US diplomats stick up for Microsoft

Posted by spy on April 1 2006, 4:28 PM. Posted in Legal Issues.

Microsoft has called on a powerful ally in its fight against the European Union. The company, which is facing possible daily fines of up to €2 million for breaches in anti-trust regulation, has been supported by US diplomats.The diplomats have urged the European Commission as well as all 25 national governments in the European Union to be fair to the company. According to a memo written by unnamed government officials in Washington, the Microsoft complaints raise "substantial concerns" about the way Microsoft is being treated in the anti-trust case. The memo was distributed to embassies around the EU and through the US mission to the EU. in Brussels.Diplomats from the mission visited the offices of three European commissioners earlier this week. Jonathan Todd, the spokesman for Competition Commissioner Neelie Kroes confirmed that her close aides met with US diplomats this week, and received the memo. He declined to comment on its content.US. diplomats are also understood to have visited the offices of Internal Market Commissioner Charlie McCreevy and Commission Vice President Gunter Verheugen.A US diplomat denied that the government is coming to Microsoft's aide in its antitrust dispute. "Our interest is less that than wanting to see that everything is done properly," the diplomat said on the condition of anonymity.We are careful not to take a position on the accuracy of Microsoft's accusations, but if they were true they would be a matter of concern," the diplomat said.Continue At Source