Microsoft Windows Mobile AKUs

Posted by bink on May 19 2006, 11:49 PM. Posted in Windows Mobile.

Windows Mobile 5.0 is the operating system used by a huge variety of amazing pieces of hardware, but it's not fixed in stone. Every time a new piece of hardware appears on the market, perhaps with a new screen size or a new keyboard, the operating system needs a little tweak. These tweaks are called "AKUs" or "Adaptation Kit Updates".

Should you care? Most of the time, no, as a developer you don't need to care. As an End User you don't need to care either. Remember: the goal of Windows Mobile is primarily to create a consistant platform that will always run your applications. If you compiled it for Windows Mobile 5, it should run on any Windows Mobile 5 device (and if you have taken the time to make your application is screen-size and orientation aware, chances are that's exactly what will happen).

...In case you need to programmatically determine which device has which AKU installed, there is now a page on the Windows Mobile developer Wiki that lists the various AKU releases, and how to work out which one is running on your hardware.

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