Windows Live Favorites V1 Released, new launched

Posted by bink on June 16 2006, 10:12 PM. Posted in Windows Live.

The Windows Live Favorites team just announced, on their team blog, that WL Favorites V1 has been released. Fresh out of Beta, WL Favorites is available in 37 countries and 11 languages. Built to compete with such bookmarking services as and Furl, Favorites boasts integration with Windows Live Messenger,, Toolbar, and other Windows Live Services.As a part of the V1 release, the team has made a bookmarklet available, to make bookmarking with WL Favorites even easier. According to the team blog, other new features include:Folder Support - See all of your favorites in folders! Click on the small Folder icon to switch between Top Favorites and Folder Views. Favorite Count - See exactly how many favorites you have stored. Add Favorites - You can now add favorites directly from Messenger. Click the down arrow next to "Manage" to manage your favorites, add a favorite, or refresh Messenger's list of favorites.Some new improvements to the site also are speed, multi-browser support, "multi-select", favorites status, easier sharing, and UI enhancements.Full Story At Source

The new (now featuring Flair/Vapor!) went live. As Chris mentioned last week, this upgrade mainly focuses on the new UI and first-run experience. Now it is much easier to get rolling with customized content right from the start.You can now customize your different pages with uniquely colored Flair headers, to differentiate your types of content. Enjoy!Update: The team has written their post on the release. You can find it here