Microsoft offers downloads in RAR format

Posted by bink on November 6 2006, 6:46 PM. Posted in Opinion.

I always found it annoying on how inconsistent Microsoft offers its windows downloads on MS download center, like:Documentation: sometimes in WORD, sometimes in PDF, now XPS too. Sometimes the docs are zipper in self-extracting file, sometimes not. Sometimes you can download all chapters of an on-line book all together conveniently in 1 file, sometimes you needs to download all the "32" chapters one by one. Sometimes you cant download an on-line book or guide at all, only inconvenient reading on-line.Programs, sometimes just an MSI, sometimes with installer, these installers often contain 'windows installer' installation packages, common everyone has MS Windows installer by now, quit redistributing it. Many times the installer overhead is bigger then the actual program/tool that you want to install.WMVHD, The demo HD videos are offered in a self extracting zip-file, why? WMV is as much compressed as it is. When you look at the zip-file you see compression ratio of 0%! Even if it was 2% it doesn't weigh up to the overhead of the double disk space and extraction time you need.Today Microsoft offers VHD, virtual hard-disk files, since they tend to be large the downloads are spanned over 3 files (self extracting) not zipped but RARed.RAR has a better compression ratio so I'm not complaining on this one, but I hope MS will be more consistent in the future.