The future of Microsoft Content Management Server

Posted by bink on January 3 2006, 1:40 PM. Posted in Content Management Server.

MS Blog: I did a presentation at IT Forum, at Barcelona, on the future of CMS and SPS shortly after the release of CMS SP2. I wanted to spend some time writing about the next version as well as highlighting great CMS resources for CMS developers and IT administrators.

The Future Based on feedback from you, partners and analysts, we are building CMS functionality on top of Wndows SharePoint Services (WSS) "v3". CMS and SPS, along with a lot of other great functionality, will be one integrated set of technologies built on top of WSS "v3". The Office Server investments built on top of WSS "v3" are codenamed Office "12" SharePoint Servers. The broad investment areas include ECM, Search, Portal, Collab, BI and Forms. We're careful not to say SPS "12" or CMS 2007, because packaging and licensing decisions have not been made. While these technologies will be technically integrated (same development, deployment and end-user experience), we have not made decisions on how these will be packaged. As a current customer, rest assured that you will get what you have today.

I'd like to expand on what this specifically means for CMS 2002 customers. (Keep in mind, this is a subset of the ECM investments we are making in Office "12" SharePoint Servers.) You will no longer have to deploy two different WSS and CMS solutions; CMS functionality will be built on top of WSS allowing you to deploy a single WCM and Collaborative solution. Also, you gain a lot of other benefits b/c it's built on WSS: Web Parts, Lists, Document Libraries, Templates, Workflow :-), RSS, et cetera.

Let's examine the different experiences for different CMS 2002 roles in the Office "12" timeframe:

End-User/Subscriber(no change)The end user, or the subscriber, doesn't notice a difference. The web page at the end of the day is rendered in DHTML. Depending on how you develop the "templates", it will support any browser and/or any device. You can make it look however you want it to look.

Also, for those of you who are SharePoint and CMS developers, I want to point out that end-users will only see what they have access to. WSS "v3" has security trimming. This is a feature that is out-of-the-box for CMS 2002 and will continue to be out-of-the-box in the Office "12" timeframe.Continue At Source