Microsoft Expression Interactive Designer March 2006 Community Technology Preview (CTP) released

Posted by bink on March 10 2006, 3:04 PM. Posted in Digital Image Suite.

We are pleased to present a new Community Technology Preview (CTP) of Expression Interactive Designer that targets the February 2006 CTP of Microsoft WinFX® Runtime Components. We have also had an opportunity to make incremental improvements to various features of the product as well as incorporate some of your feedback.So that you can continue to influence the product early in our development cycle and help us make a better product, please send your feedback to us via our discussion forum or our product feedback center (click the Report a Bug link under CTP Resources near the bottom of this page) as you encounter bugs or usability issues or if you simply want to request a feature. Have fun designing, and we look forward to your continued feedback!Attention new users!If you are new to Expression Interactive Designer and are building user experience for WinFX applications on the Microsoft Windows® platform, this tool is a great start. Future versions of Expression Interactive Designer may be optimized for other platforms such as the Web and mobile devices.The CTP releases are a great way to experiment and begin familiarizing yourself with the tool, but we do not recommend using them for production work at this time. You will likely encounter bugs, incomplete features or limitations. Specifically, many of the user interface controls are not fully complete, making some of the functionality difficult to discover. We welcome you to try the innovative features in Expression Interactive Designer such as rich 2D & 3D graphics, animation, dynamic layout, data binding, style & template editing, and resource management.We recommend that you explore the included sample projects and read the documentation. And because this is an unfinished product, some knowledge of WinFX and .NET programming will help you when working with the CTPs. For more information about WinFX, see the Windows Software Development Kit. You can also get a free copy of a Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Express edition at the Visual Studio Express Web site. Important!To get hardware accelerated performance from WinFX and Expression Interactive Designer, you need to make sure you have a recent graphics driver installed. Check your display adapter for the following settings (Start | Control Panel | Display):
  1. Click the Settings tab and then under Color quality, make sure Highest (32 bit) is selected.
  2. Click the Advanced button, and then on the Adapter tab, click the Properties button.
  3. Click the Driver tab and look next to the Driver Date to see if the date is more recent than 11/1/2004. If it is not, then video and hardware acceleration will not work properly on your system unless you upgrade your video drivers. This will be fixed in future versions of WinFX.