HD DVD truck makes a pit stop at Microsoft

Posted by bink on December 20 2006, 5:36 AM. Posted in Windows Media.

Last week the HD DVD truck made a stop here on the microsoft campus and of course I had to go see it for myself.  The HD DVD truck is one of those fully decked out big rig's with plasma tv's, xbox 360's and everything else you hope to find in your stocking this year.  HD DVD has been such an interesting topic mostly due to its competition with Blu-Ray.  There are a ton of movies now available including blazzing saddles and casablanca.  And if you ever wonder how a movie like casablanca that was shot in the early 40's can be high definition, you will find the answer within this segment. iPod iPod, PSP PSP, WMV WMV, WMV (High) WMV (High), Zune Zune