Microsoft Announces Session Based Terminal Server Load Balancing In Longhorn

Posted by bink on April 26 2007, 1:44 AM. Posted in Terminal Services.

Longhorn will have Load Balancing! Notice that I'm not talking about Network Load Balancing. Load Balancing in Longhorn will actually be usable Load Balancing. It is build into the new Session Directory renamed to the Session Broker (I wonder if they picked this VDI-like name on purpose...). This Load Balancing will of course not be total solution. It fits nicely into the whole "you can suffice with just Longhorn Terminal Server in low complexity environments". The limitations are: • You can not Load Balance Remote Programs.... just Published Desktops • The load balancing is based on sessions only. So, no advanced load evaluators.

So basically the full feature set of Longhorn Terminal Server now looks like this: • TS Gateway • TS Remote Programs • TS Web Access • WRSM For Terminal Servers • TS Easy Print • TS Session Broker Load Balancing Continue At Source