Microsoft Messenger Phone Now in Stores

Posted by bink on May 12 2006, 1:22 AM. Posted in Messenger.

Remember the cordless Messenger phone we announced oh so long ago? The one that works just like a regular phone OR lets you make free calls to an online Messenger buddy, OR super-cheap calls through Messenger to a phone? You remember right? The phone that lets you sit on your couch and by pressing one button, see your buddy list? See who is online/busy/away? And by pressing another button, call any of them…without moving off the warm comfy couch? Well, it’s finally hitting the shelves. Philips has released the first model in the US available in most of those stores where you’d go to buy techy stuff (like Best Buy). Uniden will be releasing its version in Europe in within the next couple weeks. This is a fun release for us, because home phone+buddy list is a new concept. We would *love* to know what you think of them. If you go get one, please come back and share your experience