Microsoft, Novell reach agreement on Linux-source

Posted by bink on November 3 2006, 2:07 AM. Posted in Microsoft Corp.

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer discusses resolution of patent issues between Microsoft and Novell that will enable a combined focus on virtualization and Web services management and create new opportunities for both companies' customers. Microsoft Corp. and Novell Inc.  plan to enter into an agreement that would allow open-source Linux software to work with Microsoft's Windows software, a source close to the situation said on Thursday.

The agreement marks a change of course for Microsoft, which has spent years trying to defeat open-source software. The growing popularity of Linux servers has increased Microsoft's customer's needs for the two technologies to work together.

The source said on condition of anonymity that Microsoft planned to announce the collaboration on Thursday at a news conference attended by Microsoft Chief Executive Steve Ballmer and Novell CEO Ron Hovsepian.

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The companies also announce a patent agreement covering proprietary and open source products.