Ultra-mobile PC (UMPC/Origami) Display Emulator Beta

Posted by bink on March 10 2006, 12:26 AM. Posted in UMPC (Origami).

The UMPC Display Emulator Beta application enables you to test your application's layout and screen behavior as it appears on an UMPC. Use the UMPC Display Emulator to confirm that your program is legible, accessible, and provides a great user experience when running on a UMPC. The UMPC Display Emulator is easy to use; however, it is not a hardware emulator or virtualized operating system. The UMPC Display Emulator is a developer tool intended to provide a quick and easy way to check screen layout and behavior at screen resolution of a UMPC. The UMPC Display Emulator sets your screen to the resolution of an ultra-mobile PC (800 × 480), while leaving your monitor's physical resolution at its current setting. Essentially, the tool shows how your program, which is designed for a standard graphic user interface (GUI), appears in the typical resolution of a UMPC. Note: Because the UMPC runs Microsoft Windows XP, it isn't necessary to run a different operating system in the emulator-it's still your desktop or laptop computer that is running; nothing is different, including the development APIs. The UMPC Display Emulator simply intercepts all of the Win 32 functions that include display, positioning, and resolution information and then returns the UMPC resolution. For more information about how the UMPC Display Emulator accomplishes this, see the Microsoft Detours Library at http://research.microsoft.com/sn/detoursDownload At Source