Microsoft and Pharos Introduce New GPS Locator for Microsoft Streets & Trips 2007 With GPS Locator

Posted by bink on October 11 2006, 10:00 PM. Posted in MapPoint.

More powerful GPS receiver provides faster, more accurate location information for the best-selling travel and mapping software.

Continuing their effort to provide complete and easy-to-use mapping information for customers around the globe, Microsoft Corp. and Pharos Science & Applications Inc. today unveiled a sleek new Global Positioning System (GPS) locator that will ship as part of Microsoft®Streets & Trips 2007 with GPS Locator, which is being launched today. Supplied by Pharos, the new SiRFstarIII GPS locator is more than 10 times more sensitive than the previous version. This improves the real-time navigation experience for Streets & Trips 2007 with GPS Locator customers whether they’re in the city or mountains.

“Pharos has long been a leader in providing innovative navigation solutions for Microsoft products,” said Helen Chiang, product manager for Streets & Trips at Microsoft. “The compact GPS receiver from Pharos combined with Microsoft’s easy-to-use mapping software enables Streets & Trips customers to track their journey in real time and travel with complete confidence.”

To use the new GPS locator, consumers can simply plug it into a notebook PC’s USB port to view maps and travel routes in real time, so they always know where they are no matter where their travels take them. To use the GPS locator wirelessly, consumers can purchase a Bluetooth®dock or CompactFlash card adaptor directly from Pharos.

“With Streets & Trips 2007 with GPS Locator, Microsoft has developed a helpful, easy-to-use travel tool at a price within reach of everyday families,” said James Oyang, Ph.D., president of Pharos. “We’re pleased to provide a more sensitive GPS locator that will help expand the benefits of this powerful software.”


Microsoft Streets & Trips 2007 with GPS Locator is available for an estimated retail price of $129 (U.S.).2Microsoft Streets & Trips 2007 Standard is available for an estimated retail price of $39.95 (U.S.).

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