Microsoft pushes Windows Vista RTM back to Nov. 8 following critical bug find

Posted by bink on October 26 2006, 12:15 PM. Posted in Windows Vista.

This story is totally based on Which was posted on few days ago. Delay due to a bug that would "totally crash the system," according to quality assurance team

Microsoft Corp. originally targeted Wednesday for Vista's release to manufacturing, but a last-minute bug that "took most of the Vista team by surprise," caused an unexpected delay, said Ethan Allen, a quality assurance lead at a Seattle high-tech company that tests its products for Vista. Allen also oversees

Allen said the Vista team discovered the bug, which "would totally crash the system, requiring a complete reinstall," in Vista Build 5824 on Friday, Oct. 13. The team fixed the bug a week later in Vista Build 5840, he said, but it delayed the delivery of the OS to PC makers.

The team is now targeting a new date of Wednesday, Nov. 8, for Vista's release to manufacturing, Allen said. He also said that the business release of Vista, which Microsoft recently said is track for release next month, "will barely make the end of November deadline."

A story in DigiTimes Wednesday first reported the delay of Vista's RTM, citing Taiwanese PC makers.

Microsoft's public relations firm said Wednesday that the business release of Vista has not been delayed, and that the OS is still expected to be generally available in January 2007