intelligence software Azyxxi™ and to forge a strategic alliance with MedStar Health.

    Designed by doctors for doctors in one of the country’s busiest hospitals, Azyxxi (rhymes with “Trixie”) was created by Craig Feied, M.D., Mark Smith, M.D., and Fidrik Iskandar using Microsoft® development tools. It brings together all types of patient data from hundreds of sources and makes them instantly available at the point of care.

    Azyxxi was first deployed in 1996 in the emergency department of one of MedStar Health’s hospitals, Washington Hospital Center, in Washington, D.C. In addition to serving as a repository for all of a patient’s routine clinical information, Azyxxi provides caregivers with instant access to a comprehensive view of each patient that includes EKGs, scanned documents, X-rays, CT scans, MRI scans, PET scans and even dynamic angiograms and ultrasound images. The acquisition of Azyxxi deepens Microsoft’s commitment to the healthcare industry while making a proven solution more widely available to its customers. Financial terms were not disclosed as part of the agreement between the organizations.

    Under the terms of the acquisition, the Azyxxi creators will continue to support the development and expansion of the Azyxxi solution. Drs. Feied and Iskandar, along with approximately 40 employees from the development team at Washington Hospital Center, will join Microsoft and continue to work on research and future enhancements to the product. Dr. Smith will remain as chairman of the emergency medicine department at Washington Hospital Center and will also serve as chief clinical liaison to Microsoft.

    A newly formed division at Microsoft led by Peter Neupert, corporate vice president of the health solutions group, will incorporate the new employees and manage product development and delivery. Neupert rejoined Microsoft in September 2005 to coordinate its global health strategy. He reports to Craig Mundie, the company’s chief research and strategy officer.

    “Healthcare delivery is one of the top global challenges for governments, employers, caregivers and consumers. Microsoft believes that information technology can positively impact the situation by removing barriers and empowering physicians with instant access to critical patient data,” Neupert said. “Azyxxi has demonstrated strong and clear benefits to physicians and other clinicians. We’re excited to work with the original architects, MedStar Health and Washington Hospital Center, to increase R&D investment in Azyxxi and deliver a technology environment that will help advance the quality of healthcare for patients.”  Continue At Source