Rumor: New XBOX 360 this christmas with built in HD-DVD and HDMI port

Posted by bink on July 19 2006, 7:23 PM. Posted in Xbox.

The current XBox 360 WILL NOT be getting a new "built-in" HD-DVD player, however the new XBox "360" AV will.This is a new unit, to exist alongside of the current XBox 360 line. New features:Plays All XBox 360 titles250 gb HDHD PVR functionalityLive Anywhere support - Server SupportWireless Hub "Built-In"Built-In HD-DVD playerHDMI OutputConnection to other Live Anywhere "Xbox" Branded devices - even over internet.Out for this Christmas to compete with Sony PS3 - pricing undetermined but within $100 of the PS3 is assumed.More here: Pic from Xbox scene