Microsoft starting to win over Linux servers

Posted by spy on April 10 2007, 5:29 PM. Posted in Windows Compute Cluster Server 2003.

Microsoft is showing some early signs of success with a version of Windows geared for a technical computing market that Linux dominates today.Windows Compute Cluster Server (CCS) runs on a group of interconnected computers that collectively tackle calculation chores. These high-performance computing clusters have swept the list of the top 500 supercomputers - but they typically run Linux, not Windows.When Microsoft released Windows CCS less than a year ago, the company tried to find a new niche in the market rather than go up against Linux directly. The software giant is trying to win over customers with small clusters, often integrated with the work customers are doing on their Windows PCs."We think that's fertile ground that nobody else has hoed yet," said Gartner analyst John Enck. "We were pretty skeptical when they came to market with this, but they're doing much better than we anticipated."Microsoft has had some successes moving from a market in which it's strong into an adjacent market where it's not. For example, Microsoft moved from operating system software to desktop software, and from Windows on PCs to Windows on servers.Full Story At Source