Everywhere-MSN.com domain claimed by Microsoft

Posted by bink on December 8 2003, 9:01 PM. Posted in Microsoft Corp.

“Everywhere-MSN.com domain claimed by Microsoft“

Hmmm, brings back memories.... Exactly a year ago this hapenned to me. www.WindowsXP.nu belongs to Microsoft now.  read some news items over my issue last year

Everywhere-MSN also known as E-MSN which is designed for your cell phone or PDA to connect to MSN messenger wirelessly. A lot of Mobile phone service providers such as AT&T and T-Mobile now have the ability to login to AOL instant messenger wirelessly but none have even attempted to except the ones that are now in Smart Phones which have MSN Messenger Built in already. E-MSN was originally designed By Paulo Taylor as a hobby because he used to have to sign onto MSN Wirelessly to get some information from people but could not thru his Mobile Phone, so he developed E-MSN for personal use only, later it became publicly available and gained massive popularity.

E-MSN was launched to the public back in September of 2003. According to the author it has become so popular that it is receiving 20000 or more logins a day from people from all over the world and not just one place specifically. It runs on Sun’s Java Technology and uses a Linux Server.

Now Getting in touch with the author earlier this month to find out more information on the project I got to learn that Microsoft Corp. has filed a legal complaint against them because of having the name “MSN” in the domain name. I got a chance to actually sit down and talk to the author of E-MSN and ask him about this.

Well Lets get right to business, Paulo Taylor What did Microsoft ask you to do? Did Microsoft Call you or send you a e-mail? Can you give us a sample from the e-mail on why they want your domain?

Microsoft Basically asked me to hang over the Domain Name to them and stop using the name “Everywhere-MSN”. I got a registered letter from Microsoft and the terms mentioned in it were, “cease and desist all use of the MSN trademark without prior written consent from Microsoft Corporation”, “cease and desist all use of the domain name everywhere-msn.com”, and lastyly “immediately assign the domain name everywhere-msn.com to Microsoft”.

Have you thought about what you will do? Are you planning to hand it over and if so are you going to be receiving something from Microsoft in return?

For now I just want to settle things with them the easy way, I mean we are talking about a multi-billion dollar company that 'won' a legal battle with US Government, I don't see the point on making it hard on them, I will be only making it hard on me. What I want to know (from Microsoft) is the terms that the transitions has to be made, which is not yet clear, like deadlines and procedures. About getting something in return, I think they would have already approached me if they were somehow interested in the application. ...also the fact that it's developed in Java and it's running on Linux boxes doesn't make it very attractive to them.