Powershell not ready for Vista yet

Posted by RayC on November 14 2006, 10:32 PM. Posted in Powershell.

Even though Powershell is RTM, it will not install on Windows Vista yet. This seems to be because of legal issues with the EULA.The Vista release will at least take few more weeks.UPDATE: They released it for Vista RC1:

Windows Vista RC1 (5600) and Windows Server code-name "Longhorn" IDS (5600)

X86: English-Language Package

X64: English Language Package

IA64: English Language Package for Windows Server code-name "Longhorn" only

FYI, Windows6.0-KB923569-x86.msu which is PowerShell RC2 for Vista build 5600 does not work on Vista build 5840 or 6000.